Thursday, June 19, 2014


One more (little) punch to the cast of Southpaw.

Oona Laurence has been cast to play Jake and Rachel McAdams daughter Leila Hope according to the Hollywood Reporter.

She has been one of the four young actresses rotating in the starring role as the precocious Matilda in the production of Matilda The Musical based on the Roald Dahl's book Matilda.

"The native New Yorker, Oona started acting at the age of five as the lead in her Dad's experimental film Days Dance. Since then she has played leads in numerous Columbia University graduate films, and last summer was voted "Best Performer" by the audiences of The Turtle Shell's Summer Play Festival for her Philosophical Banana in The Cosmic Fruit Bowl. An awesome jazz, hip-hop, ballet and modern dancer, she has studied drama at The Children's Acting Academy for two years and performed in one of the company's musical stage productions." - BroadwayWorld



AUS10 said...

Here is the blog post from my shark trip. Thanks @Oceana @Oceana_Andy @Nautica said...

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield use paparazzi for good

prairiegirl said...

You know what would be hilarious if this whole fauxmance wasn't just so darn embarrassing? That the paid troll doesn't bring over this great testament to the IQ and maturity level of the beard which TPTB have set Austin up with. Look at this piece of class she's put up:

Chloe Bennet (@ChloeBennet4)
6/20/14, 15:49

Just ONE time I want someone to fart really long and loud during my yoga class.


What is she, 10 yrs old?

My take on the subject is this is the kind of humor families do in their homes. This is the kind of humor guys do when they're in a group together. This is the kind of humor you do if you're watching Saturday Night Live with friends.

When you're in a public exercise class or an office, have some maturity, would you? Have some class.

I guess the beard pool was really at a drained level when it came time to pick one. W/o a doubt, somebody should get their money back from this #facecringe, and I mean all of it.

prairiegirl said...

This is how you know Jack is a paid troll and is the administrator over at our neighbor's place.

Right after he re-posted his ridiculous Father's Day crap comment over here on OMG while it was off moderation, I strolled over to WFT2 and just rolled out a string of repeat comments over there via Savannah Rice and while it took a minute and they remained posted in all their glory, they're all gone now.

See how he's patrolling both sites? What are the chances of Jackie being on duty over there right at this very minute and why would she take down that tweet about Jake being a daddy?

That's because it isn't her over there.

It's Jack.

WME has taken over that blog and Jack the Paid Troll has administrative rights over there.

Part of Jake's salary is helping to keep that blog up for the sole purpose of harrassing and bringing down OMG.

End of Story.

prairiegirl said...

It really is something to see it happen in real time. He really does give himself away.

I bet that whole thing happened within about 15 min or so. It didn't take long for me to have that tweet on my clipboard and keep spamming it up. I probably got about 20 or so licks in.

But by the time I had finished, he had quickly been taking them down. And just so that there wasn't a trace of his having done so, he didn't leave any footprint. Meaning, there is no "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator" to see. The whole trail is totally gone.

Just when you think we're not around? We're around. We may not always be right here, but one of us isn't going to stray far from the nest.

Just remember that.

You guys can spend 1000's of dollars on trailer trash beards, across the world trips to Tokyo, extravagant hiring of a Meard like the Tony's "Hottie" along with paid FB & Twitter accounts to peddle the evening's embarrassing vaudeville act, blog trolls, birthday cakes, Grandpa Baker socks and big-tongued Nikes, cigarettes and Martha's Vineyard vending machines, but.........

lol. As you can see, none of it has made one lick of difference.

We're still here. And we're going to remain still here as long as we're on this earth in human form.

But hey - it's their money to squander. **shrugs**