Saturday, December 18, 2010

Due North

Last month Austin participated in community event in LA to created a message that could be seen from space about global climate solutions in the form of a Solar Eagle with a group called and aerial artist Spectra Q (John Quigley).

Big enough to be seen from space. With @350 and John Quigley.

The syllabic word accompanying the Solar Eagle means ‘Well Being’ in Inuktitut (Inuit language), which stands for ‘Harmony, Balance & Health,’ the Goal of their global efforts.

It seemed random. But is there ever anything random?

The eagle was the third in a series of images, the first one dates back to April 22, 2005 (Earth Day), in the Arctic. That Earth Day Inuit elders issued a warning to humanity from the sea ice off of Baffin Island, Canada, about the urgent dangers of global warming. The image of an Inuit Drum Dancer was accompanied by the words ‘Arctic Warning’ and the word ‘Listen’ in Inuktitut.

Sounds really familiar, doesn't it. Who did that?Oh yeah that's right.

Familiar like the symbol on Jake's hat. It's known Jake was involved with Global Green for a long time. It would make sense that Global Green reached out after TDAT because of the message. But they would probably reach out to the whole cast. And Austin said in a recent interview that he has known Matthew from Global Green for years and was looking for a chance to do more for them when the Gulf Crisis happened.

Now Club Lotus has shown that Jake and Austin have been together since 2002 and over the years they've made sure to spend time together for their birthdays. So Jake going to the Arctic two days before Austin's 25th birthday makes you now think Jake shared the experience with more just Salma or the Inuit people.

And now Jake's plan to celebrate his 30th birthday swimming with the walruses in the Arctic sounds like a return trip for them to celebrate Jake's this time.


devil makes work for idle hands said...

LOL. Your brain had a lot of time to think up kooky scenarios while 30,000 feet. You're like that HollywoodLife website with its out-there stories based nowhere in reality.

fruitloops said...

^ Instead of GossipCop, we need OMGCop to counteract the delusions

gossip cop said...

Did Taylor & Jake rent out an entire theater so they could watch "Tangled" alone?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift recently “went to extra lengths” to ensure a “really special viewing” of the Rapunzel flick Tangled, according to HollywoodLife.

And, as per usual, the phrase “according to HollywoodLife” should fill you with doubt.

The site says the couple rented out the Regal Hollywood 27 in Nashville “so they could see Tangled in complete privacy.”

“They casually walked in with security, but the security stayed outside the theater door,” claims a “source” for the outlet.

“So that means they were alone.”

“We told you, Swifty takes her princesses very seriously,” jabbers HollywoodLife. “She wanted to be able to concentrate on the romantic movie with no worldly distractions.”

Unfortunately, fact checking falls under the category of “distractions” for HollywoodLife.

The theater’s manager tells Gossip Cop no one had heard anything about the supposed Swift-Gyllenhaal “private” date.

And there’s a good reason for that. A source close to Swift tells us she and Gyllenhaal weren’t even in Nashville that day.

They were in Los Angeles.


Once again, HollywoodLife’s gotten “tangled” up in its own fantasies.

twitter said...

@moonsanim All I'm saying is that Austin Nichols is in more pap photos of Gyllenhaal than bro's ACTUAL beard. about 17 hours ago via Twittelator in reply to moonsanim

prairiegirl said...

huh? I don't get that twitter. What're they saying?

LOLLLL!!! Lookit Jake all bundled up in that North Pole coat. I wonder how many layers he has on there? LOL.

Okay, 2nd worst rendition of a Christmas song. Ever. This thing is so awful, it's beyond belief.

"Angels We Have Heard On High" guessed it.

Christina Aguilara.

I mean, whaaaaa....what in the heck. It sounds absolutely nothing like Angels We Have Heard On High. Heaven forbid she has an entire Christmas cd out.

Just sing the stinkin' song, would you?!

This has been another holiday tune review by Prairiegirl.

prairiegirl said...

Oh no!!!!!


Now they're playing "This Christmas" and I like it!!!

And guess who's singing it?

LOLLLLL! It's a Christina Aguilera doubleplay.

Crow does not taste good, you know.

destiny said...

Hard to recognize people if they are bundled up in snow gear.

Special K said...

^What a great way to go and not get noticed.

DADT no more said...

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Saturday struck down the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, bringing to a close a 17-year struggle over a policy that forced thousands of Americans from the ranks and caused others to keep secret their sexual orientation.

By a vote of 65 to 31, with eight Republicans joining Democrats, the Senate approved and sent to President Obama a repeal of the Clinton-era law, known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a policy critics said amounted to government-sanctioned discrimination that treated gay and lesbian troops as second-class citizens.

Mr. Obama hailed the action, which fulfills his pledge to reverse the ban. “As commander in chief, I am also absolutely convinced that making this change will only underscore the professionalism of our troops as the best led and best trained fighting force the world has ever known,” Mr. Obama said in a statement after the Senate, on a 63-33 vote, beat back Republican efforts to block a final vote on the repeal bill.

The vote marked a historic moment that some equated with the end of racial segregation in the military.

NY Times

Jersey Tom said...

I am on cloud nine. Finally the Senate repeals DADT. For me this is an historic day. The President will sign the bill next week. I am happy for people like Daniel Choi who were so brave and fought so hard.

Jersey Tom said...

I am hoping Austin tweets about the end of DADT. It would be awesome to see.

AUS10 said...

My pilot on deciding to forego de-icing, "oh I looked out the window and it seemed alright. Buckle up, here we go." half a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

AUS10 said...

DADT was repealed!!! Yah Humans!! Good job. WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE!! 10 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

that reminds me. watch EARTHLINGS asap. Everyone should see how we are treating our animal brothers and sisters. #equalityforall 3 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Jersey Tom said...

Good job Austy.

Music Lover said...

My pilot on deciding to forego de-icing, "oh I looked out the window and it seemed alright. Buckle up, here we go." :O

Hooray for the DADT repeal! :)

celebrate said...

'Don't ask, don't tell' repealed: Lady Gaga and other celebrities react on Twitter - Zap2it

Methodical Muser said...

65-31! After 17 long friggin’ years and over 13,500 military personnel discriminated against a law that, in 1993, was supposed to be a transitional compromise and humane “accommodation” from the outright bigotry of the past, has been finally repealed. Hallelujah! At long last. Hand me the confetti.

Today, is definitely a time for celebration, but remember the fight is not over. The change won’t go into effect right away because the legislation guarantees that the president and his top military advisors must certify that lifting the ban won’t hurt the troops’ fighting ability. Once that’s done there’s still a 60-day waiting period. Still this is a major piece of legislation and civil rights victory. And, kudos to Austin for acknowledging the achievement and embracing the concept of one humanity. That a boy!

prairiegirl said...

It still sounds like a huge step. Huge.

For a law that's been in place for so long and in our military for crying out loud.

To be defeated so soundly, is HUGE.

Bit by bit, that wall is coming down.

Hollywood needs to be the next territory!!! The Old Guard needs to be given the boot.

prairiegirl said...

Yea for Austin for tweeting about it.

Great point, Destiny, about difficult detection under winter, Arctic garb.

Lookit Jake. LOLLLLLL!!! And you know that guy probably hates the cold.

prairiegirl said...

The foot is throbbing a bit but carpet feels good now. The thing is, these places like PetSmart, Lowes and Best Buy all have concrete floors. And the bathroom at Best Buy is allllllllll the way in the farthest corner by TV's. Whaaaaaaa t in the heck.

Why is the bathroom all the way back there?

Something like this really gives one a small taste of the grand scale that physically disabled individuals face as far as obstacles. Uneven pavement. Pretty but unpractical & unsafe brick landscaping. High curbs. Huge box stores. Parking that is a mile away from the store. Heavy doors. Inconsiderate people who run around & bump into individuals because they're in such a stinkin' hurry.

Things are getting checked off of the Christmas lists. Huge strides made today. Online shopping is awesome especially when you can do an in-store pick up. Pay online, pick it up at the store. Find it in stock without driving around to all the other branch stores. That is the way to go, people.

Well, it's Jake's birthday eve. Is he in a little Igloo Bed & Breakfast with Austie? Or the Arctic version of the Great Wolf Lodge aka the Great Polar Bear Lodge with the Jaustin Brood??? With tiny beach towels and tiny snowboards? lol

Oh, don't get worked up, anti-TB'ers. Only having fun, only having fun.

Special K said...

Great news about TDAT being overturned. One more step forward.

Special K said...

Now where was Austin where they needed to think about using de-icer? You have to rule out TX, and CA. And when he tweeted it was in the mid -forties in Wilmy - so count that one out. Makes you wonder where he was flying out of, and it sounded like from the buckle up here we go sounds like it was not a big commercial plane.

the real m said...

Wonderful news about TDAT. A step in the right direction.

Is Jake really going to the artic or wherever for his BDAY? I take everything he says with a grain of salt now.

We got a new TV yesterday (for XMAS) - bigger picture- so I've been watching DVDs and anything thats on just to enjoy the larger picture. Brokeback is on at the moment. I have not watched it in entirety in quite some time. Certainly not since Heath passed. Jake has never been better. He is Jack to me and only Jack in that film.

destiny said...

I still cannot believe the bill to repeal DADT passed. I was so afraid of getting my hopes up.

Good for Austin mentioning it.

destiny said...

It really is any eye opener to be out with someone who has mobility issues. In NYC so many restaurants have bathrooms in the basement, and only stairs to get to them. And some laces you have to go up steps to get to them. I know the buildings are old, but still amazes me they get away with it.

Twiitter says... said...

Jake is in Manhattan.

Just saw jake gyllenhaal at prune!!!! -@withoutme07

Just saw michelle williams, jake gyllenhaal, maggie gyllenhaal, and @joejonas at one place. Not telling where though :) -@AmandaEBoyle

prairiegirl said...

Oh, this will be interesting. Someone couldn't wait to post that Manhattan twitter, could they, lol?

And we also have ol' Soapy going on about heading for snow.

Oh, they'll all bring out an Oscar worthy performance, I'm sure.

Come, come, people! Pictures! Let's go.

I'm busy downloading Christmas music like crazy right now in between trying to put up Chapter 12. I have the first part done but now working on the 2nd part. Downloading, downloading. ITunes getting a wad from me tonight. But no, no Christina Aguilera, LOLLL!! Just say no to Christina Ag and Christmas music.

swill said...

Someone couldn't wait to post that Manhattan twitter, could they, lol?

Are people not supposed to post tweets that don't fit with your delusion? LOL!!

prairiegirl said...

Chapter 12 is up. I am no longer posting or trying to post on Slash. I'm done with that. I'm so sick & tired of my hyperlinks not working on there. One time they work, next time they don't. I don't need to stress out over that - who needs it.

I'm only posting on LJ now. Well, off to bed. Time to take this darn boot off.

Jersey Tom said...

Actually Austin could have went home to Michagan to visit the family. It sure has been cold out there right PG. He may have been headed to NY. Of course the anti Jake and Austin folks will be pounding the inetrnet looking for old Sophin. Of course when we see pics no one has a clue when they were taken and who knows where Austin is tweeting from.

prairiegirl said...

Cool!! FIRST!!! lol
oh-oh. Maybe not. might be 2nd. Or 3rd! lol.

Happy 30th Birthday to the Birthday Boy today, Mr. Jake!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Check it out. has 30 Hot Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal for the birthday boy.

There are some good ones in there and it's a real trip back through time. Awwww and there's one of him cradling little Boo. **sniff**.

There was one in there I hadn't seen before. One of Jake squatting against a car from October Sky. It's in b&w. I really like that one.

Okay, off to see the Wizard, I mean, off to whatever....