Friday, June 20, 2014

Bruce, Alrighty*

WhoSay  picked up on a post about Austin's recent shark experience that Oceana had officially blogged about on their page.  And both came on an memorable date:

The 39th Anniversary of  the movie Jaws.

What the two sites did was  highlighted some of the pictures Austy had shared on  twitter and what he was doing on this adventure.

A little recap :  It was a two day trip with the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami off the coast of Florida to tag and study sharks.

Austin told Oceana:

 “I tell people all the time how I like to dive, and a lot of people are scared of the ocean. I want everyone to know that you don’t need to be, I see sharks all the time and swim with them. They’re really smart and really intelligent fish, and I feel like we could all open our hearts to them a little bit more. We’ve been inundated by the movies to think they’re these bloodthirsty human eaters, but they’re not.”

Austin and the crew got to tag 7 sharks, a feisty nurse shark and blacktip shark, which is rare in recent years,four black nose sharks and a nearly seven-foot-long lemon shark.

Austin talked about what happened when they caught the nurse shark:

“The nurse shark is supposed to be the calmest shark in the water, but when you catch one and try to pull it on the boat, it’s the most rambunctious shark out there. The scientists had to jump on it and hold it still, and it was a fascinating thing to watch this calm shark be really strong.”

 Austy is continuing to support Oceana. He's helping Nautica design and produce a t-shirt that will be sold later this summer and will benefit Oceana.

A little wet tshirt redux let's say.

 *Jaws Movie Trivia :  Steven Spielberg named the shark "Bruce" after his lawyer.

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