Thursday, June 26, 2014

Punch Back

A little more Punch to Southpaw.

Page Six is reporting that 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) will play a promoter who’s part of the entourage of the cocky, aggressive, volatile boxing champion Billy Hope.

 Jake and 50 at the premiere of End of Watch.

Billy fully expects to ride out his career with his massive winnings, adoring fans, beloved wife, Maureen, and their 10-year-old daughter but when his temper triggers a fight and shootout that leaves his wife dead, Billy’s life spirals out of control. After he loses his house, money and daughter, he begins to find his way back to some kind of balance with the help of an amateur trainer (Forrest Whitaker).

Southpaw is still filming in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and will soon shift to Pittsburgh for the remainder of their summer filming.

and some Throwback (shirts optional)


prairiegirl said...

Man, this week has really STUNK. Do I ever want to be a member of management/leadership? NOOOOOO!!! lol. I want to be a little grunt worker, a worker ant. A little nobody just doing her regular tasks. Just leave me the heck alone.

I don't have time for all these meetings and conf. calls. How on earth are you supposed to get your work done?

And the ol' dogsitting gig comes to a close this week. My luxurious getaway is going to be going away and it'll be back to slumming it in my box apartment. **sigh**.

You know, I watch Encore Black a lot in the evenings and that channel is like WGN and TBS; they show the same doggone commercials over and over and over every single break until you are just sick to death of them. And so I've been watching 50 cent on Encore Black about 100 times in one evening. That guy doesn't look like this guy on the post. Has he changed that much? He has a new show with the gal from High School Musical, I forget what his show is called. He is very distinguished and attractive.

Okay, well, it's like a 15 min. lunch today. I need to get scootin'.

Special K said...

It seems like it has been a long week for everybody. I've been gimping around with a sore leg all week. Hopefully this soon will end.

A complete change of topic, but kudos to Amy Adams, an army brat herself, who saw a soldier getting on her flight from Detroit to LA, and gave him her first class seat to thank him for his service. Someone on the plane tweeted what she did and when they asked her about it when they landed, she said she didn't do it for herself, she did to give back to those who service.

Special K said...

We know that Jake's been a fan of 50 Cent since all the way back to Jarhead. He drove Peter crazy playing 50's Candy Shop over and over again. I just happened to remember that the pair got a couple of pictures together at the EoW premiere. 50, who uses his given name Curtis Jackson for his acting work has gotten good reviews for the projects he's been in. I can see him doing well playing a promoter living off of Billy's fame.