Thursday, May 30, 2013

Double Double

It's another 2 for 2 today.

First up Austin tweeted something about the new art for Ray Donovan.

Great new artwork for Ray Donovan! For the observant eye, you might find a little surprise in there. - AUS10

Well Tommy Wheeler A-list action star is back,  "Back to Rock Your World" You know a witty gossip columnist in the Donovan universe could blind vice Tommy's proclivities  as Tommy likes to Rock the Cock.  Now what kind of gossip columnist would ever do that? ; )

And for the second half of this Double Double?  That would be Jakey G in the first official trailer for Prisoners.  While it looks like Detective Loki might have his moments,   the one person you don't really want to cross is Hugh, who's taking it into his own hands to get his daughter back.

Think you two fellas make it a triple double with something from both of you again tomorrow? 


prairiegirl said...

I'm pretty excited about Ray Donovan and look forward to June 20.

Anybody else notice that Hugh Jackman has the same exact grey blotch in the same spot on his beard as Jake does? Is that not bizarre? I'm being serious and you can't fake that, is what I'm saying. I just find that really, really bizarro, lol.

the real m said...

Very exciting for both of them. I hope Ray Donovan proves to be a big hit. I'll be watching - and recording - for sure. Prisoners looks good though the plot seems familiar and predictable based on the trailer. Lets hope there are surprises in the film. Do we have a release date yet? I may have missed it while travelling.

Special K said...

The release date for Prisoners is Sept 20th here in the States, M.

Special K said...

Wow PG, what are the odds that they have a grey patch in the same spot. Maybe they both have been snacking on those oh so yummy but not so healthy fluffernutter sandwiches.

destiny said...

Prisoners looks promising, it has so many good people in it. I'm hoping there are some surprises and that it won't be a conventional movie. I don't have Showtime, so Ray Donovan will have to wait until it's on DVD.

memories of Heath said...

Inside Heath Ledger's private diary: Batman star's heartbroken father shares personal notes from Joker journal

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