Saturday, June 14, 2014

It bears repeating

Jake's Broadway debut, Constellations, is described as "One relationship. Infinite possibilities."

Jake will take on the role of Roland, the beekeeper, who falls for quantum physicist Marianne.

The story features 100 different scenes in just 65 minutes and presents several alternatives of the couples relationship, exploring the theory of quantum multiverse. In some scenarios, the couple lives happily together while in others they do not even make it to a first kiss.

Seems like Jake's done something like this before....

A suggestion,  none of these looks will work in any multiverse


RIP said...

RIP Casey Kasem


the real m said...

An institution gone. I think he lived a full life though.

Have to laugh at that photo. The two cops are having a much better time than Jake and the beard. I guess neither wanted to go through the motions that day.

prairiegirl said...

I don't know, 82 is yesterday's 72. People in their early 80's are still very mobile, very active. My dad was in his early 80's and still gardening, walking for exercise and still very fit when he came down with his cancer. Otherwise, he still had many good years left in him, I believe.

Unfortunately, Casey K. had Alzheimer's so yeah, it could be a blessing. Who didn't listen to Casey's Top 40, though? Fun times.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like someone got tired of waiting around for one of us to make a comment or something about a beard's nonsense.

lol. Let me tell you, I don't think anyone around here was even watching. You know why? Because no one cares. We aren't going to be persuaded. We aren't going to be changed/affected by any of this vaudville.

We're all busy with other things. Several of us are firmly entrenched in our beliefs. When are they going to get that through their thick skulls? All of them? Mgmnt, Jake, Austin, et al.

They need to hang it up. They're wasting their stinkin' time. Geez.

prairiegirl said...

I have to say that I have been so obsessed, so indulging in everything Jensen/Jared. It is such a glorious switch because there are just mountains of videos and pictures out there. The fanfiction is incredible - those girls are fantastic writers and their imaginations limitless. I've been totally engulfed.

What's also been fun is I've figured out how to throw my YouTube up on the big screen and WOW!! Sooo cool to watch all my J2 YouTube'rs all blown up big, lol. It's awesome.

What's funny to me is to watch the girls in that fandom argue about something like which fella is more demonstrative in their affections. And I'm thinking, you know what? That fandom is overflowing with pictures, videos, convention panels, etc.

What did Jaustin fans have to go with? A set of Laker photos from 2006 (?) and a sushi lunch. Blurry Berlinale photos and the back of Austin's body going up some stairs. LOL. That's what Jaustin fans had to slobber over in what, 10 years?

BWAHAH!!!! And you've got gifs and videos up the ying yang on Jensen and Jared - hugs, strokes, touches, kisspering, you name it. And they're arguing over something like who shows more affection towards the other.

I just find it funny. I love to compare the two fandoms and the two sets of guys. It really is and has been a fascinating study.

Methodical Muser said...

They need to hang it up. They're wasting their stinkin' time. Geez.

And, their money. Babies Tile constant need for new shoes alone must cost a fortune.

And, don't think for a moment that we are still not looking and hitting pay dirt. Just because we don't post everything in real time, doesn't mean the information isn't going to be eventually shared when the time is right.