Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yup, Still There

There are times when some wonder where the Jake of yore has gone after all these years

He's still there.

Check out a snap from last night's event

A bit hairer,  but you can see that boyish charm

 And that sweet fella


Seaweed said...

Jake's poetry reading from yesterday brought tears to my eyes. Hard to imagine how traumatic an experience could be so powerfully expressed. I'd have a difficult time reading something like this in public.

I'd give Jake full points for his social conscience at times like this.

Special K said...

It was a great reading wasn't it Seaweed.

I think when you peel back all the layers that Hollywood and PR has created around Jake, you come back to that sensitive, conscious, caring guy that he is truly.

Seaweed said...

I believe that is what makes me come back continually... the fact that there is a part of Jake that connects so well with many other people. (Besides the fact that I keep coming back to OMG for all the great content and friends.)

It's easy to see his warm and comfortable connection with his friends and family, and that special smile and demeanor he has for Austin. We also see glipmses of this with other males whom I think he truly feels a connection with.

The man seems to telegraph his feelings so easily... and that must give his paid minions apoplectic fits of diaper inducing outbursts.

I'm across the street from my parents apartment drinking tea at a "Tim Hortons" and listening to a brief respite of James Taylor while checking my email and doing some much needed surfing. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!