Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Working with Jake there are some unique problems

When you bosses legs are smoother than yours.

He blows your Bad Ass selfies.

Working lunch means apple sauce tasting in the store underground parking lot.


Special K said...

Mark your calendars!

Jake Gyllenhaal to Make Broadway Debut in 'Constellations'

The actor will reteam with playwright Nick Payne and director Michael Longhurst, with whom he collaborated on the American premiere of Payne's "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet."

NEW YORK -- Jake Gyllenhaal will make his Broadway debut this winter in British playwright Nick Payne's acclaimed experimental drama Constellations, which explores the potential of love, friendship and free will against a background of quantum physics.

The play reunites Gyllenhaal with director Michael Longhurst and Payne. The Oscar-nominated actor starred Off-Broadway in 2012 in the playwright's If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet, earning strong reviews for his New York stage debut.

The play's American premiere is a joint presentation of Manhattan Theatre Club and the Royal Court Theatre, by special arrangement with Ambassador Theatre Group and Dodger Properties. It begins previews on Dec. 16 at MTC's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre, with opening night set for Jan. 13.

The Hollywood Reporter

Florida Tom said...

I feel a gathering of forces in NYC :))))))))))))

Special K said...

Looks like 50 Cent is a part of the group for Southpaw.

Prior to speaking on the possibility of Mayweather versus Pacquiao, 50 shared his plans to release a film titled Southpaw with help from director Antoine Fuqua and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Earlier this year, it was announced that Gyllenhaal would be replacing Eminem in the film, which Em was involved in prior to the film being put on hold for years.

“Actually, I’m working on a film project right now with Antoine Fuqua and Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw,” 50 Cent said. “Yeah, It’s boxing…It’s probably a high probability to look at that fight now. And what you said earlier about Cotto and Martinez, that fight. It definitely brings the excitement level back to the sport when you see that competitive type of energy…I think now it would be a good time for them to actually make that move…I mean, when you the name—Floyd Mayweather knows he’s the name. He knows that people are going out to see Floyd Mayweather fight. Whether they’re fans of his or they just can’t wait for the opportunity to see him lose.”

50 Cent Confirms "Southpaw" Former Eminem Film

Just a word of advice Jakey - We all know you love 50's song Candy Shop, (Remember him driving Peter crazy singing it constantly during the production of Jarhead?)but we're not sure if 50 would appreciate your enthusiasm about it. :D

the real m said...

Count me in on a trip to NYC for jakes new play. I sure hope it's better than the last one. His performance was great but the play kind of ho-hum. But seeing him live is worth it. Not to mention an excuse to see everyone again.

rumorfix said...

Are Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal Hollywood’s hottest new couple?!

Rumors of a romance began after the duo were spotted on a dinner date looking cozy at Pittsburgh’s Meat and Potatoes restaurant on June 3.

An onlooker at the eatery tells Star magazine that the reported Southpaw co-stars turned couple “kept teasing each other in a flirt way and that they had a lot of chemistry”.

The tabloid goes on to claims that “Jake has had a crush on Rachel for a long time but has never made a move because they have both neither simultaneously been single, but he can’t resist it any longer.”

RumorFix immediately labeled this report with a red flag, considering that Jake is dating model Alyssa Miller. We reached out to a rep for the actor who verified with us that Star’s reporting is completely inaccurate, telling us exclusively, “They are working together on a film. Period. This speculation is unfounded.”

And there you have it!

destiny said...

I remember Constellations got really good reviews when it ran in London a few years back, so I went and found one.

It's an unconventional play...and very short, only 70 minutes, kind of short for Broadway. Wonder if it's being re-worked to be longer?


destiny said...

Oops, link doesn't work.


Special K said...

Thanks for the link Dest.

Love's Broadway said...

Think I'll be in NYC to see this play.

the real m said...

The play sounds a lot more interesting than the last one. Can't wait for another excuse to get together.

Glad to see the Rachel/Jake story dismissed do quickly. As is Austin, I'm sure. They seem to take turns bearding. But they did not go quite far enough. Alyssa's contract ran out a while ago.