Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Comando

To a kid what's the worst thing to get for Christmas?

Socks and underwear!

Well for Jake he doesn't mind the socks (cashmere 'natch or maybe striped ones on the right gams) but the underwear......

With LaOD opening in the UK and Europe over the next few weeks more interviews are coming. Here's a gem from the latest round.

“I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never had sex with underwear on and it’s an odd thing to watch an actor do.

“You can try, but I wouldn’t recommend it! So that was really important

Looks like there is a consensus. (....professionally speaking)

Speaking of ...

North America and Europe were greeted with a celestial treat in the wee small hours of the morning, a total lunar eclipse, the full moon passed almost dead-center through Earth's shadow and transformed the Moon pink, coppery or even a blood red depending where you were viewing it on the first day of winter(for the Northern Hempisphere. According to NASA the last total lunar eclipse that happened on the winter solstice was December 21, 1638. The next eclipse on a winter solstice will be December 21, 2094.

Happy Winter Solstice!

It's not tw0-wheels but it is eco-friendly.


AUS10 said...

Rudolph-The-Red-Nose-Reindeer is my hero! Embrace Your Oddities!! They will define you later in life.
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RT ccollinsjr @AUS10NICHOLS flour tortilla is the mexican Leatherman of kitchen utensils... ;)
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Jersey Tom said...

No way in hell Austin wasn't in NYC on Jake's 30th. We will see skiing pics but if he was skiing on Jakes BD we would have seen them that day. Within the next week we will see Sophin on the slopes. Not sure about Christmas. I am sure Austin celebrates but not sure about Jake. Maybe Austin will be in Michigan or Texas.

destiny said...

I stayed up to watch the eclipse. It was too cold to stay out the whole time, so I ran out every ten minites or so until the moon was completely covered. I have never seen one "live" before, it was really cool and beautiful.

the real m said...

I did not stay up for the moon, but its still pretty full tonight. Looked great for my drive home. The first day of winter and I am already sick of the cold weather. Not good.

Special K said...

Why does it sound like they've hired two 16 yr to write stories about the fauxmance. The first "dates" not included. Or the super special plane. OMG sooo super special.

So after the birthday party debacle, they had to do something so it was the story of the special autographed guitar that she teared up about and he went shopping for when he was in Nashville which has jumped in price from 10,000- 15,000 back and forth for days. But wait - that isn't enough and WAIT - He wasn't in Nashville the weekend before her birthday. So now comes Christmas and In Touch saying that Jake dropped a cool $100,000 on diamond bracelet. Just pulled out the credit card and bam! got it. (Can you hear the squealing yet from TS fangirls?). BUT WAIT! That's not even special or cute enough. And they are back to her birthday. The real story is ....

A pal tells In Touch Weekly, "They love coffee, so he sent her 21 pounds of the best Kona coffee available, along with a coffee grinder and a coffeemaker.

"And he made her a birthday card, as opposed to buying a generic one."

But the Hollywood actor saved the best present till last - showing he was serious about the budding relationship by spending a small fortune on a gift the country sweetheart would treasure.

The insider said, "It's an Oscar-worthy bracelet - nearly 30 carats of colourless diamonds set in white gold. It cost Jake about $100,000, but he wanted to do something special for Taylor's birthday."

Why don't they have him just turn himself into a giant birthday special surprise and roll himself in glitter. WAIT ... that's not for her...that's for someone else ; )

Again the stories are all focused on her. What will the 16 yr old girls think of next?

OMG you know he could like totally send her this big box of Hershey kisses when she's on tour and tell her she can redeem them the next time they meet.

OMG!!!!!!! You could totally see him doing that. But you gotta throw those chocolates Hugs in there. So she can get hugs too.



prairiegirl said...

Exactly, Special. He's just letting her people do all the story spinning, isn't he? Ol' Tay pampering herself with all kinds of lovin.

Reminds me of a couple of other self-focused, he's moving it all and doing it all for me females.

I agree with you, Tom. Doesn't matter where on the globe they were at, Austin was with Jake on his birthday and we will probably never know what or where or who or how. That's fine, we don't need to know.

So, did Jake go to the Scrapbook store to get his little supplies to make that card? Michael's? Hobby Lobby? Did he have to take one of those craft classes at Michael's to get help making that thing?

I reckon he could've gotten that bracelet at Justice for Her - they're expensive enough! LOLLLL

prairiegirl said...

I've gotta say, Jaylor is a lot more fun than Reeke in the sense of material.

It's an endless supply and it's the gift that just keeps giving.

Christmas Commando. Special, this post today was hilarious.

Lookit Austin's socks. LOLLLLL!!! Those things still crack me up.

Austin. Buddy.

lol. Those are socks for slacks, man. Not working out. And lookit how they're pulled all the way up the calf.

You gotta love it, though. He doesn't care. He doesn't care. That's what I love about it. Wears the backpack like a good little boy, on both shoulders, Charlie Chaplin derby perked atop his head like it's 1 1/2 sizes too small. Doesn't care.

Sincerely. I love it and he pulls it off. Because then at the next turn around, he's standing, arms folded across his chest with that wet suit draped below his iliac lines, and.....

oh. Oops, sorry! Lost my train of thought there.

Jake is one lucky man, that's all I'll say. Jake is the lucky one; not Austin. And he better not ever let go.

Jake=Tool said...

Jake's people are behind all the Jake bought Taylor a guitar, bracelet, etc., just like they were behind all the engagemanet rings and expensive china with Reese. It's the same lame-ass MO, I find it hard to believe that Reese and Taylor , with 2 different PR teams would come upo with the same stories, since Jake is the link then you don't have to be Einstein to figure out it's Jake and his team which includes his rep Carrie B, who is also a good pal of Mama G.

It's a ploy to make him look like a big spender which he isn't.

destiny said...

I agree it is coming from Jake's people, it is meant top show what a big powereful rich guy he is.

Or it could be made up by the tabloids, and they figure like with Reese all Jake cares about is looking straight.

Special K said...

Wow didn't know that Sophia did the album all by herself.

One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush Puts Together Indie Music's Elite for New CD

PR reimaging of the Gyllenhaals said...

An interesting discussion over on WFT2 about the Jake and Tay-Tay hook-up. Someone noticed that Peter and Maggie are going to star in a film about Bill Monroe and that the story was released in August, 2010. This whole bizarre Swyll fauxmance might very well be related to Naomi and Carrie trying to scrub the Gyllenhaal liberal, hipster image away and replace it with a Nashville sensibility. Here's two of the more thought-provoking comments:

1) Bill Monroe may have been considered the Father of Bluegrass, but as someone who grew up in the 1950s, I can definitely tell you that people considered his music Country & Western and that’s where it was filed in music stores. No doubt about it. His songs constantly appeared on the Country Music charts and he played regularly at the Grand Ole Opry, even hosting the show weekly in the 1990s. After thirty years in the industry, he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1970 and the following year, into the Nashville Songwriters Association International Hall of Fame. Yes, I definitely can see the connection of why Maggie was so eager to whore herself and her daughter for that T-day spread. Makes perfect sense.

Now, we know why the initial story, about how-did-this-unlikely-couple-meet, pointed to Maggie having introduced Jake and Swifty. No doubt to give the impression that old Park Slope liberal hipster is really just a down home girl who hobnobs with Country superstars. Separate themselves from that gosh darn civil liberties, gay cowboy stuff. When people started making fun that Maggie had supposedly already introduced Jake to Kirsten Dunst (casting doubt on Jake’s manly ability to get his own women), then the story was floated that Jake had a third party transact the hookup. Now, right before Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Strong movie is going to hit the theaters, she’s getting the free publicity as the real person who was involved in the corn pone love fest. The PR machine probably thinks they are being clever, but this kind of mass market manipulation is pathetic. How about just making a good movie? Oh, that’s right. That might require hard work.

2) The issue is not about the genre of music that Monroe falls into, but about the audience that is being courted. Red State, conservative, Bible thumpers. That's why the Gyllenhaals are snuggling up with the Swiftster. Jake gets to stay in his deep closeted bliss while the family tries to pivot from their liberal roots to "pass the fried chicken" (Paltrow) and "I don't go the gym anymore" Jakey.

prairiegirl said...

^^^ When you put it that way,would it not just leave the most sour, bitter bile taste in your mouth that you can't wait to get rid of. It would be soul selling and $$$ whoring of the worst kind.

I hope that's not the case.

Sad senior citizen said...

but as someone who grew up in the 1950s

The fact that you grew up in the 50s and are posting conspiracy theories, talking about fauxmances and whoring out children makes me so incredibly sad for you. Life mustn't have been easy for you. Time to grow up.

OwlGirl said...

destiny said...
I agree it is coming from Jake's people, it is meant top show what a big powereful rich guy he is.

right out of the Tom Cruise playbook.

It's a dumb move. And risky in a recession, I think.

What's next, couch jumping?