Saturday, May 18, 2013

Traction Action

A little rewind back to earlier in the week when Jake was seen leaving Chateau Marmont

What do you notice?

Well he still has the family truckster.   Which tends lean to the argument that he bought the truckster not leased it.

So what are the odds that he bought the silver one too?   Pretty damn good.

Now why would swinging bachelor need two family wagons?  Antiquing?  Flea Markets?  Bringing the farm fresh goodness to market?

You'd think if really did up and move to NY for good, he would have sold them and just rented something for the few times he's back in LA.

And who has been driving the car? Because while cars sitting in the garage and not turned on and run can be tough on the engine, it doesn't hurt the tires.  In fact that would keep the tires longer.


the real m said...

You and me both re the duck, Tom. The male came back around 8:00 pm but no sign of the female, then he flew away again. The poor chick was totally freaked by then. When it got dark I figured something had happened to the female for sure. But I checked again in the last hour and both momma duck and poppa are back in the pool. What a relief. I am headed back on the road Monday for 7 days so leaving the chick under these circumstances would have been a real problem. Most ducks seem to have lots of babies so they have each other for company, but this family only has the one.

Jersey Tom said...

Kind of mean to say but when a man is being shot in the head in Soho simply because he is Gay and people like Jake and Austin are going along with a system that supports being Gay is not acceptable then they should be ashamed of themselves. The homophobes and racists are so threatened by the changes going on in our country that they are losing it. We are at such a critical time in our history that no one should be behaving the way I believe Jake and Austin are. I feel embarrassed for them.

Fair said...

^^ That incident is very sad indeed Tom, and times are changing. Some don't want that change.

But, Tom let's not relegate these types of situation so often with Jake and Austin situation which you believe is happening with those two. There way too many other people in the closet who can come out and take a stand. The music industry, Sports, Film and Stage, Heads of Industry/Corporate Many.. I know your main interest here is what Jake and Austin are doing or NOT doing, but let's not cast blame on them without speaking about "all presumed" gay inthecloset people. All Of Them. Let's be Fair.

prairiegirl said...

Special, that argument is simple and it's so obvious but you're the only one who picked up on it so it's brilliant!!!

I was just focusing on the safety aspect of it, how unsafe it was for him to be driving in a vehicle with such bald tires.

But yeah, plain as day. If he "moved" to NYC, then why does he still have these Q7's using up insurance, taxes and it's not good for vehicles to just sit for so long unused. You wouldn't hang onto them, just not a good financial decision. And for those who always argued that he had the Q7's to haul a bunch of people around, well......I'm still waiting.

And secondly, yes, who has indeed been wearing down those tires to a surface as smooth as Roberto and Austin's chests allllll this time? **wink**

Jersey Tom said...

I absolutely agree that Jake and Austin are not the only ones but they are a part of the problem. I am thrilled that so many others are stepping up. It is exciting to see and has taken so much focus off of Jake and Austin for me and probably many others. I still feel embarrassed for them though because I have followed their lives for a long time now. I am so grateful that during that time my life has changed so much for the good. I am finally becoming more comfortable in my own skin:-)

prairiegirl said...

Just because someone speaks on here about a specific person or two, does not mean others are not being observed or felt the same way about.

There are many times on this blog, we all speak of other celebrities or incidents, not just these 2 guys.

But on OMG, these 2 guys are our main focus. That's just the way it is. Some of us have been on here for a good handful of years, have met and socialized, and we keep in frequent if not daily contact via email or phone.

So I think I can safely say that this kind of close contact and strong interest in Austin and Jake makes it "okay" for us to speak frequently about them. This is an Austin and Jake blog, after all.

Not that any of us have to seek or have permission to speak about Jake and Austin from anyone.

prairiegirl said...

In the news for the past week, has been all kinds of rumblings about Beyonce being pregnant again. (well, you know - not that she was really pregnant the first time around, but in the general vicinity of being in the family way by association, lol)

Well, then I noticed Kanye West trending on Twitter for the past several days. And I see where Kanye is the subject of In Touch Weekly's big ol' honkin' cover story.

I mean, look at this.

Talk about basically out'ing Kanye West

Wow. That's all I can say.

Well, now I just find out about Blind Gossip's recent blind which specifically addressed this situation and it allllll makes total sense now. And I'm just blown away.

It's called:
Pay No Attention to the Gay Musician

There is a network that is rarely the first to break news about celebrity events, because they always wait for official confirmation from celebs and their publicists before saying anything.

Today, however, something unusual happened. They “broke” an unconfirmed story (Yes, yes, we know they didn’t really break it because the story already broke days ago, but they are the first television network to talk about publicly as if it’s a fact, so whatever).

Why would they do that? Why would this network break with protocol and risk the ire of top celebs and their publicist by running such a big announcement without any kind of confirmation?

We know why!

It’s because of the OTHER story that was in the gossip columns yesterday and today. You know… the one about a certain gay musician?

The producer of multiple shows on that same network doesn’t want anyone messing with a ridiculous illusion that he has created that is now his biggest cash cow. Anything that has the potential to spoil that illusion must be suppressed! Pay no attention to that gay musician in the corner!

So, meetings were held to decide how to get the gay musician story out of the headlines. The staff fished for ideas and beat each other with sticks (OK, not really, but they did discuss it). How could they get the public to stop talking about the gay musician?

First, they blocked the story from their own properties. So, while the gay musician chatter dominated every other gossip site and broadcast for the past 24 hours, this particular network’s shows and websites didn’t mention a peep about it. Just pretended it never happened.

But nature and media abhor a vacuum. They had to fill that vacuum with something.

So they prematurely broke the unconfirmed story about another big celebrity! Distraction complete!

Now, the celebrities who are the subjects of story #2 are furious! But the network doesn’t care. They’ll fix that relationship later. As long as they saved the cash cow revenues by burying story #1, well, that’s all that matters for today!

This network really wants you to believe that they are the leader in entertainment news. They’re not. They are, however, the leader in entertainment news manipulation.


Story #1 Gay Musician:

Story #2 unconfirmed rumor:


prairiegirl said...

So the overwhelming, and I mean overwhelming answers are Kanye for the musician, Beyonce being pregnant for the unconfirmed rumor, and Ryan Seacrest as the producer.

Makes absolutely total sense.

In the blind is a picture of a plate of fish sticks and frequent comments point towards that being a huge clue of the musician being Kanye W.

Unbelievable. Talk about totally playing the public, every party involved.

prairiegirl said...

Just an observance.

Is there any further proof needed that the fake Jake twitter account is public relations funded than now? Notice that account hasn't tweeted hardly at all in the past couple of weeks.

Why? It doesn't have to. All the tweets about Into the Woods have taken care of filling space and providing cover for him.

That account will only heat up when Jake wants or needs to lie low and there is nothing else to provide distraction on the internet.

prairiegirl said...

Uh oh tornadoes are headed up I 35 !! I'm over at my mom's right now and she does have a basement. Not sure if we're going to stay or head home before the storms hit.

Special K said...

Be safe PG!

prairiegirl said...

Hopefully nothing materializes but there were some touchdowns in Wichita and Emporia. Should've known there would be goofy weather today because yesterday was so incredibly humid. It was just a real drippy day. And now it's kind of cool out there. So when that happens.....

Wow, softball sized hail in Oklahoma. If any of you have ever been in a hailstorm, it is not fun. I have been caught several times in my car and while it's always been little pellets, it sounds like hammers are hitting your car. I cannot imagine softball sized.

Fair said...

So I think I can safely say that this kind of close contact and strong interest in Austin and Jake makes it "okay" for us to speak frequently about them. This is an Austin and Jake blog, after all.

Not that any of us have to seek or have permission to speak about Jake and Austin from anyone.

I made my reference to Tom, not anyone else on this blog! Tom commented back and that's where it's been left.
Who asked anyone here for permission to speak thier mind and comment? I did not! Certainly you don't ask of permission for any of your comments and opinions on Many Topics. This was between Tom and myself last I remember.
But if you want to run the house...

prairiegirl said...

No, you need to calm the hell down, 2105. I did not address you personally. Did I even address your time of comment as a way of addressing you?

No, I did not. I recognize you and you're not on here except to tsk tsk.

if you want to run the house

See, you give yourself away every time. You're not worth my time.

Special K said...

In an open forum like a blog anyone may comment because it is just that, an open forum. Others may have opinions or comment they might want to share about a point that was being made.

the real m said...

Great story about leaking a rumor to divert attention. Notice how we suddenly see jake with a woman since The Abbey rumor surfaced. This is what PRgets paid for.

Check your email when you have a chance. I sent a little video.

prairiegirl said...

I feel for the people of Shawnee OK who were hit by a bad tornado. My brother and his family had to take shelter in their little storm shelter for the first time in their years of living there. Reeses and my niece were pretty upset but are calmed down now.

We had some of that sideways rain. Have you ever seen rain blow sideways? Better to see it from inside than to be caught in it, lol.

Special K said...

Holy Hendrix!

Prince with a 'fro kicking ass with a cover of Let's Go Crazy with an all female band on Billboard Music Award.

Fair said...

My point 9:25 was that you don't have to come to the rescue of Adults and back them up simply because you may not agree with my asessment / comment. This is something you do often and it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe you think they need your help. If so, for what? We all can agree to disagree.
Notice I did not call your name. Tom and others can handle disagreements I believe. Everyone's aware of your commitment to the blog, that goes without saying.

Fair said...

^^ and NO, I don't need to calm the hell down. You get riled up very easily and Often.
So please don't go there.

Good Night

prairiegirl said...

Holy Hendrix!

Prince with a 'fro kicking ass with a cover of Let's Go Crazy with an all female band on Billboard Music Award.

I heard he performed and I missed it!!! Hopefully it will be on YouTube. Love that man!!