Friday, May 17, 2013

Fitz and Flags

Austin tweets in starts and stops and he isn't stopping after last night.

This morning Austin tweeted some Gatsby:

"No-Gatsby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and short-winded elations of men." -F. Scott Fitzgerald  -AUS10

Yesterday's Gatsby tweets and today, go together.  It's about Gatsby pursuit of his dream, success. And while he how he got there might be questionable, his determination was unwavering, it because of love, his love for Daisy.  

So why do you think Austin tweeted these, and tweeted them when he did.

And later he let the flag fly

Big ass flag. Texas pride - AUS10

Now you do have to wonder after a week of people saying Austin was in TX, he didn't say anything  when he could have confirmed it Monday.  Heck he's done it before when he's gone to New York.

You think he want people to know that he  is in Texas now,  meaning he was home in LA all this week?

Now who has been in LA this week? 

And why would he want to make sure to make a point about that. ; )   Could it be they all fit together? 


prairiegirl said...

Bwah! Big ass flag. LOL.

Those Texans. Always bragging, aren't they? **wink**

My cousin is alllllll the time tweeting about Hook Em this, Longhorn that. I ought to warn her that the Gyllenichols loaded school bus has arrived and there will probably be a shortage of peanut butter and jelly on the shelves of grocery stores throughout.

Geez. Really, I think they ought to look into buying a dairy cow.

I am so tired. What a week.

Special K said...

Jake's on! Flipping through the stations PoP is on our local station. Something fun to watch on a Saturday. Yeah!

Jersey Tom said...

I love that top pic of Austin. He looked so hot in that gray suit and black shirt. Pretty sure that was taken in NC when he was doing OTH. His body type was perfect for that outfit. Never looked better.

london tb said...

I always like Austin's take on America, Americana and old Hollywood (the tweet from the empty backlot). He kind of gets it, and embodies it. Certainly to a European.

prairiegirl said...

I liked your comment, London.

The old fashioned quality I like about Austin is how he dressed on set for OTH, very respectful in an old school kind of way with preppy dress shorts and nice shirts. Guys don't dress like that anymore except like in the richer areas of Jo County. To me, it also showed a respect for being on the job and those he worked for.

And then it's such a contrast when he goes and tweets about a big ass flag. LOL

NY said...

some observations said...

Funny how this fan-girl site came out of nowhere and now we are getting Jake pics of him in NY posted there. How convenient.

Also, interesting how we are suddenly being given these direct shots with the white patch in his beard. That's an easy thing to cover up with Photoshop to throw people off when a pic appears without the patch. Also, it's easy to add in the white patch, if you want to time date stamp something as recent.

Close up of Jake's white beard photoshopped said...

Fake color

the real m said...

The operative word is "friend". I view the photo as a defensive measure resulting from that ent lawyer blind and or Jake being spotted at The Abbey.

We have ducks that vsiit our pool every year and this year they have a chick. We have been watching the parents take excellent care of him and seeing him grow. Better than any TV or movie. Today they have left him alone for well over 5 hours and the poor thing is tweeing for mom and dad to come home. A hawk swooped by once so we've been on patrol till the parents return but they have been gone an awfully long time. He's still too small to take care of himself.

prairiegirl said...

Jake is so limited in what he can be seen doing in NYC. It's a dollar menu, that's for sure. Leaving the gym. Walking. Strolling. Gym visit. Walking in front of Spin. Walking beside the bike. Riding the train next to the bike. Strolling. Standing next to friends while they're eating. Talking to friends who are sitting and relaxing. Staring down camera while walking, trying to look serious and bothered by paps.

As Al Delvecchio would say: Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup....

prairiegirl said...

That site is a slapped together looking PR mouthpiece.

While one hand is typing, I bet the other hand is extended out waiting for a paycheck.

Jersey Tom said...

Oh m now I am gonna worry about that duck:-) Let us know how he is doing.