Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Business Casual

This is one approach to letting people know it's a business meeting

Wear the name of the movie  you both working on, on the back of your shirt.

And as for that mention of Jake out eating ramen -

Ahh don't you think this close to shooting and after all these weeks of training he's going to eat noodles?  Complex Carbs are you crazy?   It's all about the lean proteins and some simple carbs from fruits and veggies. 


prairiegirl said...

I am always looking for an opportunity to share what I feel are great examples of these celebrities' mgmnt teams keeping an eye on those blogs which they feel are a threat to discovering/talking about something about their client that they just don't want talked about/discovered.

Well, I've got a prime example. I know no one will remember but back on the 25th late in the evening, I had talked about my real-time observances during the Supernatural convention over in Rome, Italy.

Well, turns out that someone took great exception to what I had posted and they expressed themselves on OMG very late in the evening on the 26th. Aimed directly at me, telling me to mind my own business and stick to what I knew - in other words stay out of Supernatural and stick to Oh My Godot.

None of us saw this comment because it was removed by the admin. but thank goodness she retained it.

Interesting, don't you think? Who on OMG would ever care about my crazy rantings that day? I mean, really. Look at what I was saying that day. It did sound a little crazy and I, of course, added my own flavor in describing my observances, as I always do. As you guys are accustomed to, whether you like it or not.

Oh, but this party didn't like it one bit. Now, I never have said anything on Tumblr at all about OMG except to mention I blogged on a Jake/Austin blog. Of course it wouldn't take much to Google "Jake/Austin blog", right? But who would have even cared to go check it out? So you have to ask how someone happened to be hanging out at OMG who was this invested in Jensen and Jared to issue me that veiled threat to stay out of their community/business.

Kind of interesting, don't you think?

prairiegirl said...

Now since that time, I have commented on a Supernatural site, bringing up the same doubts I had about Jared's injury.

Whoa boy. That wasn't met very well. I'm still receiving scathing replies back on that one.

That's okay. But my point about that is this - in the backlash from that site was a comment replying to points I had made on OMG and also using some of the same phrases used in that comment that was posted by an Unknown on the 26th.

Has to be the same person.

Don't tell me Management isn't hanging out on these blogs. Don't tell me that those who speak loud and are the biggest threat are not stalked.

Not only stalked but threatened and attempts made to bully those individuals to silence.

Special K said...

One thing about Jake's workouts and filming.

After all this time and training, it would make sense that they shoot the movie out of sequence, meaning shoot the fight scenes first when he needs to be in the best shape, and then work backwards to the point where Billy hits rock bottom.

It is easier to let yourself "go" as it were in 8 weeks, than get yourself in prizefighting shape.

So again, Jake doing carbs now, probably not the real deal.

prairiegirl said...

Makes sense to me, Special. That was a nice point you made about the unlikelihood of noodles.

Methodical Muser said...

The same stalking and harassment tactics are used on the Louis and Harry blogs, PG. Vulgar language, flagrant bullying of posters by accusing them of being everything from homophobic to misogynistic to delusional. These are not trolls; these are guns for hire. They prey and stalk various sites looking to disrupt any meaningful sharing of information or discussion, particularly on certain high profile closeted celebrities. No doubt, Jensen and Jared would definitely be included in that notorious category.

prairiegirl said...

What a stinkin joke.

Jake's new "fandom" created by WME is now as phony as his new tough, straight image. Look at Jake's thread on Just Jared, the one posted tonight pushing him and Rachel McAdams at dinner together. 92 comments already and nearly all contrived and dominated by Jack the paid troll on WFT2.

WME, you are doing Jake no favors by hiring that nincompoop to barge in on those threads and control the conversations. What is that accomplishing?

What is Jake's Mgmnt trying to accomplish by controlling his threads on Just Jared? What are they trying to snuff out?

Southpaw shirt my a**. No honor there. His people could care less. He could care less. They're still pushing the dinner as a date.

So disgusting what WME is doing with Jake. Everytime you think they all have reached new lows, Jake, Austin and WME reach down just a little lower.

prairiegirl said...

I know what they're trying to snuff out. They're trying to stop the "he's gay" comments before the first one even has a chance to post. If Jack can get in there and dominate the thread, the plan is to squeeze out those comments that would likely pop up on a post like this which suggests that Jake is on the hetero prowl again.

I see exactly what they're doing. Boy, if only we all could control our little worlds in this fashion, right?

Just Jared is on payroll said...

I saw that thread earlier on Just Jared. Agree completely. At first, I was going, "Whoa!" why are there so many comments on a Jake thread? PR is the answer. They are going to being pushing a "romance" with McAdams now. Just watch.

prairiegirl said...

And no one even asks what about Alyssa Miller. What about that?

His Twitter search is all about this splashy photo op. That was not a fan's twitpic. It was a PR approved photo op.
The Southpaw shirt was just for Jake to rock himself to sleep with.

the real m said...

No doubt these paid trolls do work for multiple celebrities. They would not be busy enough just doing Jake 100% of the time. And creating fake comments makes him look more popular than he actually is.

Looking at the dinner picture- is that her purse on her lap? One sure sign she is bored.

Florida Tom said...

I am looking for a part time job. If any mgt company wants to pay me good money I am available:))))))

destiny said...

I'm betting that some of the shipping comments on JJ are paid for, but I'd be really surprised if anyone is paying Jack to post as it just makes Jake look bad and detracts from the message they are trying to sell.