Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dress Down

 While everyone around him was dressing up, Jake dressed down so much at the Met Ball that leave some asking - was that a tux or a casual combo pulled out of his closet.

A little different than the last time he attended the Met Ball

 A silk tux jacket,  relaxed trousers, open collar with a  cashmere scarf, is this Jake's interpretation of Punk, the theme of the event.

No pictures of his kicks.  The boots from Sunday night might have appropriate for punk rebellion meets fashion night.

And Austin is no stranger to the Met Ball.  He attended in 2006 in Ralph Lauren but Monday night he was  dressed down and way west of New York,  this time it looks like at the movies, from the large Gatsby promo behind him.

Bet he's seen the new movie. Then again he may just a big fan of the book. .... The audio book.  No doubt he's heard it or heard it even before everyone else did.

 Speaking of Jake reading:

Jake's reading again on Wednesday for a good cause.

 He is participating Words of War in support of comprehensive mental healthcare for military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan on Wednesday at IAC HQ, 555 W. 18th St. New York.

This presentation of wartime poetry, literature, theater and letters articulate the exuberance and ideals that drive men to war, the thrill and horror of combat, the difficulties of returning home, and the experience of family members worried about their loved one at war. Iconic wartime images will be projected during the presentation.

Among those who are expected to take part at the event are Executive Director, Chairman of Headstrong Project, Zach Iscol, Jake, Adam Driver, Anthony Edwards, Anna Chlumsky (Veep), Jamie Hector (The Wire), Joanne Tucker (Theatre of War), Jonathan Alpeyrie (photographer) and more.

Find out more here.


giddy gay from 1957 said...

Straight men don't have gay men as friends so marcus is gay and in the closet
Look at the pics of carey and marcus, he looks like he would rather be with a man

prairiegirl said...

m, please check your email when you can. Same goes for others on the address list.

Everyone have a great day! I'm off to get ready - it's another one in the trenches!