Friday, May 10, 2013

Pedal Party

 He likes bikes

And he likes parties

So why not a Bike Party

And  you can invite this guy

It's been a while bud.

 Get on your bike and ride.

Happy Austin Friday!


the real m said...

Really cute post. I am back in CA though still not home so just getting caught up with all that happened. Jake's reading was great. Just like he did with Gatsby, he brought it to life. So happy that someone recorded it so we could enjoy it too, And the video really captured the white spot in his beard. I wonder if he will grey early. His mom could be grey and dye her hair so it may be a family trait. It can look quite distinguished. Back home late Sunday so an advance happy Mother's Day to those with children. We'll probably see jake out with his mom.

Special K said...

Austin is a such a goof. But could totally see him getting a group together to party and ride.

The night ride he did in Israel reminds me of a bike party.

Biking is big in Boston and the surrounding communities. Lot of bike lanes, dedicated bike parking lot at some stations, The Hub Way - where you can pick up a bike at one location, bike around the city, and drop it off at another location. And they even are giving up a lane on the Longfellow Bridge, one that connects Boston to Cambridge, to create a dedicated bike lane and wider sidewalk for bike riders and pedestrians.
And yes there are some bike parties happening here too.

Special K said...

Austin that tease showing off two of his three nipples.