Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Banana Grabber in the Big Apple

A whirlwind kind of day for Austin yesterday, in NYC to promote Gasoline Rainbows and to receive an award from Global Green for his effort in helping in The Gulf Crisis.

First off and interview with WPIX talking about the effort, the show and his co-star.

Next up Wendy Williams where he did charmed the staff and carried the bags. And was in the dressing room watching as Wendy discussed the Jakemance/Fakemance as one of her hot topics. And watched Wendy interview Sophia.

Did that make him grab the banana?

Or an momentary Arrested Development moment?

Michael Bluth: "I guess it would just be a guy who, you know, grabs bananas and runs.
Or a banana that grabs things. I don't know.
Why would a banana grab another banana?
I mean those are the kind of questions I don't want to answer."

And then last evening Austin was honored with an award at the Global Green. He "thanked bp for bringing us all together and while cursing its very existence" and twitter for helping to get the word out.

At first it looked like he was making a statement about giving up products and blowdryers to save the environment, but on closer inspection. Someone got a haircut. (He also got the shoe memo)

Wait not him. Well yeah he got a haircut.


You think it was holiday haircut special?

Tonight on the Crazy Tree

It's a lot a waterworks and wind. Oh yeah and storm outside.

Darkness on the Edge of Town (Guess one of the writers watched the Springsteen documentary) It's high drama for the last new episode for 2010. There the back 11 episodes they are saving and stretching in 2011.

Julian finds his balls and fights with BrookeDavis(TM)about why they hell they are living in Tree Hill. (well maybe because the show is about Tree Hill, just a guess) BrookeDavis(TM)hits back with the you wanted my business to fail and storms out into... wait for it A STORM! Taking Julian's pair with her as she heads out and he turns to his JBra ways on the phone for her to come home. But what happens that has him running into the storm to save her?

Bikini Quinn reconsiders her options after her schooling with Dan TheScaryMan Scott on how to kill someone and not get caught. She's got bigger problems like a leaky roof, not to mention the psycho who's in her house and dragging her out from under the bed. Oh yeah Jamie is in the rain with the Real Housewife of Tree Hill worried about Aunt Brooke. (well someone has to besides Julian)

Behind the Scenes: Austin "feels like a Summer's Day"

Funny with Julian I would have said Summer's Eve.

It's not an iguana on a hot rock. (see video) But here's a Hanu-Gator to celebrate.

Happy Hanukkah!


Special K said...

Had to post this to go with for today's post.

The rainbow twanger

I'm going to say NSFW just to cover the bases.

Special K said...

Austin and a fan in NY yesterday

KindlyUnspoken's Twitpic

AUS10 said...

a little insight to the actor/agent relationship - hilarious http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7342369/
about 4 hours ago via web

LaOD said...

THE big reveal of the night was slow to say the least - but the same can't be said for the blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance by Love And Over Drugs stars

After the premiere of the romantic comedy on Monday night, champagne connoisseur Moet and Chandon held a super-swish do at The Mint, inside historic Macquarie St barracks near Hyde Park.

Mechanical walls eventually opened up to reveal a hidden room, with male models painted in gold dust waiting with magnums of the French fizz, and a live band belting out Kanye West's hit Gold Digger.

The onscreen Hollywood couple were there less than 10 minutes.

However, most of the celebs who were at the film's screening turned out at the afterparty for a goblet.

Some of the guests were surprised to see well-known Sydney chef Dave Evans - who was catering the event - wandering about carrying trays of his delicious eats around the courtyard, acting as a waiter.

A classy touch.


Special K said...

Elizabeth Edwards has passed away. She is will be remembered for her courage in facing her cancer and the challenges of that came in her life. She will be missed by her children, her family, her friends and all those who's lives she touched.

Jersey Tom said...

I feel really bad about Elizabeth. She seemed like an awesome woman and a great Mom. RIP Elizabeth.

Jersey Tom said...

Austin and Sophia are no more a romantic couple than me and James Franco. Oh Gosh Darn I wish:-)

Music Lover said...

:) Tom

Yes, very sad news about Elizabeth Edwards. :(

destiny said...

That is sad about Edwards, she had a tough life and faced it with grace.

Can't understand why Jake and Anne spent so little time at the party.

prairiegirl said...

So sad to see the news re: Elizabeth Edwards. Quite a long battle for her, may she rest in peace, out of pain now. I feel so bad for her children.

I hate that disease with a passion. She was only 61.

ihj said...

Jake Anne Sydney Opera House

Lunch with Bono & The Edge

Sydney Theatre to see Uncle Vanya

prairiegirl said...

And now JJ has pics of Jake leaving Sydney at the airport.

He's just everywhere, isn't he?

Can hardly wait for the Taylor Slick meet up.

I'll try to contain myself.

Special K said...

Austin Live Tweeted during the show tonight.

Fire your questions at me if you are watching the show!! http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hours ago via iTweeVee

my best friend on set is my director of photography, Peter Kowalski. A great talent and a great surfer!! http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hours ago via iTweeVee

I plan on visiting every country where this show airs when our season is over. Are we in Japan or China? http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hours ago via iTweeVee

@heyhazelnut If I had a superpower, it would be to breathe underwater. I would stay under the sea and clean up all that oil. #OTH about 2 hours ago via iTweeVee

@Its_Elodie we will have a full season. 22 episodes. http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 1 hour ago via iTweeVee

@mariaaax1723 this is my favorite episode of my entire time on this show http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hour ago via iTweeVee

RT @OrelMoisa @aus10nichols if you weren't on OTH, which show would you like to be in? I want to go do some great theatre in NYC. #OTH about 2 hour ago via iTweeVee

Fire your questions at me if you are watching the show!! http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hours ago via iTweeVee

This episode was very physical and difficult. Cold and wet. Exhausting. Emotional. My favorite. http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hour ago via iTweeVee

yes that is a levee. Tree Hill has a levee. Just like New Orleans. http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 2 hour ago via iTweeVee

Brooke Davis is toast!!! http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 1 hour ago via iTweeVee

All the underwater stuff is real. I had to give her air underwater. Very dangerous stunts. Safety divers underwater with us. #OTH about 1 hour ago via iTweeVee

Willie Nelson is my hero. So happy to have his music on the show. http://itwev.com/Sx8GE #OTH about 1 hour ago via iTweeVee

No big surprise that Austin wants to be able to breath underwater as a superpower. Interesting that his bestie is not his gal. The most interesting thing that he said

if you weren't on OTH, which show would you like to be in?

I want to go do some great theatre in NYC.

the real m said...

So sad about Elizabeth Edwards. It seemed like she had done so well and then it was back.

It would be great if Austin did theater. I would go see him for sure. Maybe we would all have an excuse to meet up again and go together. There was some talk about James Franco doing a play in the fall. Sweet Bird of Youth, I think. That may get me back to the City as well.

the real m said...

It's too bad Jake had to leave Australia so soon. I was hoping to see him at the beach surfing or having a good time. But he's probably tired of saying the same promo stuff over and over.

My sister thinks I'm nuts to follow Jake so closely. Our conversations about him are limited to be Are you still following Jake? Yes. End of topic. She called me today to say she went to see LAOD. She hated it. Hated it big time. Not Jake, who she said looked handsome, but the brother's role and Anne in particular. She's a movie buff and sees most films sooner or later, though our tastes in movies do differ quite a bit.

prairiegirl said...

I finally went to go see LAOD on Monday and I have to say I about walked out 1/3-1/2 way through. Honestly. I was sitting there thinking about how I was missing out on some writing time. Plus, I was just too embarrassed to get up in front of the 10 or so of us who were at that mid-day show.

Now, remember this is coming from someone who was called by some Nielsen Movie Survey guy on Monday morning. And when I told him I hadn't seen a movie "in the last 3 months", that instantly disqualified me for his silly survey because they wanted people who go to see movies.

And so I told him real quick, "But I am going to go see LAOD today!"

Didn't matter. lol.

prairiegirl said...

Here's what I thought.

If they had strictly gone for a love story, it could've been really good.

But that thing jerked around all over the place. They give you a good thinking moment revealing something about the prescrip. drug industry for like a split second and then you're looking/listening at that turn-off of a character brother or some joke about using Jamie's penis for a gearshift.

There were moments that were really good but they were just too far between. It was a comedy? It was a drama? What was it? And at the end, we were supposed to believe that this guy was going to give up the big Brass Ring job to take care of someone who was only going to physically deteriorate. Which is what you want to see but how realistic was it in that movie? It wasn't realistic to me, sorry.

prairiegirl said...

I think most disturbing thing I brought away from that movie was that doctor.

Do you guys think there are really doctors like that? Who actually do get their rocks off looking at their lady patients? Or men patients for that matter, I guess?

I have a friend who is a surgeon's assistant and she told me they really don't. They see so many body parts and fluids coming out of our bodies while we're in surgery or unconscious that it's all really very mechanical and unpleasant.

But the doctor in this movie was an ASS. A total jerk.

And so was that other salesman.

If they had done a whole movie on this industry, it could've made a real statement. I never knew some of that stuff. I never knew drug salesmen peddled their drugs to doctors like that! That Primary Care physicians choose to give out free samples of drugs from having them "sold" to them.

I'm oblivious. I'm ignorant. I never, never knew that stuff.

If this movie had continued to reveal this stuff, I could've learned so much more in a single movie.

But creepy Zwick jerked that thing around so that when I walked out, I don't know what I saw or how to feel.

And let me tell you, not a person was talking on the way out. I followed everybody out of the theatre (because there were only about 7-10 of us, lol) and there was no chatter. No discussion. Not instant, anyway. It was just silence and back to the car.

I don't think that's too good, right? Aren't you supposed to be excitedly talking about the movie you just saw?

prairiegirl said...

And yes Jake is achingly beautiful. Anne is beautiful. Actually, Jake is more beautiful than her. LOLL.

But enough aureoles already.

You see them once and I don't need to see Anne's boobs every time I turn around.

I wouldn't think I'd ever say this, but enough nakedness and jumping bones. That opening scene wasn't hot to me. It was shot too fast. Too herky jerky.

The scene in Something New when Simon's character comes to Senae's (sp?), that was unbelievably hot. And they didn't take a thing off.

I'm not griping about seeing Jake naked. He's gorgeous.

But after awhile, it's like eating a bunch of sugar carbs. There's got to be more there to it. Man cannot live on sugar & beautiful nudity alone.

I'm late now. Gotta run!

Sorry for the type-o's, I don't have time to Preview.

prairiegirl said...

But don't get me wrong! I think Jake & Anne work great together.

I had to see that movie once. But it's not even a good romcom. And you guys know me! I LOVE romcoms!!!

I would just watch it again to look at Jake in a few select scenes and so that'll be when the movie goes down to $5.99 at Target. It can wait.

prairiegirl said...

So nice to see everyone fired up over things. lol. I'm talking to myself. oh well.

And now after seeing the movie for myself, I can’t get over how it continues to perplex me that the internet buzz for Love & Other Drugs was so misleading. I thought it was going to be this big movie on the road to being nominated for Best Picture and there was all this buzz for Jake & Anne to be nominated for Best Actors. It was “incredible”. Amazing. Etc.

But it gets panned by major critics and it has a lackluster opening. It’s not invited to major festivals. And on the talk shows, all the hosts can ask/talk about is the nudity! Nakedness. Nudity. Nakedness. Oh yeah, and nudity. And nakedness.

How is this? I’m just asking because I don't understand. At all.

Is preliminary buzz actually planted by more lackeys, 9-5’ers like myself but who are actually getting paid to sit at a computer and make up false comments, twitters and FB posts? Because that’s just about how it would have to work.

And when Jake, Anne & odd Zwick saw the finished product, did they know at that time that it was badly in need of a beta to straighten it out?

Special K said...

The movie is based on a book about selling drugs, especially about the heyday of Viagra, Zwick put in the Romcom to give it broader appeal.

Jamie Reidy is more of the guy you saw at the beginning than what Jake portrays at the end. The business of pharmaceuticals is cutthroat. (There are 100,000 pharma sales reps for the just over 120,000 licensed prescribers in the US.)

Here's a 2005 interview with Reidy about the business of selling drugs back in '90s Interview with Jamie Reidy

Pfizer is the largest pharma company in terms of sale with sales over 45 Billion dollars annually. Yes that is Billion with a B. And Lipitor is over 13 Billion dollars of that. That's just one drug from one pharmaceutical company of thousands worldwide.

Would that have gotten a lot people in the seats? Nope.

An adult romantic comedy with naked Jake and Anne get more people? Yes.

boo said...

Jake Gyllenhaal -- Return of the Phantom Penis TMZ

Music Lover said...

I don't know, it may have gotten a lot of people in the seats, a sort of Michael Clayton of the pharma industry. But that isn't the kind of film they were going for, idt. We have Michael Moore for that. I think it was the "evolution" of a young, good time type of guy, who wants more out of life. In the ending, he does what he wants to do, is with the person he wants to be with, whether he's getting big dollars or not. I didn't think it was a perfect film, but I thought it was a good one, and I did enjoy it.

Special K said...

Poor Austin. Sophia seems to be the focus of the two whole weekend for Gasoline Rainbows/Global Green.


Hollywood Life
(This is about OTH, FYI, they've shot the wedding and are working on filming Ep 14 now, and no Peyton or Lucas)

Poor guy. They can't even get his name right in the photo credits when he's by himself. Check it out

Patrick McMullan.com

prairiegirl said...

There were some moments in the movie that were moving or entertaining - when Maggie drops the glass in her loft and the ending bus scene. Or the beginning when J Randall is being so sleazy.

But there just wasn't enough of this to hold my interest. The brother was sooooo annoying and not even funny. In fact, I cringed everytime he was in a scene.

My next question would be if nudity was going to be the big sell, then why was it so unsuccessful at the b.o.?

prairiegirl said...

And am I going to want to date a guy who wanted to take a free peek while lying about who he was in a doctor's office?

And is it supposed to be fratboy humor when the doctor lets Jamie continue to stay in the office to watch Maggie remove her blouse?

How unethical is this?

It was these kinds of scenes which took it out of me to totally enjoy the romance. But I did root for them as a couple.

I just.....that doctor. And that brother.

I just don't get how someone thought some of that stuff was funny. To me, it was really disturbing.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry I'm a day late & a dollar short with my movie opinions. I realize everyone else saw it several weeks ago.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for talking to me, musiclover.


Music Lover said...

Hi, no problem. Glad to hear your opinions of the film. :)

Jamie's bad boy leering while he was observing Dr. Knight on his rounds was immature and unprofessional, but it was kind of an ironically funny. The same for guys like his brother. For me, it was kind of ironic observations about life and some human behavior. There are unprofessional medical people, but I think generally most are trustworthy and professional.

destiny said...

I also enjoyed getting your opinion of the movie PG.

I suspect they weren't originally going to use nudity and sex to sell the movie, but turned to it when they didn't get good buzz for the movie, showings at festivals, etc. I think the reason it didn't work is there are just not enough Jake fans to make that kind of thing sell the movie, and Anne I think has mostly female fans, so that wasn't going to help when it comes to her.

I also don't think the sex and nudity was meant to be erotic, but rather, like Zwick said, to make what was being shown more realistic, and he said even to be funny and awkward, like real life.

Problem is that the rest of the movie is anything but realistic, so again too many genres in a bald attempt to appeal to everyone.

If they'd been able to make a sophisticated comedy about the pharma industry, maybe it wouldn't have been a big box office smash, but it would have gotten better reviews and found an audience.