Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Small Tall

Love the cast of this movie. Who wants to see San Patricios? - AUS10

Austy we want to see you in this .

San Patricios is slated to come out this year.


prairiegirl said...

I have not counted the days to retirement yet. Still a few too many to go.

Man, I would be, m!!!! You know what? It'll be here before you know it. Boy, I tell you what. There is a lot of paperwork and research that goes into this step of our lives. It's such a big change to your daily life, especially if you have a spouse/partner. It takes getting used to for both of you being in the house all day together when you didn't used to before. Everyone has their daily "routines".

One practice we have here and this should be fine to share, is that on your last day of work before retirement, you get to sit in the lunch room ALL DAY and DO NOTHING!!!! but greet people and say goodbye. I think that is so cool. You may get to meet the person's spouse and you see the person in civilian clothes and it's just something pretty different. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and not by an alarm clock. I cannot imagine not having to go into work anymore. I pray I get to experience that; what an incredible feeling. You know why? Because we've all paid our dues. Years and years of getting up early, driving in the snow & ice, blistering heat, doing reviews and gotta-do's and going to meetings and putting up with certain things and all of that. Maybe for others it's standing on concrete for 8-10 hours every day, lifting 50 lb bags of this or whatever it is. And it is just time to say goodbye to it. It's time to let the younger ones do it. You've earned the rest and paid into the social security out of your check every time and hopefully it's there for you when it's your time.


prairiegirl said...

Here's another clue that you know our little neighbor over the hedge has been taken over hostilely.

Ted's tweet? Ignored. Now you tell me, why would Waiting for Toothy2 ignore that tweet of Ted's?

Never in a million years. How come the neighbor next door hasn't reposted @goosestile's comments yesterday and the @Beardclub's from yesterday? This has been the practice to repost @goosestile's tweets so that they can be laughed at and poked at like a pinata. And we were a little busy calling Jake out on this Rachel McAdams nonsense yesterday, yet there's no pinata poking.

Not one single repost.

This is how you know, folks. It's not just that folks have all disappeared over there and only one left. I will keep harping on this. That site has been taken over by Jake's people and they have a new agenda to sell.

They could not have made it more obvious by their mishandling of that site since they took it over.

prairiegirl said...

Will be interesting to see if this movie Patricios has Austin in that salmon colored (coral???) shirt. Remember those pictures were all taken down pretty promptly? Why was that? A lot of other pictures taken have remained up with no problem. But we were all swooning over those pictures because that shirt was just so striking on Austin and before you knew it, those things were gone. Now who knows why they were really taken down. We don't have any idea. But it is odd that those were removed and not others.

Kind of reminds me of the ollllllllllllll' End of Watch Subway debaucle, remember that? hehehe.

Still waiting to hear from someone the confirmation of the Subway scenes in that movie. Remember "someone" told us that they were filming there and that was why it was "okay" for Jake to have that wedding band on.

Well, still waiting to hear if there is indeed such a scene in End of Watch of Jake and Kendrick walking around the Subway.

Just like I'm waiting for that picture of ol' Reese in the courtyard in Italy.

Florida Tom said...

Austin sure does look good in that color shirt. How much fun would it be to undo all the buttons :-)

the real m said...

What a lovely practice, PG, letting people say goodbye on their last day. I do have an advantage having worked from home the last two years. Hubby and I have been rattling around the house together for a few years already.

destiny said...

I agree, that really is a lovely way to spend your last day at work.