Friday, June 13, 2014

Ray's to Go

With Ray Donovan coming out on DVD this week, just a few more pics of our Tommy boy.

The DVD's extra include commentary and an extra episode not seen on Showtime. (Wonder if Tommy (who's like a little "extra" when it comes to dates) will pop up in this extra)

And with Jake in full fight mode how about these for some new summer duds for Steeletown.


twitter said...

Liz Bloom
Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal outside @21streetcoffee in the @StripDistrict

Methodical Muser said...

You've made some good points in the last post, May not mean anything. Jake has a history of having his people distract around important dates. That whole MSG late night outing with McAdams in her glittery mini skirt made it look like she was out on a date with Jake last Saturday night (and in doing so, placed him firmly in NY last weekend). Then the Daily Mail posted the "chiselled actor" was making an appearance in bohemian SoHo on Sunday afternoon... with his "attractive" female pal.

Of course, all this planned nonsense immediately became suspect when this little tweet squeaked through:

Holy F*** Holy F*** I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal eating at Rodeo.
12:48pm - 8 Jun 14

Location: Beverly Hills

Somehow, I doubt very much that Jake Gyllenhaal secretly flew into LA just to have lunch. The last time I checked, New York does have food too.

Special K said...

I thought it was interesting how many items came out about Jake this past week. Demolition talks, the announcement about Constellations on Broadway, etc. You don't really see multiple announcements about various projects all in the same week from Jake all that much.