Saturday, June 21, 2014

Short Shorts

After Austin was speechless about this shorty short short wearer

He's following another fella well known  his shorty shorts on screen

Funny guy Thomas Lennon (@thomaslennon)

or better known too many as Lt. Dangle from Reno 911

Really wouldn't be surprising Austy if  you Dangle this Halloween.  With your assets it would be criminal not to. You could total pull it off.

Because we've always known you've been a leg man.


Closeted said...

Ha, ha. Love the short shorts. Austin is a leg man and Jake's got a great pair of them.

Special K said...

I loved Reno 911 and could see Austin having a blast playing Lt. Dangle. He'd play it up to the hilt, if he Dangled it for Halloween, if he already hasn't.

more lies said...

I've caught up. That daddy tweet about Jake was something. Does anyone think its weird that Maggie went to LA to celebrate Father's Day with Stephen. Wouldn't it make more sense for her to be in Brooklyn with Peter and their girls? My answer would be these two are hiding their own secret.

the real m said...

Ah yes, Lt Dangle. I miss that show. Hilarious.

Maggie and Peter are seldom seen together any more. I suspect an amicable separation but keeping it quiet for the benefit of the kids.

Methodical Muser said...

What's also interesting is how Jake can be seen with Ramona (no doubt to prove he's not a daddy), yet we don't see Maggie or Peter with her. While, Gloria is like persona non grata. And, Maggie's sudden trip and photo op with daddy was peculiar. You would think she'd be spending the holiday with her girls and husband, as was mentioned above.

prairiegirl said...

Sort of like it was Peter's weekend to have the girls, huh?

I think we were onto something awhile back and there's a secret going on with Maggie & Peter. But those two have been in repair-mode ever since. I think they make just enough society appearances together, issue just enough 'SO mentions' in interviews to make it look like they're still together. But then you have an odd occurrence like this past Father's Day and it just kind of restrengthens those earlier suspicions.

prairiegirl said...

The thing is Maggie has shown some other signs; the weight loss, the change in hair color. Possible signs of a woman who is undergoing a change in her life. Noticeable weight loss is extremely common in people who are undergoing long-term relationship issues.

And while it's not odd that Maggie was seen with her father; that in itself is very nice - great to see. But you would think Peter and the girls would have joined in.

Methodical Muser said...

Also, that Father's Day observance in LA had Maggie dressing rather provocatively for a simple luncheon with her dad. Her outfit, for instance, had a peek-a-boo effect with her midriff suggestively put on display. In other words, she wore the kind of attire a woman might choose to don for a romantic date to impress someone. She typically dresses rather conservatively, even frumpy at times, so I wonder if someone else was with her and just was not allowed to be included in the photos posted on Just Jared?

prairiegirl said...

I can tell you what, x17 is probably going to get a call pretty darn soon.

lol. Boy, I'm still finding some repercussions from my self-ill-advised venture into J2 blogdom. What a bad decision that was, boy I'll admit that. What are the odds of this? So I found this great quote on Twitter. Brilliant in that they totally get the PR game. And so in the course of replying, I find out that this account was over there reposting some of my old SN blog comments that I had made regarding the disastrous JibCon and calling me a Gyllenhaal Tinhatter.


Man oh man. smh. What a small world. It really is in social media. You encounter some of the same people. What are the odds of this?

prairiegirl said...

It was a very sharp, intelligent blog. But unfortunately, they've got PR right there in their midst and I don't know if they realize it. W/o a doubt, PR was all over me on that blog the day(s) I visited, aiming to get me out of there.

And I could go back, just to irritate the boys' management. But it isn't worth it. One idiot management is enough.

But you guys wouldn't believe the similarities. What I like is that they do call Misha Collins a meard. Isn't that a great word? And it's exactly true. That's what he is because he has been brought in to be hooked up with Jensen and divert the love away from Jared/Jensen.

Just like Nick Grimshaw was used to create a fake romance with Harry Styles.

And just like Jake has used the Tony's hottie, Brian O'Byrne, Hugh Jackman, JayZ, et al with himself.

Don't tell me he hasn't. It's plain as day.

Marcus Mumford was a meard.Hugh? A meard. Denis V? A meard.

Dang, Jake has had a lot of meards. lol. And while I blame WME initially (because it has been under WME's direction that this mearding has all started), it is Jake himself who carries it out. And he carries it out quite enthusiastically and thoroughly.