Saturday, May 11, 2013

Advance APS

Austin has his own unique GPS.  It's an Advance Austin Positioning System.  It gives you clues where he's headed  next.


Texas huh?  Will it be Mardi Gras beads or a beignets next time?

Do something nice for you Mama, Big Guy.

 You too Jakey


prairiegirl said...

Happy Mother's Day to all those who can celebrate with their mothers, aunts, grandmother, teacher, any caregiver who looks out for, has mentored or inspired us. I bet we all have a maternal figure in our present life somewhere, right? Doesn't have to be our mother if she is no longer living.

Thoughts go out to those whose mother is no longer living here on earth. Memories sustain us and make us smile.

Holidays like these can be painful or exclusive. Think of those who just recently lost their mother or who have no parents; these holidays can be tough or isolating.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mons out there.

Special K said...

Happy Mother's Day to all who take care of and nurture those in their lives. Everyone needs a mom now and then. Thanks to those who step in for moms who are no longer here.