Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Double Feature

Prisoners is sneaking a peek, and Austin's getting deep.

There was a sneak peek of Jake and Hugh today and a little more about the Prisoner storyline.

Detective Loki and Jackman's Keller Dover are working on different levels in Prisoners. "This is instinct meeting institution, and neither of us looks very happy. But there are similarities between the two of them, which is why they butt heads."

A scene in which Jackman confronts [Jake] in his car, about keeping a suspect in custody, also marks a key point in the unfolding drama.

"They have a chance to work together, but at this moment, my character goes off on his own," says Jackman. "This is where there is a parting of the ways. And it's the beginning of some pretty hairy stuff."

 Torture to be exact. Jackman kidnaps the man he believes committed the crime (played by Paul Dano in full creepy mode). It's a desperate, criminal effort to extract vital information about the disappearance of his daughter and another missing girl.

Jake goes on to say "The movie doesn't condone violence, but at that same time it's so relatable to need to solve the situation yourself as a parent, taking things into your own hands."

Everyone is considered a suspect, including Detective Loki (Jake) who is obsessed with the criminal mind.  Maria Bello plays Hugh's wife and  Terrence Howard and Viola Davis plays the parents of the other missing girl.

Prisoners comes out September 20th

And then there's Austin

Earlier he tweeted....

 Deep into rehearsals for my new movie. Story of two brothers in Texas. Hope y'all like this one. -AUS10

Hmmmm it sounds a little what.....Cane & Abel?   One Tree Hill?  Dallas?   

Don't go too deep Austin or you'll need to strap on your big rubba boots.

But it also looks likes from Liev's twitpic today that Austin's might be a part of the last episode  of Ray Donovan's first season that they started shooting this week.



Prisoners said...

Be sure to tune into Entertainment Tonight today for a first look at Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Prisoners'!

Special K said...

Thanks for the heads up about ET tonight.

For those interested, the Boston Strong Benefit Concert for the One Foundation is streaming live online tonight starting at 7pm EST.

Some of the bands include, NKOTB, Aerosmith, Dropkick Murphy's, James Taylor, Godsmack, Extreme, Jason Aldean, Boston, Jimmy Buffet, J Geils, and more.

You can watch live here.
Boston Strong - A Concert for Boston

Seaweed said...

Just tuned in for Boston Strong and was treated to James Taylor, how GREAT is that!

Loving the love, and ready to share it with you all here at OMG.

Seaweed said...

Thanks for that link Special, Carol King... my heart is melting.

Seaweed said...

So many incredible ties between Boston and Nova Scotia for centuries, family and friends and more.

Sharing the Boston Pride and Love!

Special K said...

Did anyone else think Jake's comment about a parent interesting?

Special K said...

Thanks Seaweed. The servers were overwhelmed in the beginning of the show and they came close to crashing. But if you stuck through it you got to see some great performances and it's still going on. Aerosmith has yet to take the stage.

Special K said...

And you're right Boston and Nova Scotia have special bond. And one of those bonds we commemorate each year is our city Christmas tree which is per the tradition is a gift from Nova Scotia.