Monday, May 6, 2013

Bizzaro, Jerry

Both Austin and Jake were out this weekend and hitting the red carpet.  Totally different kinds of events that went into the Bizzaro world, that Jake's friend Jerry Seinfeld would say is:

"Yeah, like Bizarro Superman—Superman's exact opposite, who lives in the backwards Bizarro world. Up is down; down is up. He says "Hello" when he leaves, "Goodbye" when he arrives."

Austin rolled into his Vegas with his boys to hit the fight and promote Ray Donovan and he looked every bit the A-lister he plays on the show.


The suit was perfect, none of the ill fitting too short jacket with french cuff undone to make the shirt fit those long arms.  Totally custom made and well tailored.

Hanging with TPTB at Showtime.

You've come a long way Austin.

And yes he brings out his big chunk of gold. To many it looks like bling for ring, but for those in the know it says off the market and his touch of having Jake close.

Sunday night Jake was nominated for, attended and presented the 28th annual Lucille Lortel Awards in NYC.

Now Jake hit the carpet in just a little less than his dashing red carpet perfection.
His jacket just a touch short in the sleeves looked like it was half of a suit, but his trousers definitely not part of this pair.
Slightly short on top below the waist Jake got a case of the too longs.  Causal trousers that puddled around his ankles, it looked like he grab someone else's pair instead of his.

And his shoes not the slim sleek slip ons or oxfords, are more scuffed boots. The  kind of look someone else has sported on the red carpet.   He didn't have a ring to share but maybe the look was a message to his mister, and or he needed the boot heels go with  those too long Austin trousers.

And the beard, while a little wooly, has come into it's own with a little patch of grey that looks like,  "oops you still have a little cream on your face" if you look quick.
 Life playing its own dirty little joke.

Jake wasn't only nominated for an award,  he also had the chance to present one and to someone close to him.

His category to announce was Outstanding Female Performance and Jake got the joy of presenting it to his co-star Annie Funke.

Up was down, Down was Up  this weekend with Austin looking every inch  the A-lister and Jake looking like  the up and comer.


No matter what said...

Fact is Jake IS an A-lister no matter what he wears.
Just like Austin is a C-lister for movies and B-lister for TV no matter what he wears.
This is why you desperately want to believe Austin is with Jake, not because of some noble propaganda. With Jake, your boy could be relevant, without.....C-lister.

As a reversal, at the Met Ball, Jake looked every bit the A-lister that he is.
You know where to find the pictures - the usual IHJ - which you won't post cause:
1) Jake looks quite dashing with a bohemian touch
2) he's pictured with Marcus Mumford and Carey outside, and Zoe Kazan at the after-party.
And we know you bash all of Jake's friends, females or males, who aren't named Austin.

bff said...

1) Jake looks quite dashing with a bohemian touch



Jersey Tom said...

Looks like Minnesota will become the 12th state where Gay folks can be legally married. Woo hooooooo!

Jersey Tom said...

I know New Jersey will get there as soon as Christe is no longer the g

Hopefully NJ will soon have the votes to overturn Christe's veto and do the same.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like Minnesota will become the 12th state where Gay folks can be legally married. Woo hooooooo!

That would be great, Tom! Surely Kansas can't be all that far behind if Minnesota is going to join the blossoming crowd, eh????

lol. Kansas. **heavy sigh**

This train is runnin'. It is running and there is no stopping it.

prairiegirl said...

18:13, I would have ignored your melodramatic comment but I'm not going to let you get away with part of it.

For one thing, Special's post was tongue in cheek. Good grief, have you no sense of humor and of all people on this blog, Special defends both of these guys (because there are two of them where this blog is concerned, Jake and Austin) to the max. Your insinuations were off kilter in that regard.

Jake looks quite dashing

That is your opinion.

Special K said...

At the Lucille Lortel Awards

"The evening started out on a sweet note as Gyllenhaal presented the award for Outstanding Featured Actress. “Some of you guys gotta get better friends,” he joked, after a lackluster round of applause for the nominees trickled throughout the auditorium. “I speak for myself, too,” he added with a sheepish grin. The winner was his If There Is I Haven’t Found it Yet co-star, Annie Funke. Gyllenhaal could barely contain his excitement for his young co-star, giddily running half way across stage to embrace her as she walked up to claim her award."

Vanity Fair

Who else is imagining Jake's giddy run across the stage.

#jakegyllenhaal #iminlove #soho #nypdlove 05.05.2013 said...

#2 said...

That is your opinion.

mine too!!

prairiegirl said...

I cannot be bothered with the rest, waste of energy.

Rather intriguing how Marcus Mumford was not pictured on the red carpet with his wife, Carey Mulligan. A lot of couples were photo'd together, at least the ones without bearding rumors swirling around them, lol.

I think all of HW was there, even Colin Firth. And...I have to say...this is funny. Ol' Tay was even there.

I hope Jake took advantage of the event to return her scarf!! Bwah!

2much said...

There are no bearding rumors around Marcus and Carey. Except, you know, here.

Another perspective said...

Jake an A-Lister? LOLLLLLLLLLL! That ship left port years ago. And, check around different sites. There are plenty...PLENTY...of rumors about Marcus's real orientation. And, I'll help you out, if your imagination is lagging. He ain't straight.

I agree that it's very strange that Mumford was not seen on the red carpet with his "wife." But, then again he looks so uncomfortable around her, I'm not surprised.

Jake IS an A-lister said...

New York Post:

"Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire celebrated the premiere of “The Great Gatsby” in Gatsby-esque fashion at The Darby after the VIP screening at Lincoln Center and the after-party at the Plaza Hotel on Wednesday night. The pair hosted “Gatsby” director Baz Luhrmann, Jay-Z, Maguire’s wife, Jennifer Meyer, Carey Mulligan, Jamie Foxx, Amanda Seyfried, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anja Rubik, Coco Rocha, Lil Jon, Gayle King and Rohan Marley at the West 14th street restaurant. Guests were entertained by a 1920’s-inspired performance by Dandy Wellington and the Darby Band. “It was like New York’s version of the Globes with A- LISTERS everywhere — at one table Leo, Tobey, Jen, Tom Hardy and Baz; another with Jay-Z, Florence Welch and Jake; and another with Jamie, Lil Jon, and Rohan,”

Why so bitter? said...

.PLENTY...of rumors about Marcus's real orientation

Link please?

Wistful thinking said...

But, then again he looks so uncomfortable around her,

Wistful thinking Wistful thinking Wistful thinking

the real m said...

I see the defender has time on their hands. Not going to bother to comment on their comments.

Carey has not looked happy in a lot of recent photos. I wonder if there are cracks in the marriage already. Speaking of marriages, Maggie and Peter are seldom seen together lately. I wonder about them too.

I'm surprised about the award. Having seen the play, I agree she worked hard, and I don't have a clue about the other performances and nominees. But I did not think she was great.

Mumford can't act said...

Wistful thinking Wistful thinking Wistful thinking


You're trying much too hard, trolly. Didn't your paymasters tell you to be subtle. Picture after picture of the "happy" couple don't lie. No wishful thinking. Just reality. Mumford looks like he would like to be anywhere else but near that woman.

liar said...

Wistful thinking/desperate/bitter/and so transparent