Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Wayback West

Throwing it way back to look at one of Austin's first project. 

Durango Kids!

And Jake wasn't the only time traveler.  Austin has gone back to the future too.

"Four kids slip through a hole in time when they discover a hidden mine shaft that transports them to the old Wild West. Their magical journey takes them to a place where they encounter thieving bandits, pandemonium and adventure in their pursuit of lost gold. What the youngsters don't know is that their Principal is trying to capture the lost treasure first. Now the gang has to stick together to find the hidden gold before their evil Principal locates the loot for himself! Adventure has a new Posse!" (IMDB)

Austin made this when he was a freshman. 
No, not in high school.
 Yup a freshman at USC.

 I can handle these covered wagon wheels.  I have a dirt bike. Come on!
So that wasn't a clutch, but the release for the horse pulling us.  We're good, we've got the wagon.  What do those horses have? Freedom? 

I danced. And lost my shirt Mrs. Oleson.  Now can I get pair of horses for our wagon?
I didn't take my shirt off on purpose it got caught in the thresher. And I wasn't crying when that lady was ogling me.  It was trail dust in my eyes. And she was no lady!
[To the new horses]  Now shhhhhhh.  You know nothing how I got you.  That's between you me and the fence post.


Jersey Tom said...

Austin physically is one beautiful human being. Wow. I feel like a dirty old man:-)

prairiegirl said...

He's one heckuva hot guy, Tom, I totally agree. He has only blossomed with every year.

It blows my mind that so many people don't like the idea of him being with Jake, LOL. It's a head scratcher.

Special K said...

Sorry that last comment was up so long. Rude! Rude! Rude!

Austin is such the All-American Guy. You can see why Jake fell so hard for him.

But man does he look young in these pictures.

Special K said...

Great news!

The Boy Scouts of America's National Council has voted to ease a long-standing ban and allow openly gay boys to be accepted as Scouts.

Jersey Tom said...

I think the boy scout thing is great but you know what I am at a point where I feel like the law should be if you don't allow everyone then you don't exist. You can decide to let in your home whomever you want but if you are a public or private organization then all welcome or goodbye. Just how I feel now:-)

Austin said...


Amy Pascal--I love working with female directors. I love females so damn much. I'm on your team. Everybody please RT @indiewire @NikkiFinke
5:09 PM - 23 Mag 13