Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Demolition Man?

It looks like Jake is in talks for another movie.

Variety is reporting that Jake is in talks to work with Dallas Buyer's Club director, Jean-Marc Vallee, in new drama from writer Bryan Sipe title Demolition. The script was part of the 2007 Black List, the annual list of most liked unsigned screenplays from a survey of Hollywood executives.

Jake is looking at taking on the lead in the story of an investment banker struggling to understand his emotional disconnect as his life unravels after the tragic death of his wife. As he tears apart his own life in order to figure out where he went wrong, his salvation ends up being found by a woman he meets in a chance encounter.

The brief description in The Black List summarizes it as: "A man who just lost his wife forms a relationship with a woman under bizarre and hilarious circumstances.

When Vallee came on board last year to direct, he said this about movie: “Demolition is such a powerful and touching story, written with a strong and sincere desire to try to understand the human psyche, what makes us so unique, so special, what makes us love. This is a script of a rare quality, of a beautiful humanity.”

Russell Smith is attached to produce alongside Lianne Halfon and John Malkovich. Jason Reitman, Helen Estabrook and Nathan Ross will executive produce.

As with many of Jake's projects there can be adjustments to the storyline before it cameras roll. That is if Jake remains attached to the project. It's a guessing game to see both if he will sign on and if so what Jake's input will do to the course of the story.

Jake was at the Ubuntu Education Fund 15 Year Anniversary NYC Gala earlier this week.

Does it look like to anyone else that Jake got cut over his left eye from a punch getting ready for Southpaw and was stitched up?


Florida Tom said...

That is actually the cutest I have seen Jake look in a long time.

the real m said...

He looks ok, but he never seems to smile anymore. He gives the impression he no longer enjoys what he does. It's a job now. Not a passion.

Jacks comments are always so recognizable. He does more to advertise OMG than anyone. Unfortunately a lot of websites eventually sell out to advertisers. That's when the censorship starts.

We've been watching all of the Dday type shows since that area is on our planned route through France later this year.

Special K said...

Austin didn't spend a long time on the boat.

He's back in LA and out in the faux.

Just Jared

Couple of things - Austin looks like he's trying to either get away or dragging her behind him.

And when does Austin wear tennis shoes out? And Nike ones? ...ahhh never.

Nice shout out to the Nike loving better half there big guy.

Special K said...

Jake was getting a little more of the title fight experience before shooting starts.

He was at Madison Square Garden last night for the Miguel Cotto vs Sergio Martinez fight.


Florida Tom said...

Lost my little Maggie today. RIP Maggie. Sweet dreams my little girl.

Special K said...

Tom, I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie. I know how special she was, and how much you loved her. (((Tom)))

Methodical Muser said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Tom. I'm sure Maggie will always be in your heart and that she loved every second she could bring unconditional joy into your life.

a friend said...

I am very sorry to hear that Tom, I send a prayer for her

Methodical Muser said...