Monday, May 20, 2013

Leveling the field

When tragedy comes,  it doesn't matter how much make, how much you own, what you have,  it comes down to what it most precious and important to you.

 No possession compares to those you love and who love you.  Things can be replaced, homes rebuilt, careers restored,  but family, friends,  memories and love are irreplaceable.

Cherish those you have in your life and what you have with them, and let them know you how much do.


anybody out there? said...

Where's Jake?

prairiegirl said...

Living his life, minding his own business.

It's a good thing.

Jersey Tom said...

Gay marriage bill clears UK House of Commons.


Special K said...

Great news Tom! Thanks for sharing.

NY said...

anybody out there? said...

Where's Jake?

Thea Palad ‏@TheaPalad
Good friends, great food, and a #JakeGyllenhaal sighting. Don't make me love you, Tuesdays!! @callmedisKO @vladpl @GabPorcaro #cantfindoat