Monday, June 2, 2014

Shark Tanked

He's tweeted about them

 200,000 sharks per day are killed for soup. This is just plain crazy. We have to change our ways. - AUS10

Factoid'd them

Hugged 'em

Wished they could tweet

  . I wish sharks could tweet.

Celebrates their week

They totally knew shark week was just on. - AUS10

But would fight 'em off for a lady.

[Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to the Florida Keys in a open swim with no shark cage, volunteers on kayaks accompanied her on help keep the sharks away.]

@diananyad --- i want to swim one mile with you. i will also paddle the kayak for a few shifts. - AUS10

And OMG's suggested ways to jump them

Now he's tagging them

New Adventure. Headed to Miami with to tag and study sharks. Wish me luck. - AUS10

But it's not his first time swimming with sharks.

 A shark swam underneath me last week. Turned around, came back at me. Came within 5 feet. It spooked and swam away. That was my - AUS10

Now you've got an advantage over anyone auditioning for Sharknado.

 Just a  couple of things bud....

With those tags and your Grindr you could create Shindr - you know .....for sharks...

And go bare or use protection?


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prairiegirl said...

Okay, I give, I'll say something. lol.

Good evening, everyone! I'm dogsitting this week plus work is a real bear. So I'm afraid I'm not around much. I haven't even gotten on Tumblr to check on my boys J2 and see how they're doing. That's pretty pathetic.

I'm about to drop off so I better hit the hay.

Sorry I have no news to help bring you guys about J&A. I'm sure they're up to their usual, same old, same old, blah blah blah. I can't say that I've been checking today.