Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fight Club Vegas

Before Austin headed out to Vegas he got a bit reflective on the backlot.

 Wandering the studio backlot late last night, I felt the ghosts of a thousand movie stars all around me.  - AUS10

Hmmm which ghosts?

Then Austin  got to Vegas

Vegas Baby Mayweather vs. Guerrero Pumped - AUS10

  and met up with the rest of the Donovan boys (which Liev twitpic'd )

(Nope that's not Austin that's one of his co-stars)

 Liev Schreiber@LievSchreiber 
@sho_network our boss Matt Blank...
Now that's Austin in the back.

Then Liev did everyone a solid and tweet a picture of just Austin by the pool.  Thanks Liev.

 The Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero fight is the biggest boxing event of 2013 and it's Showtime's baby.  The event and the circus that surrounds the fight is the perfect place for the premium cable network to hype their  newest show as the fight is attracting attention from the around the world, and celebrities from all over have come in for the fight and for the pre and post parties.   

Showtime will no doubt that the biggest party and the Donovan crew will be front and center holding court.  Talk about a Fight Club. 

Ding Ding!


Just watching said...

With Jake, it's really obvious that he must be receiving some kind of $ for his promotion. And these celebrities are union.

How so? What's so obvious?

PG it amazes me how you seem to take every chance you get to cast Jake either as having no morals or some God awful interprising, self promoting person.

What's with it with you? As I've commented before, you're really strung out on Jake's action not meeting your approval. You might want to move past this. Really! Your disdain for him shows in almost every post.

Jersey Tom said...

I don't think it trashing Jake by saying he is being paid for his promotion. I think he is also. I am sure plenty celebs do the same thing as do athletes. No crime.

I am sure girls are going to that class because of the promotion.

Jersey Tom said...
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Jersey Tom said...

I also think it is horrible that the employees are not being paid their fair share. Corporate America sucks. They can kiss my butt.

Maybe celebs will think about it now that they know the employees are getting screwed. PG was not trashing Jake she was saying she understood the employees blight.

prairiegirl said...

It's about business and taking advantage of employees. I think sometimes businesses know their employees need their jobs and sometimes exploit that fact by pushing the envelope, demanding beyond the required and trying to skirt by on the bare minimum, meaning numbers of staff.

Do I care at all what someone up there is blow holing?

prairiegirl said...

Hey, guess what? Richard Simmons, someone I look up to tremendously as an inspiration for exercise and all around positive encourager, tweeted back at me today!! Second time he's done that. I was so excited, lol.

I love Richard.

prairiegirl said...

22:27, you've been told before but I'm going to tell you every time.

I am not PG to you. Knock it off and if you're going to speak here at me, use my full name.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Jake better hope Austin isn't into older men. Ray has a very nice body.

Jessica Faulkinbury said...

Thanks for the info for my puppy. Looks like I will see what Walmart has. He is becoming a good dog. He is good with kids and our smaller dogs. Love the playing with water.

It sounds like some celebs are being paid for the use of their names at Soulcycle. It also sounds like the company is trying to keep classes full to keep their employees happy. so drop some names and get more money,

prairiegirl said...

Jake better hope Austin isn't into older men. Ray has a very nice body.

I enjoyed looking at the tweets and pictures from the whole Showtime Ray Donovan thing. Loved the poolside pics and there's one out there of Austin with the boys in a gym. Probably at the hotel, maybe.

Special K said...

Austin and the Donovan boys hitting the gym

Hitting the gym

Pooch Hall plays a boxer in the series.

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha, those shorts of Austin's are a crack up. Where did he find those things. The other guys are all wearing basic solids but not Austin. LOL. You have to like his flair for the different, for being the quiet standout in the crowd.

AUS10 said...

What a fight. What a night. Thank you @@SHO_Network @SHO_PR @Sho_RayDonovan

Jersey Tom said...

Austin looks hot in the pic. Like the neat gruffness. I think that is a bathing suit PG. Sure looks cute on him.

the real m said...

I finally watched End of Watch last night. Direct TV had a warning that it was the final showing so that got me off my butt. About 2/3 of the way through I played it back to the beginning so my husband could see it too, so I almost saw it twice in one sitting. The acting was great. I thought the script had a few cliches - totally predictable- but overall it was a good movie. Jakes character was a bit similar to his jarhead character- so I still found myself seeing Jake and not the character a few times. But I still enjoyed it and thought it one of his better movies.

Getting ready for a week on the road, so no Cinqo de Mayo events here. I could use a Margarita about now.

prairiegirl said...

Well, m, you can look forward to another one because it sounds like they're doing a Prequel, according to Michael "Mike" Pena on Twitter.

So we can "look forward" to a whole new round of Jake lying during promotion, more extravagant, exaggerated headlines and who knows what lies ahead.

This news of a prequel or EOW 2 also explains why Jake was seen with America Ferrera and that other guy from the movie last week for lunch.

It also explains why Just Jared is pairing Jake with America in two posts.

It seems like anymore there's always an ulterior motive for whatever Jake is seen doing in photo ops.

prairiegirl said...

I think that is a bathing suit PG

lol, I do believe you are right, Tom.

Where? said...

it sounds like they're doing a Prequel, according to Michael "Mike" Pena on Twitter.


prairiegirl said...

Boyd Burton ‏@WToad 4 May

@realmichaelpena will you be in "End of Watch 2?"
8:27 PM - 4 May 13 · Details

Michael Pena ‏@realmichaelpena 4 May
“@WToad: @realmichaelpena will you be in "End of Watch 2?"” The prequel? Yes!
8:41 PM - 4 May 13 · Details

There is also a thread discussing a prequel and one guy even goes so far as to say this:

I hear it's already in production, it's called End of Watch 2: The Plight of Big Evil. It follows Big Evil's early years and explains how he was just turning his life around and just fell in with the wrong crowd before he was unmercifully cut down in a hail of bullets by the LAPD.

Rumored to be directed by Rodney Hughes.

^^^ that comment on the thread is dated Feb 20 of this year. Here's the link to the thread discussion:

This explains the photo ops

prairiegirl said...

If it's true but it's hard for me to believe Michael "Mike" Pena would say something like that on Twitter if it wasn't true.

10:29 PM said...


prairiegirl said...

You're welcome.