Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Same Train Mainly on the Texas Plains

Over the years there's some big ass Texas shopping

The Long(horn) and....

and Mellow (Johnny's) of it

Funny how that works, huh. 


prairiegirl said...

Wow, sharp eye, Special

it's a lance thing said...

Didn't every wannabe cyclist want to emulate Lance Armstrong (owner of Mellow Johnny's) whether an actor or a one time friend?

prairiegirl said...

Of course, I knew someone would say that. lol, sure as rain. Yup, everything Texas revolves around Lance Armstrong and that one year, what was it 2006? Boy, everything Texas and Jake happened during that year, I reckon.

Yeah, whatever. Well, you sure haven't seen Jake around Lance lately, have you? Whatever happened with that?

A lot of times it's like you need a Wheel of Fortune wheel to keep up with the Pal of the Week/Month for Jake, huh?

Hey, Pat, I'll take Marcus Mumford for the third week of April, please?

; D

The other tall texan said...

everything Texas revolves around Lance Armstrong

And David Modigliani

California said...

Giana Elenterio ‏@gi_on_ya

So my dad sent me this picture from his trip to Cali a couple days ago. That's my dad buddies up w/ @AUS10NICHOLS 😍 pic.twitter.com/J0fZWRK2GU

Silver Lake Reservoir said...

Well, that would go with the Silver Lake Facebook sighting of Jake at the Reservoir late last week.

"In order to confirm it was him, I ran an extra 2 miles. Thank you for helping me train Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal! #silverlakereservoir"

reminder said...

Don't forget that Lance Armstrong is a close friend of Austin's as well.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks to California for bringing over the picture. That's a mighty fine picture of Mr. Austin. Although he's a mite grizzly, I reckon it was a holiday and looks like it was Guy Time !!!!!

Oh, these guys love their guy time, don't they? lol

Well, I reckon it has worked out just fine that they weren't in Michigan, hasn't it? Looks like that sighting of Jake in Silverlake was most likely on the money with Austy being in the Palm Tree State as well. You knew wherever one was, the other was too for this holiday weekend, it was just a matter of where.

prairiegirl said...

: )

Well, I thought I ought to take on some protection.

What do you think of my hose?

Austin said...


Deep into rehearsals for my new movie. Story of two brothers in Texas. Hope y'all like this one.
5:55 PM - 29 May

Twitter said...

Meghan O'Leary ‏@meghan_1201 2h

Julian from one tree hill is in this movie. I'm dying. Jake gyllenhaal and austin Nichols together ❤ #bestillmyheart

8:17 PM - 29 May 13 · Details

Prisoners said...

The Film Stage ‏@TheFilmStage
Here's the first image of @RealHughJackman & Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Prisoners.' Trailer coming soon. pic.twitter.com/CtETEb3Bzj