Friday, May 31, 2013

Capping it

It's Austin Friday, and from a twitpic that was shared this week on OMG, we have a new pic of Austy

It's not the first time Austin incorporated the camo cap into his look

And it looks like caps are now de rigueur out and about
 Both for work

 and play

Sometimes hinting
 others times just topping off the day

 Just watch out Austin there's always one who will steal the scene (as well as your cap)


Special K said...

RIP Jean Stapleton

Who can forget Edith Bunker, sweet, kind and caring the perfect foil to her husband Archie

LA or NY? said...

Anybody know where Jake is?

Jersey Tom said...

:-( Jean Stapleton

the real m said...

Austin looks great. What a torso!

Special K said...

Sox beat the Yankees!
Bruins beat the Penquins!
Austin looking good!

That's a triple play. :)