Friday, June 27, 2014

On Watch

We know that Austin has the hots for Brazilians

but he showed that he has lots of love for Team USA too, tweeting during the US - Germany game this week.


Four years ago we found out how much of a World Cup watcher Austin  is, and this year is no exception. 

 No doubt his eyes will be peeled to the TV on Tuesday when the US meets Belgium.

While he saw more bite on the pitch than on the water, Austin was diligent in his watch  for a big set of teeth, proving  a watcher on his shark tracking expedition.  Nautica put up several photos on their Facebook page of Austin from their sponsored partnership  with Oceana.


prairiegirl said...

Well, well, well.....


Most people dream of swimming with dolphins, but would you be brave enough to swim with sharks? Austin Nichols is.

The "One Tree Hill" and "John from Cincinnati" actor spent two days with the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami off the coast of Florida in an effort to learn more about the impressive and sometimes feared creatures.

Two days out on that ocean and Austin is looking way darker than me. Look how dark his forearm is in that binocular picture.

And we were lead to believe that he was frolicking around in the ocean with FauxChlo over in Asia
Under the Sea
oh and here, too Come with me to the Sea of Love....and by the time they hit Taiwan, you had the beard rocking the tan I'd like to be, under the sea
In an octopus' garden in the shade
and remember, then we were finally able to see the both of them and this was the best that Austin could muster Happy we'll be beyond the sea
and never again I'll go sailin'
and I'm not sure where that picture is of those crazy kids where Austin was even paler than this. Can't seem to find it now on Tumblr, isn't that interesting. Could it be because that picture was so incriminating and at the time we talked about it on OMG and how Austin was so darn pale? Maybe, maybe not.

And he was over in Beijing and Thailand for how long? And look at him after two days down in Florida.

I want some of that Florida tan, Austin.

prairiegirl said...

You know, I was down in Miami for several years and I never got as dark as I did when I was living down there. We were so close to the ocean and there were some boat trips and I don't know, just lounging by the pool in November, it was so easy to get so dark. And I guess it's because you're closer to the equator?
It was something else.

I am amazed at how dark Austin can get; color me impressed. But Beijing and Thailand also allegedly involved the ocean for him, but he showed absolutely no visible signs of it compared to these two Florida pictures. And supposedly, he was supposed to have been overseas for what, 2 weeks or something?

lol. Come on. Who did they think they were kidding.

prairiegirl said...

by the time they hit Taiwan

LOL!! Oops. Taiwan. I don't know where I got that.

Now I'm not saying he wasn't there at all. But I think he did a speedboat tour whereas she did a pontoon boat one.

Okay, enough of that, point made. Now it's ♫♪Back to life....back to reality♪♫♪
Honey, I'm hooooome!! Boy, that was like some kind of spa vacation, I am telling you. Now it's back to......well. Reality.


prairiegirl said...

Well, this kind of ill-advised statement of outlook will chap your hide. Here's Maggie Gyllenhaal giving her version of how hard it is to be a Gyllenhaal:

How hard is it to be Maggie Gyllenhaal?

I can't even believe she even thought it was a good idea to air out her thought on this.

Maggie also cherishes her home life with husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard. They have two daughters, Ramona, seven, and Gloria, two, and juggling her family with work is not easy. She admits to often feeling conflicted and sometimes pines for a simpler life.

She said: “I have this fantasy – and I could be wrong – that having a nine-to-five job would be easier with children as what I find so difficult is the upheaval, the travel.

“Also, I am working so intensely for a period of time and then not working at all for a while and in a way, there is something amazing about that because I get full, whole days with my kids for sometimes months at a time. But I do think it can be confusing for them.

“It’s always up and down. There’s always a compromise. Always a sacrifice on one side or another. I am constantly working out, constantly shifting, trying to make it work for my family and for me.

“It is hard and this was hard but this is a job. This is a part about a woman who is 36, like me, so this production really took care of us, really took into account my family life and things I needed in order to come and do it. I just wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.”

I'm speechless.

prairiegirl said...

Did you guys know that us commoners lead such a simple life?

Oh. My. Dog.

Maggie is pining for the 9-5'er "simpler" life.

I think Maggie needs to talk to some of my current and past co-workers. Mothers who have had to guide their children to finding important pieces of clothing and schoolwork over the phone. I think Maggie needs to talk to them about what it's like to talk to the children over the phone from work while they want their mom while being sick at home with grandma or babysitter. I think she needs to talk to my co-worker who missed her son's important award show because she got trapped on a business trip due to bad weather and backed up flights. I think she needs to talk to them about dealing with fights with siblings and crying and being home alone while waiting until Mom gets home. I think she needs to talk to them about the overtime worked to pay for those toys the children want for Christmas. She needs to think about what it's like for these working moms who trust that their children are going to make it to school safely on the bus or get home on the bus or wait at home alone between that time they get off school and Mom gets home.

She needs to realize that a mom is a mom is a mom. 9 to 5'ers (and what a generalization that is just in itself) don't have it easier. They have all the same situations that she does.

And this whole idea about 9 to 5'ers leading a simple life. What in the heck? Where are her and Jake getting this outlook on how hard it is to be them? Where does somebody get that kind of outlook?

I think you have to look no further than the person they were raised by and who continues to be a constant physical presence in their life - Naomi Foner.

destiny said...

Happy Gay Pride Day! Lots to celebrate this year.

destiny said...

I really hate it when celebrities whine about how difficult their life is. It's soooooo hard having months off at a time, and then having to fly somewhere like London for a couple of months of work. It's sooooo confusing, and it's such a sacrifice I have to make to earn al that money that lets me do nothing for months on end other than spend it with my family...........

Methodical Muser said...

Maggie sounds like a haughty member of the aristocracy, waxing about the bucolic life of the merry peasant who was fortunate to have been born among plush green fields, fresh air and the reinvigorating sunshine of nature. What a clueless, insensitive and snooty lout.

I have this fantasy – and I could be wrong – that having a nine-to-five job would be easier with children as what I find so difficult is the upheaval, the travel.

I wonder if she would be willing to give up her Park Slope, four story brownstone and her inflated salaries.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Gay Pride Day! Lots to celebrate this year.

Hey, it should be the whole weekend.

Methodical Muser said...

I think she's trying to cover up why she's been in England so much lately, and Peter has been elsewhere. That's probably where her boyfriend is. :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, it should be the whole weekend.

It is in San Francisco!

prairiegirl said...

More from Maggie in an interview from the UK Daily Mail.

And finally a picture of Gloria

‘It just falls how it falls,’ she says about her choices. ‘It’s not that I don’t think about my career, I do. I choose things carefully, but I don’t get to do whatever I want. Some of it is just rolling with what the universe sends you.’

Maggie was 17 when she left LA for New York. ‘You know, I’ve never felt comfortable in LA. I’ve been to Paris while heartbroken and totally alone and still felt better than being in Los Angeles! People like me in Paris,’ she laughs, ‘but in LA I just don’t have that feeling. The energy is weird and I don’t feel welcome; I look different. I have friends there who are edgy and have great style and the city speaks to them; it doesn’t speak to me.

‘So, all my life, I grew up feeling like I didn’t belong. Everything is based around the film industry, so I always felt observed. If you go running in LA and stop at the market to pick up something, you might get papped, or you might run into the studio executive who could give you the job you want! You are constantly “on”, and I can’t handle that. I need a normal life to just be myself. In Brooklyn, people might recognise you but it’s somehow different.

‘Actually, I would like to live in London,’ she says. ‘It’s the place to be if you’re an actor. Maybe we’ll wind up here for a year. Peter is not convinced, he wants to live somewhere like Yosemite. Neither of us is satisfied by New York but our daughter goes to an incredible school and when you have them in a great school, you don’t move!’

This is how long it's been since Gloria has been seen. The last time I remember seeing Gloria, she was still being carried. Look at her in that picture from The Daily Mail.

Methodical Muser said...

Robert Dex, TheIndependent
Wednesday 14 August 2013

Oscar-nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal has started filming seven-part spy thriller The Honourable Woman in London.

The Hollywood star began work in the capital this week on the show which also features Stephen Rea and Janet McTeer.
Gyllenhaal plays the daughter of an arms dealer who enters the House of Lords after years of charity work in the Middle East, only to become caught up in an international conspiracy with the secret service at her heels.
Filming will continue in London for three months.

Somebody’s trying to rewrite history

Last time I checked, three months from August 14, 2013 would be November 14, 2013. Which means Maggie shot, The Honourable Woman, during the Fall. So her statement about the studio shooting around Ramona's school year is a big fat lie.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, somebody doesn't like what we're doing.

So what you are witnessing is the Paid Troll spamming the blog with this spam comment over and over and over.

Because he doesn't like what we're talking about.

And he is under orders to try and bring down the blog.

So he can keep putting up the Spam.

It will all be taken down at some point.

Too bad, Troll. You won't shut us up. What has been said so far will remain up so your spam is pointless.

paid trolls said...

Boy, the troll is sure mad. Is that the new tactic from WME? Continue to spam the blog whenever conversations about their precious clients develop?

prairiegirl said...

Sorry for the constant comments, people but the point needs to be made that this is how you know this guy is on the payroll.

We will defend this blog and the Paid Troll will not win.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, you can sure tell that Jake and the Fam are on the move right now, can't you?

paid trolls said...

Wow! I've never seen that kind of spamming before. LOL!

prairiegirl said...

Savannah Rice @ MEEUQ
Pls retweet my Jake Gyllenhaal tweet everyone needs to know he is daddy
8:05 AM - 15 Jun 2014

^^^^ ha ha, just for kicks.

Anonymous paid trolls said...

Wow! I've never seen that kind of spamming before. LOL!

You saw that in real time, didn't you? This is what he does.

Do you guys know that the Paid Troll did this 200 TIMES to Special one night while it was on moderation?

200. Times.

Who has that kind of time to spend on waste like that? Most likely the troll has found a way to multiple spam.

Don't tell me that Jake and Austin and WME are not wanting this blog to go down. Money is being spent on this Paid Troll to try and bring down OMG any way possible. They're trying anything.

Well? Too bad. That's about all I can say. Huge waste of their time and money.

Wonder where Jake is? said...

Boy, you can sure tell that Jake and the Fam are on the move right now, can't you?

I've heard that Jake's movie has stop filming. Probably, because of the upcoming holiday.

Fauxmances said...

Scared of Austin and Chloe? How can anyone be afraid of a fake relationship? Austin Nichols is gay. He likes peen. Jake's specifically.

prairiegirl said...

pathetic idiots scared by Austin and Chloe

What a laugh. Those 2 crazy kids haven't been seen together for awhile. Someone needs to tell them it's time for some more ice cream.

They can't even tweet at each other.

Methodical Muser said...

FauxChlo is tweeting about nights with her pooch. What's the matter Austie? Your girl is having to cuddle with her dog because you're with your hubby instead. Maybe Alyssa and FauxChlo should get together. They have more in common than she and Austin.

Methodical Muser said...

Well? Too bad. That's about all I can say. Huge waste of their time and money.

Talk to the hand, WME.

And, by the way, Maggie is still lying in that article. The question is why is she lying. Probably, because she isn't with Peter anymore.