Friday, May 3, 2013

Deja Vuegas

Well it looks like Austin's Tommy is sticking around Ray for a while.

Today- Finish Episode 9 of Ray Donovan- Haul ass to Vegas for Mayweather/Guerrero Fight. - AUS10

And it looks like there is a like there is a bit of business to do in Vegas. Promotion Promotion Promotion.  And it makes sense because boxing does play a part in the Ray storyline.

Hey Austin - remember you when you went to the fights promoting JFC for HBO?

 Almost six years ago to the day (May 7th)

Here's hoping you make just as many great friends and this show finds the success that JFC should have received.

Want a little longer look at "How to solve a problem like
MariaTommy"  or WWRDD ( What would Ray Donovan Do)

Well that's one way to straighten Tommy out.

And here's the official trailer for the series that starts June 30.

In Vegas during the Derby?   Don't worry Austin you can pull of your fancy pink hat in Vegas for Derby Day.  No one will bat an eye.

And the mint julep too.

Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.   That or Ray will get you out of it.


the real m said...

Must admit Tom. Ryan is a very good actor. I also watched Silver Linings Playbook this week and was blown away by Bradley Cooper. He can act when he wants to. And both give good interviews and press and appear happy to be there. Do not mean to imply Jake is not a good actor. But he has serious competition. He does not seem to be making any new fans from his movies roles.

Getting ready for a week of travel, a break, then another week on the road. Still enjoying my new job but I am for sure retiring this time next year.

Donovan looks good, but I did not see Austin in those clips at all. I hope he has a decent role with some screen time.

Special K said...

M, Austin is in the first clip. (the one with the light blue and white screen,)

Let's say Ray is trying to kill two birds with one stone so to speak. And Austin pays a slight dim A listed action star well.

Jersey Tom said...

I didn't mean to say Jake wasn't a good actor either m. I was just blown away by Ryan in this movie. First of all he is so hot and he has a unbelievable screen presence. Jake has both too but Ryan Wow!

Mickey said...

And he was a Mouseketeer Tom!

Jersey Tom said...

As was Justin Timberlake and Brittany Spears. Ryan and Justin were actually roommates for a while. Wonder if they ever hooked up:-)

Seaweed said...

And... Ryan is a Canadian from Vancouver, B.C.

I alays get the two Ryan's mixed up. Ryan Gosling is also Canadian, from London, Ontario.


Huffington Post said...

Work is work

SoulCycle Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Instructors are Not Paid Enough

The owners of the hippest sweat spot in town are in the hot seat.

Nick Oram, former SoulCycle master instructor, filed a class action lawsuit Friday against the exercise chain for allegedly violating California and New York wage laws by failing to pay its instructors for the extra work they spend on corporate training programs, developing routines, marketing, communicating with customers and compiling playlists, according to Thompson Wigdor, the firm representing the instructors.

SoulCycle markets itself as having the "best instructors and staff, trained to deliver unique services and personal attention to all levels of riders" but then only pays instructors for the 45-minute, $32-per-person workout, the lawsuit alleges.

SoulCycle counts among its customers celebrities including Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelly Ripa, Olivia Wilde, Katharine McPhee, Chelsea Clinton and Katie Holmes, according to the Examiner.

The company was founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, has 14 locations across the country and plans to open an additional 60 studios around the world by 2015.

The complaint alleges that the company's unlawful wage practices are consistent with its mistreatment of customers as it does not provide any reimbursement to customers who are unable to attend classes they sign up for (unless they cancel the class by 5 p.m. the night before).

When HuffPost LA interviewed the Cutler and Rice last year, however, they said they prided themselves on their treatment of customers:

"When we started SoulCycle, we worked the front desk, got to know each rider personally, knew how many towels they needed during class, what temperature they liked their water -- that personalized service has not changed and will not change as we grow -- knowing and caring for each rider has been the true key to our success. We have learned more about SoulCycle handing out towels and water at the front desk than we could have ever learned sitting in an office."

UPDATE: SoulCycle emailed the following statement to HuffPost, "We strongly believe that the compensation and benefits we provide to our team are amongst the best in the industry and that we are in full compliance with the law."

prairiegirl said...

That's rather surprising to read, I have to say. The instructors are being paid only for their lessons taught but not for other duties performed outside of the class? Huh.

That doesn't sound right at all - sounds like the company might be taking advantage of their employees and maybe expecting them to be happy rubbing shoulders with celebrities instead of being paid appropriately while actually being "on the clock". I don't know about spin cycle, but in the corporate world, that's kind of against the law. We're told we have to record all hours of labor or else our company could get in trouble. My bosses are real adamant about that.

The other thing that is kind of interesting about this is that some of these celebrities whose names are frequently tied to SoulCycle, are probably being financially compensated. With Jake, it's really obvious that he must be receiving some kind of $ for his promotion. And these celebrities are union. So it's surprising that it's very possible, some celebrities could be taking money into their bank account for promoting SoulCycle while their instructors are not being paid appropriately. Could it be because these extra overtime wages are being allocated to the celebrity budget instead?

Would be interesting to see those accounting books.