Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Woody


Plus This

Will get you :

If Jake gets Into The Woods,  this is hint of what you'll get to see.

How much fun would that be?

This is one of his dreams.  Not just a musical, it's Sondheim!

Go Jakey Go!!  Good Luck.


prairiegirl said...

Forget Sodheim, there's something of more importance right now.

The Jakester needs to get his lil heiney into a Goodyear shop and get some new tires for that Q7. Those things are looking smooth as in no tread.

No excuses. You have nothing but time right now. Be proactive, buddy. You don't want to get yourself stranded somewhere on a warm highway waiting for AAA or worse yet, have a blow out on the road with one of the kids in the car.

Go outside and look at those tires. I'm not seeing much tread on there.

That is our Safety Moment for the day. Once again, Mr. Jake providing another Exhibit A.

prairiegirl said...

If that is the first thing I notice in a picture, tire tread, LOL, that's pretty bad.

Get a new set, THEN go back to campaigning for a Prince. Gotta take care of business first.

Man oh man, how much do you reckon a new set of rubber is going to run for a truckster? What in the heck kind of size are those? Phew.

Okay, I'm gone. I had to get that heads up pointed out. We all need to keep an eye on our tires. Oh and also on the spare in the trunk, something I need to do myself.

Pics said...

Leaving The Chateau Marmont


Marvel said...

word is Jake is in talk to replace Jeremy ranner in the Avengers

the real m said...

The troll is awfully quiet now that we have photo evidence of jake being in LA. Adding to that, ent lawyer has a blind today and Jake is being named as the possible party by a fair number of people.

"Today's Blind Items - He Tries To Hide It
This Academy Award winner/nominee is almost A list. He has been almost A list forever. He is a very good actor which is how he convinces people that he is straight. He even has women he has gone on dates with convinced he is straight. The fact that he enjoys watching gay porn while he has sex usually clues them in to the fact he is at least bi, if not gay. He has had several boyfriends over the years and is much more close to them than any women. The women in his life tend to be there for a week or two, which is usually long enough for the tabloids to say he is dating and then there is never a second story. It is always one and done and he does it once or twice a year. He says it makes people think he is a ladies man, when in fact, he loves to dress up like a lady. It is one of his favorite things to do. You can always tell when he has been doing it and going out in public rather than just at home because it is the only time he usually has no facial hair."

It could be him. A lot of it sounds possible, but who knows. The SNL bit in a dress, the legs around Austin's neck in the photo, the girlfriends who come and go in a flash with years in between add to the blind, but who knows.

As for the Into the woods - very exciting. I'd love to see him sing in a movie. But I wont get my hopes up until he's actually signed for the role. Too many other in talks items did not pan out. But that is one movie I would see in the theater for sure and not wait for DVD or pay per view.

Jersey Tom said...

I think Into the Woods would have to be a movie we all get together to see. Maybe Tampa or Miami. Hanging out in South Beach would be fun.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Huh, thanks for bringing that blind, m. I would think it's Jake except he doesn't seem to me like one who is really trying to act like a ladies man. He's been seen with no one but guys for awhile, and when he is seen with a girl, he acts like she might have cooties. Plus he's hardly been seen this year clean shaven. There was that time tho when Ted had that write up about Toothy needing or wanting to use coke to perform.

I could see everything else, tho. He does have a penchant for the soft and fuzzy. And the blind does say that the guy has been almost A list "forever" so it's somebody who has been around for awhile. Hmmmmm....I don't know, who knows, like you said.

If it isn't him, wonder who it is. I wish Blind Gossip would have posted the blind, they give out some obvious clues most of the time.

prairiegirl said...

The other thing that doesn't wash with that blind is Jake has a private family life, one that I think most of his growing circle knows about.

Very interesting that this blind comes out right now....the timing is noticeable.

Just Passing By said...

I have to say in those photos Jake didn't appeared to be all that please as he driving away from The Chateau Marmont. It was almost as if he was caught doing something he was hoping to keep secret. It just reminds me that historically The Chateau Marmont is the hotel that celebrities loves hanging out at in order to do things they don't want the general public know about. Jake could have been there simply to have drinks with friends or he could have rented out one of those infamous bungalows for a hot hook-up with someone he didn't want anyone to know about. Just saying.

Mona Lisa said...

I don't think Jake looks any different in the Chateau pictures than he's looked for the past several years. He has perfected the stone faced look.

I don't think so said...

The SNL bit in a dress, the legs around Austin's neck in the photo,

I know this is the narrative of OMGers, but I have never blieved those legs to be a man or Jake for that fact around Austin's neck.

you just can't say "they look like Jake's legs", "I think thier Jake's legs", then (say or act) as if they "Are" Jake's legs as the Fact. There is no proof those legs are Jakes.

I don't think so said...

^^ NoNe^^

Jersey Tom said...

Those are not a womans leg unless they belong to a 6'7 WNBA player;-)

reading comprehension said...

The BI said that he was an Academy award winner /nominee. When did Jake win An academy award?

my 3 cents said...

Hey Tom, maybe they do belong to an WNBA player. Just because you don't think it's a womans leg don't make it true. I've seen many women with masculine manly legs, and many men with slim almost pretty women legs. But most people can tell women legs from men legs and those legs look as if they belong to woman. That's my thought. If no one has any evidence that it's Jake's legs and the don't have or know the concept and idea of the picture (art), you're just guessing.
I can do that also.

prairiegirl said...

But most people can tell women legs from men legs and those legs look as if they belong to woman.

The ankle and the foot are not that of a woman.

2nd of all, notice the head is not pictured. If that was a woman, there would be no reason to not show her face/head. Why does the photographer not show her face?

The picture is meant to be provocative. Plus the photo is taken by Matthew Frost, a mutual friend of Jake and Austin's. In fact, Matthew was Jake's friend and personal assistant first. Then later he was seen as Austin's friend - he was Jake's assistant during TDAT. Probably how Austin met him.

prairiegirl said...

There are several aspects of that blind which do not fit the subject being Jake.

I think Jake's Team are doing anything they can right now to cut out all visible ties between Jake and Austin. They want that whole thing dead. D.E.A.D. Kaput. Gone. Poof. Destroyed. Buried.

And that means pairing Jake up with any female or male who happens along. Adam Levine, JayZ, Kanannnan, Michael "Mike" Pena. Brian O'Byrne. And the latest was Marcus Mumford.

Ted set the whole scenario up just before he was suddenly terminated, by insinuating that Tooth was cheating on Goose and that Goose ought to leave him, something he had never done before.

And ever since, PR has been trying to destroy all connections between Jake and Austin.

They even re-did the Laker pictures with Reese, Rob Look-a-Like Guy, and Marcus Mumford. Now when you search Jake and Lakers, you get all of those pictures plus the ass leer game.

They want Austin gone. Why? Because Jake can't be with him after all these years. If he was still with Austin, then that makes the possibility of children very real. And they don't want that because it's interfering with Jake and Austin's careers.

Well, sorry but it's not going to work on me. No Sale. It's as obvious as the sun in the sky what his people are doing.

And shame on Jake and Austin for willingly participating in the whole scheme. They better watch out - they just might end up getting what they're trying to portray.

Jersey Tom said...

Those ankles and feet do not belong to a woman the ankles are way too thick and the feet too big.

When you are a little confused if a man is a transvestite or a transsexual the dead give away is always the hands and feet.

Jersey Tom said...

That picture was one the biggest reasons I believe Austin is Gay. Good point PG why was the face of the woman not in that photo. That photo was provocatively gay.

prairiegirl said...

Except for 'man hands' on Seinfeld, Tom. LOLLL!!

That episode is another classic. The girlfriend of Jerry's who has man hands. lol

I have to say those Q7 tires have been bugging me. You know, it's not just a tire blowout that can happen. You have smooth tires like that and if it rains, you could hydroplane on the highway if you're going too fast.

And looking at how smooth and rounded the tire is on the outer edge also is a giveaway for uneven wear. Either Jake doesn't rotate his tires or else he's railing on corners a lot.

Luckily, you don't have to worry about snow in southern Cali or else that would be another bad thing. You could get stuck at an intersection or in deep snow with tires as smooth as that.

Uh, let's see, anything else? lol

Special K said...

Matthew wants to make you wonder who it is around Austin's, that's what makes it so provocative. Is it a man or a woman? The picture is not only proactively gay has elements of crossdressing, as well as a dom/sub theme - check the heel and Austin's chest.

The picture was edited and cropped very carefully, precisely because it is not a woman.

prairiegirl said...

Ooooh, excellently analyzed, Special. And rather provocatively analyzed at that. ; )

the real m said...

Oooh, I like that idea of another get together somewhere if Into the Woods happens. We need an excuse to all meet up at least once a year.

I always thought Matt was one of Jakes former boyfriends. Jake says his name a lot in one of the Darko DVD extras. Like you do when you are first in love. An amicable split when Austin came along and the earth stood still. Now they are all friends.

I sure miss Ted when these blinds turn up. His wordsmithing was always so fun. Odd that he has not turned up anywhere. Maybe a non compete has to run.

my 3 cents said...

Point well taken about the Matt person PG, who I'm not aware of, but, that still does not say OR indicate that those legs are Jake's if they "are" men legs!
It Does NOT!

Yes, they can be, but you nor I know for a fact, so please stop acting if you have some special powers or blessed with the All-seeing and Al-knowing on all things Jake and Austin. This type of attitude is what unnerves part time posters and visiters to OMG. Just a blanket broad sweeping attitude that If I say it about Jake, it's true simply because you believe he's gay, bearding, in the closet and hiding children.

Tom, I'm well aware of what trans men anatomy look like. Thanks, but I don't need your assistance on the matter, hands, legs or feet!

I am also aware of what women and MEN hands legs and feet look like.
I can tell the difference.
Jake does not have women looking legs even when he shaves them which we saw only briefly during the Mcbongo bike riding days mostly. He doesn't have the best looking men legs imo, but those legs in the picture look very feminine to Me. So, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake has gorgeous legs. They are slender and shapely and he has been photographed many times with shaved legs, as recently as 2011. The photo is from circa 2007, which was the height of the Toothy and Goose saga, before the Reeke nonsense. As PG said, there is a reason to cut off the upper half of the person curled around Austin. After all, artist's must retain their secrets, just like closeted actors. ;-)

my 3 cents said...

^^ Just cutting off the top half of anyone's body, male OR female tends to provoke an interest of oddity or an avantgarde mistique to any painting/potrait/picture.
So, I understand PG's reason. I didn't disagree with that part of her reasoning.

Still, it does not say or indicate they are Jake's legs! Even if it's a males legs.
What makes it Jake's Legs??

Why do they "have" to be Jake's legs??

In your opinion Jake has gorgeous legs. It's all a matter of opinion. Reese's Ex, Ryan P. legs are what I consider gorgeous as opposed to Jake's. Also, the guy who played Thor, forgets his name has gorgeous legs. IMO Jake's legs are OK, not bad, but ok.

Methodical Muser said...

The right ankle is a dead giveaway. That's Jake, alright. It's not just my opinion about Jake's legs, by the way. Anyone with eyes can see.