Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sea Lab 202114

Sure he's no Derek "Stormy" Waters but then who could be.

But he could be Sharko!

One thing for sure is  Austin is in his element.

The first friendly fellow they met

First visitor of the day. What should we name him?

And then down to sharky business

 We caught this beautiful nurse shark today and tagged it so the scientists can study him. Here is the release. - AUS10


the real m said...

Wow. Those shark teeth are really scary. I've been busy at work too, plus tied up planning a post retirement trip to France later this year. I keep thinking I'll have more time soon but soon never seems to come. All seems fairly quiet on the Jake front though. Glad to see Austin enjoying the ocean. He is a true water baby.

AUS10 said...

Here is our great crew. Excellent scientists and environmentalists. Ocean lovers. @Oceana whosay.com/l/PMr8uVo

AUS10 said...

My crew for today. Plan- See some beautiful sharks and dive an underwater cemetery. whosay.com/l/sPc8v0M

AUS10 said...

VIDEO-----> Beautiful Lemon Shark whosay.com/l/wUq8v8z

prairiegirl said...

Austin can sell his environmental hat somewhere else as far as I'm concerned.

He dropped Two Wheel Tuesday and every other cause he participated in (L.A. bike ride, Texas marathon) as soon as he was released from One Tree Hill. He hardly used his Twitter in the two yrs since except for having his account send inappropriate DM's to underaged girls.

Now that Jake is on the Oscar campaign trail and Weinstein needs for him to toe the line, Austin needs to show that he's not in Pennsylvania, far far away from Jake. So now he's racking up the tweets.

Well, you know what, Austin can stay in Florida and whosay from there for the next 12 months. I'm excited about seeing Austin's nation-wide tour for the duration of Jake's filming. Can't wait to see what's lined up next.

AUS10 said...

We hooked a granddaddy. Which means powerful female. But then she manhandled this hook. Bent and broke. @Oceana whosay.com/l/mrd8v9I

prairiegirl said...

I'm sorry to come down on him, but it's so obvious. He hasn't used his twitter this much since when?

Now that they knew we would be watching for him to go to Pennsylvania, Weinstein's sending the hubby on a grand tour.

Well, I say cool. If they think this is going to deter us or change our minds, they're wasting their time yet again. When are they going to get that through their heads? smh

Special K said...

I think that this is something Austin is really passionate and excited about and really wants to share.

What I find really interesting that Austin has tweeted as much in just a couple day than he did to Thailand.

It seems that this trip is definitely something he wanted to do than had to do.

The Oceanids said...

Just awesome. Keep up the good work!

Methodical Muser said...

Don't know many people who go to Florida via Chicago, Special. I think that post you made the other day about The Windy City being a major connection to fly into Pittsburgh got Austin's jawbone working overtime and quickly making sure everyone knew he's all about The Land of Sunshine. #OhTheSharkBitesWithSuchTeethDear

Special K said...

I have a question about the Chicago trip. Why?

Because why would you go and only take pictures of the skyline, and not you and your "date"?

In fact, there were no pictures of any people at all.

Now Florida he's got pictures of not just the people he's with but himself with them.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe Austie dropped off the kids to stay with his folks at that cabin of theirs? That way both he and Jake look like they are childless while the grandparents provide daycare services once again.

prairiegirl said...

Hmmmm, smart thinking, M&M...yeah, the trip to Chicago makes no sense now whatsoever.

; )

Methodical Muser said...

In fact, there were no pictures of any people at all.

Maybe because the gf is a double bagger? LOL!