Monday, June 30, 2014

Not pulling any punches

To: Southpaw production

From: Management

Re: Boxing Idioms to avoid

It has come to our attention that several boxing idioms could used in  certain "discussions" about our client.  Please avoid as much as possible.

Throw in the towel

Take the belt

Give him "the old one-two"

Out for the count

Below the belt


Take it on the chin

A low blow

Come out swinging

And saved by the bell.  (Not for the obvious reasons, but just because we don't want a Screech connection)


destiny said...

Very funny post.

prairiegirl said...

BWAH!!! The gif for Blow by Blow. That was awesome, Special. **titter**
Gifs are fantastic. I used to whine & gripe about them constantly to M&M but since I started following Jensen & Jared, I can't get enough of them. I wish I knew how to do them. They are so fun. I Google'd them but man oh man, they look hard to do. I applaud all the girls who know how to do them.

I'll join the group on heat & humidity. Our humidty is just the pits. But that's Kansas for you in the summer.

prairiegirl said...

I know I was pretty pessimistic and Eyeore'ish the other night and you know, something happened this morning which reminded me of something I had once said and that was that I would never give up on Jake and Austin. And I was very wrong to say I had given up all hope, had thrown in the towel on them. Because I can't do that. I will always, always hold out hope.

This morning, I was walking and I saw the most outasight, incredible double rainbow. And I didn't have anything on me to take a picture and I could have kicked myself. You should have seen it. It was HUGE. And it was complete - from one side waaaaaaaaay , waaaaaaay over to the other side. I mean, it was just perfect. HUGE. And the other rainbow was more faint and not quite as complete, but still very visible.

The rainbow is a promise. It's a symbol of God's promise to us that He will not forget us and we are His. I know not all believe this, but I do. And the rainbow is what comes after the rain, so it is a symbol of hope. Promise. Brighter days.

And so when I saw that double rainbow, I remembered that there is always hope. Who am I to make proclamations and announcements on something I have no say in. No crystal ball, no foresight. Sure, I can see some handwriting on the wall. Sure, common sense says to draw the shades.

But life doesn't work that way. Humans don't work that way. God doesn't work that way. And I have lifted up Jake and Austin previously in prayer, why not? And so when I saw that rainbow, I lifted them right up towards that natural wonder yet again. Heck, should've lifted all of us, right? LOL. Who can't use a good word put in. I don't mean to make light of it - it's a very serious thing and I meant it sincerely.

Anyway, it was such a great moment. And I wanted to get online this morning to share this spiritual experience, but time didn't allow. It really was a golden moment. One of those Clark Griswold moments.

Remember? Remember when Clark was staring at the Statue of Liberty as they were returning to America and he took a deep breath and had to excuse himself because he was just so inspired....etc etc. lol.

Special K said...

Let's go USA!

london tb said...

Bad luck USA, fantastic effort.

Special K said...

I agree London. They really gave a fantastic effort. Tim Howard was amazing.

the real m said...

Very cute post today. You never cease to amaze me that you can be so creative every day, Special.

I feel bad for you Tom. Still 100 here today, but at least it's only about 20% humidity. I hope you are near a pool to cool off.

Special K said...

PG, I think everyone on OMG will say that there have been ebbs and flows on their feelings about Jake and Austin over the years. And I think many times we all have become frustrated because we wish so much for them, and can see how much more could be for them as well. We all want the best for them.