Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That would have been a heck of a Hangover

Jake, Paul Rudd, Lindsay Lohan ?

In The Hangover?

It almost was according to director Todd Phillips in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter

Of course you know that Lindsay was almost Jade the stripper, and Paul Rudd  as Stu the dentist,  and Jake?

Bet you're thinking he would have been Stu ... or even Doug ( Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha respectively) and you took that bet  you would have gone bust....

Nope ... Jake was briefly considered for Alan.

Yup the role that his former Bubble Boy co-star Zack Galifianakis made his own.

But could you see anointing them the wolf pack? Talking to a tiger and Tyson? Singing "Three Best Friends" 

Well you might be surprise how much Jake and Alan have in common

Man Purse.  Alan : It is satchel.

 Jake's familiar with that

For this Alan:

 This hair and beard plus
a lei - an earthy Alan

Rain Man Alan

 This suit plus
his Prisoners' hair

and the math skills from Proof

And in the pants free portion of the competition --- he comes up again with a solid performance

And for a dude who wears his favorite shirt everywhere

 Jake put a stamp on that too.

And brunch with friends

 got it.

And well.... you know......hmmmm...... wonder if Jake used this for his costume to Trick or Treat.

Switch the suit for a Baby Bjorn, throw on the sunglasses and grab the baby.


social butterfly said...

Jake celebrating Jerry Seinfeld's birthday Monday night.

US Weekly

Special K said...

Congratulations to Rhode Island. The Governor of Rhode Island made it official today, signing off on the Marriage Equality bill.

Now all of New England recognizes marriage equality for all.

Jersey Tom said...

Great news:-)