Friday, December 17, 2010

Going Going......

Austin's going green.

I don't even know what to eat anymore. Everything is polluted. To waiter, "Um, some crackers and water please."

"The wheat used in these crackers was treated with pesticides.". Ok, just water please.

No not that kind of green. But this, on MTV's Seven.

Jake's going Austin. (Texas that is)

Source Code will open SXSW Film 2011.

Austin looks ready.

Happy Austin Friday.


Music Lover said...

Music is integral to life itself in my humble opinion, but when you get that exact match-up, where characters and music intertwine, it truly is magic!

Seaweed, this was beautifully said. Couldn't agree more. I listened to the BBM soundtrack for quite a long time, still do once in awhile too. I have a few movie soundtracks that I felt were/are outstanding. It's amazing what music does in a film, sets a mood.

PrairieGirl, I'm so sorry about your fall. The way you described the swelling, it seemed a lot. Speedy recovery to you. Can't believe Christmas week is coming up either!

Happy Austin Friday! :)

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I'm curious about how long you really think Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift will last. You've called them the next Robsten, and you've now said that they are a match made in "Vice heaven." The amount of skeptics that are complaining on the internet kinda has me divided as far as my own opinion, but what is your real, honest opinion on this hookup's longevity? Could they really be in it for the long haul, or are they just messing with our heads?
—Just Wondering

Dear Jaded Jaylor:
Let's put it this way: Their relationship will last as long as they want it to last. You know, as long as they are both mutually getting out of the dating situation what they want. Isn't that how it usually goes in Hollywood?

Bitch Back

ihj said...

Jake at M Cafe Wednesday

Special K said...

Hey PG. Sorry to hear about your foot. You'll have to get creative with that walking cast and decorate for the holidays.

I couldn't have a walking cast, so I turned one cast in to a Hawaiian shirt, and the other went paisley. Too much time on my hands and a blank canvas.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow PG sounds like you really did a number on that leg. The Tibia actually is not an easy bome to break kiddo. Well you take care of it and feel better soon.

Kevin Spacey is a coward and full of sh*t. At least he doesn't beard but he is living a lie. I love that the reporter put him on the spot. Jake would never field a question like that but I wonder how he would handle it. My guess is that he would blatantly lie at this point.

Special K said...

Comments are going to be moderated for awhile. Sorry if there are lag times for them to be approved.

Jersey Tom said...

Looks like DADT will finally begin to come to an end this weekend.

Special K said...

Hey there. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Long long day, Right now I just left the Big D, and now Up in the Air. Yup checking OMG at 30,000 feet. It's a Austin move on a Austin Friday. Although I must have been very good this year, because Santa or American gave me an up grade to first class.

prairiegirl said...

Oooooh, 1st class. Awesome! Tell me what it's like, Special! lol

I love that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry gets to ride in 1st class with his girlfriend and Elaine has to ride in coach. And she tries to sneak into 1st class. LOL.

Well, first excursion out shopping with the Herman Munster shoe. Boy. You never notice how uneven some of our store parking lots are until you walk around in one of these things.

My right leg is sure getting a workout lugging around the left one, lol. And the escalator!! Aaaack! That was a little terrifying at Macy's. Took forever to take that first step, turning sideways & clutching onto the railing just like at the roller rink. "Okay, going to get on this step...noooo, missed! Okay, here comes! missed again, oh, another step! Nope, that came up too fast, here's another! No! Dangit!" Consequently, going back down was done via elevator, just off of Bedding. lol. But Herman Munster boot was not a hindrance to dinner at Chick-Fil-A!!! No, sireee.

Special, you can't get on the internet up in the air, can you? I know they turn off the electronic device lights once you're up so high but there's no way to get on the internet, right? Is that a stupid question? lol

Well, going to see if I can write just a tiny bit and then I can't wait to take this 500 lb. shoe off and lay down.

Austin did something to his leg, didn't he? What did he do? Sprain? Break? Did he have a cast or a boot? These boots haven't been around all that long. I wonder if he had to have a cast? Or maybe he just had a sprain.

AUS10 said...

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prairiegirl said...

New Year's Lotion.

LOL. what a goofball. He's goofy, isn't he.

I saw that last night but this morning it tickled my funny bone.

Ok Magazine said...

WE'VE always had a soft spot for Jake Gyllenhaal.
With his dark eyes, frankly perfect touseled hair and cheeky grin, it seems as though Donnie Darko action Jake Gyllenhaal couldn't really get any better (plus we love his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal!).

And now it seems he has got even better, as Jake's revealed he likes nothing more than being a rough son of the soil - and growing his own food.

He said: “I used to go to the gym but I don’t do that anymore.

“I don’t follow a special diet but I try and eat well, so I grow my own vegetables.”