Monday, June 23, 2014

Salute Your Shorts!

Austy don't worry we didn't forget you favorite shorty short wearer

We know,  he's just in a category all  he is own.


prairiegirl said...

Used to be Jake rocked the sexy card. Well, he's a dad now and boy, fatherhood and the 20' deep closet have really sucked that right out of him. It's hard to believe now that Jake was even know.

But what's weird is Jensen and Jared are both dads and they make Jake look like Ward Cleaver! lol. And Jensen and Jared are in the closet as well.

What a humongous difference. Jared is sass on a stick.

Hard to believe Jake ever did that video.

ex-boyfriend Jake said...

It's funny how a person isn't as attractive to you as they once were especially when you have new boys in your life. I think there are people that still find Jake just as attractive as always. They haven't transitioned away from him to others yet. :-)

prairiegirl said...

Big correction. Jake wasn't ever a "boyfriend".

Jake was and is with Austin. And he's gay.

So I don't know where you're getting "ex-boyfriend" from. You're really in the wrong parking lot on that one.

some things never change said...

I think there are people that still find Jake just as attractive as always.

Sure there is. Maggie. Mommie. And, Jake. ;-)

Jake Prefers Blondes said...

Does anyone find it interesting that Maggie dyed her hair blond prior to those incestuously posed pictures taken at the Met Ball?

Methodical Muser said...

LOL @11:12 PM.

Jake has transformed his entire look ever since he signed with WME. A large part of this shift is about projecting himself as being "manly". In his messed up head, he probably thinks shaggy beards, rumpled clothes and unkempt hair make him a serious actor. Can't have people think he cares about his appearance or anything. That would be far too gay.