Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brazil Nut

It's back again....

The Austin love for Brazil.

Brazil vs Mexico. Yeah!! Go Brazil!! Neymar!! #10!!!! -AUS10

While it has toned down a bit from some of his earlier tweets:

 Ok brazilenos. I'm rooting for you right now. You make futbol so damn sexy. I'm getting turned on. Can't wait to come visit your country!!

 All I have to say this weekend is... I LOVE BRAZILIANS.

Remember what his former co-star from JFC said about his Brazilian love:

 @AUS10NICHOLS Wanting to "make love to Brazilians" is not the same as "loving brazilians" you silly little man - Willie

 And it's not just at World Cup time.

  First South American Pope!! Pope Francis. I wish I was partying in Buenos Aires tonight. Or Brazil. I love Brazilians. #NEWPOPE - AUS10

This is an emotional day. Netherlands vs brazil. I love brazilian futbol, but I'm part dutch. Also, mens semis at wimbledon. I'm so torn!

But not to worry he remember those Dutch roots.

Netherlands GOAL!!!!!!! My homeland. - AUS10

But where is Austy's love for the US this year?  Gone with the voovoozela?

 My bed head is amazing. I'm screaming for USA and my brow has the voovoozela ap!!

It's still early,  there's plenty of time to cheer the US team on Sunday and get even hotter for those Brazilian.

Maybe this will help: 

 Brazilian players can have all the World Cup sex they want, as long as it's not "acrobatic." - NY Magazine


prairiegirl said...

Pretty colors on your post today, Special. Pretty and very bright! I think the U.S. is supposed to play on Sunday.

Glad tomorrow is Friday!

Seaweed said...

Austin certainly is a bit over the top with his Brazil lovin'... but I can't blame him, and I cheer his enthusiasm.

I just wish it could be extended to his own personal circumstances and give us all a chance to gush about he and Jake and the family unit, don't cha think?

Methodical Muser said...

I was looking at the fan photo of Jake supposedly "Out and About in Pittsburgh" at IHJ and I find it interesting that he already looks like a junkie. I would imagine this movie will be shot in reverse chronological order given that Jake would not have time to get buffed up again in the course of a two month shoot. As a result, I would think Fuqua would schedule the triumphant return fight scenes first, then the broken man, out of shape druggie and alcoholic scenes last.

Given how strung out he looks in this photo, I wouldn't be surprised if Jake is further along in the filming that the current marketing surrounding this movie would suggest. I think we are seeing another pattern here. This kind of film shoot distortion sure does sound familiar to the same misleading and nonsensical timeline the public was fed regarding his Everest shoot earlier in the year.

Southpaw Continuity

prairiegirl said...

"strung out". lol

You're probably very onto something with your theory on the progress of filming, M&M. You usually are. Jake does not look very good in that picture.

Another similar thing I see that has happened with his other recent films is this "cafeteria-style" way of adding actors to the roster right in the midst of shooting.

They make it sound like they're walking down the line with their tray and adding sides (actors) as they need them.

Silverware, Jake?

Methodical Muser said...

"strung out". lol

What? That's my Hawaii Five-0 lingo. "Book 'em, Danno!" ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Another similar thing I see that has happened with his other recent films is this "cafeteria-style" way of adding actors to the roster right in the midst of shooting.

I think that's another way of giving the impression that Jake is at the beginning of filming. When he very well may be in the middle or toward the end of his shoot. Jake and Austin can then sneak off with the family, while articles continue to roll out posting pics and discussing how the film is progressing.

prairiegirl said...

Yup. Each chosen side dish will buy Jake about 2 weeks of Twitter/FB action. As long as it takes Jake to go through the cafeteria line, heck - everyone else has done passed him and has already sat down to eat. He's still picking and choosing. It takes him forever to film a movie, if you judge by social media.