Saturday, December 4, 2010

High and Low

Jake and Austin have hit the friendly skies in opposite directions for press. Jake's doing "Drugs" Down Under and Austin going Global Green in the Big Apple.

As fliers they seem like ying and yang.

Jake is has admited his is not the best flier and take a little more high maintenance to have a successful flight.

A new haircut, a cozy cashmere zip hoodie sweater that would make Mr. Rogers jealous, he's ready to fly with a rolling case of Rescue Remedy drops, Earplanes ear plugs, Ipad, and of course his chain.

Austin seems to just roll up and jump on and go.

Snapping pictures, commenting about his fellow passengers, what happens when you don't answer in English in a emergency row, and various body parts and snacks and sundries being squished. He will always need more leg room, and for some flights an Ambien but that's about it.

But can you imagine if Jake tweeted about flying?

Wonder Jake took a little menorah with him to celebrate.

After such a long flight this Zen menorah might be the choice.

Happy Hanukkah!


repost: the chosen one said...

I'm reporting this comment because the observation is so spot on...and funny.

I think it's funny that those staged photos of Tay Tay, MG and Ramona pimped a little girl, instead of a less controversial choice like maybe Atticus. The pics would have still been reprehensible but, at least, they would not have brought an innocent child into this mess. Then again, maybe Jake put his foot down and told his handlers, "Atti? No effing way you're going to use my big guy for that kind of crap!" Perhaps Jake does have some standards, after all? LOL.

oops! said...

^ I meant "reposting" not reporting. Didn't get enough coffee this morning, I guess. :-)

so funny! said...

I wanted to thank you girls and guys of OMG for bringing the laughs today! And for sticking it to the JiS believers. To think they actually believe you're being serious about Austin's hidden tweet messages is hilarious!

the real m said...

Not surprised to see the troll hanging around on the last posts comments. There is absolutely no interest in discussion of Jake and his new beard on the traditional Jake is straight sites. Nowhere else for them to go.

And at least the latest fiasco has re-energized OMG and WFT2. After the disappointment of LAOD, we needed some new material.

I'm glad Jake is visiting Australia. His first time there I think.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Destiny. And of course Jake's people won't pay any attention to all the negative comments everywhere. They're probably too busy toasting themselves over all of the sheer attention of it all. Rag covers, lots of comments, and never mind that 95% of the comments are those of bewilderment, ridicule and repulsion.

So much great Christmas music out there! I've found a great internet station that mixes classic with current pop standards and I always hear somebody's version of a Christmas song that I've never heard before. I ought to buy an IPod nano and just use it for Christmas music.

destiny said...

What's the site PG?

Methodical Muser said...

Who knows where PG went, Destiny. That little scamp loves to leave us hanging, doesn't she? Sigh, well until PG's return, here's a list of sites that I enjoy around the holidays. They just played Lena Horn's version of "Let It Snow," on one of them. Terrific stuff.

Holiday Music

the real m said...

PG, you must have emailed me from the office as I got an out of office reply when I responded. Just an FYI.

Special K said...

One thing about US Weekly, there is no thought to it, it's sloppy work.

Jake had said he was making the turkey and brining it weeks before Thanksgiving. He had a plan for what he was doing for Thanksgiving. And him being a better cook between he and Maggie, sure that he had planned a lot of the side dishes to go with the meal. And dinner for 12 with that many you plan you don't wing it. It makes no sense to go out shopping Thanksgiving day for stuff?

1. Most of the stuff is picked over
2. How many deliveries are they getting on Thanksgiving Day.
3. The cooks stay home and send the non cooks out to get the stuff that they forgot.

You don't leave your turkey for 12 in the hands of a non cook.

do you know? said...

What stuff did they go out to buy on Thanksgiving?

Methodical Muser said...

What stuff did they go out to buy on Thanksgiving?

PR is so pathetic they probably had him going out to buy Swifty her favorite heart-shaped napkin rings for the table setting to go with the $75,000 vintage dinnerware that Reese sent back to him last December.

destiny said...

In all fairness, I personally often find myself running to the store on Thanksgiving for something I forgot or ran out of, and I think of myself as a pretty good planner and cook. Plus I always have to pick up the turkey on Thanksgiving Day because with a small NYC kitchen and below average fridge I don't have room for it.

Yes, it is likely BS like the rest of the story, but I bet there are plenty of people like me who run out at the last minute and they thought it would make a "they're just like us" moment. Most importantly, it of course gives them an excuse as to why they were out at a coffee place on a holiday.

One thing that keeps bothering me about the story is I thought I had read something in which Taylor said she flew out on Thursday night to NYC, but I might have read it wrong.

destiny said...

Thanks M and M for the link.

So so funny! said...

I wanted to thank you girls and guys of OMG for bringing the laughs today! And for sticking it to the JiS believers. To think they actually believe you're being serious about Austin's hidden tweet messages is hilarious!

Now you've gone and done it! You've given the game away to all the trolls.

We were supposed to keep up the charade and appear like loons who really believe (*wink wink*) that Austin sends sooper sekrit messages in his Twitters.

Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

ovaltine said...

I see you're here too with your secret decoder ring So So Funny

prairiegirl said...

Sure a lot of people have to run out for whipped cream, some oddball spice that they thought they had but don't. Or it's way old. Or something.

But you don't go out on a leisurely stroll!!!

LOLLLL!! If you have other people around in the house, you send someone else out. The cook usually stays behind because they have several dishes going on at the same time. Plus, the cook is the one who's all stressed out so a family member volunteers just to calm them down.

If the cook has to go out, they hurry it up. It's out the door, no fooling around, get to the store and get back.

They don't grab the gf or bf and stop off at the park for a stroll.

Dinner for 12? Geez, I'd be all stressed out. Just presenting the table is a big deal. Nice dishes. Centerpiece. Extra chairs. Kiddie table. Silverware. Or does one reckon all of those people ate off of Dixie paper plates & paper cups? Plasticware?

Okayyyyyy, maybe Hallmark paper plates and cups. It was Thanksgiving, after all.

Getting drinks for everyone? Kids around? Underfoot? Noise, anyone? Chaos?

Who has time for a leisurely stroll for the paps on Thanksgiving morning?

That's the big point of unbelievability.

prairiegirl said...

Sorry, Dest!

The station is one I found on Media Player on their big list of holiday radio stations. It's called
Club .977 Holiday

They'll play Elvis one minute, Kenny Rogers the next. Hanson one minute, TranSiberian Orchestra the next. Destiny's Child one minute, Ray Conniff the next. It's the widest mix I've found so far.

That little scamp loves to leave us hanging, doesn't she?

Hey!! lol

I did email you from work, m. And yes, that was my out of office - re-forward it to me, ok? Because I won't be back there until Tuesday!!!! yessss!! A holiday day of Big V.

So so funny! said...

I see you're here too with your secret decoder ring So So Funny

LOL. Yes I wouldn't be without that ring. The guys & gals here are so good at appearing like complete loons (pretending of course), that I need the ring to tell me that they are just trolling the trolls.

prairiegirl said...

I am eating some old Easter jelly beans right now.

Not exactly fresh, but still very good. lol.

I'm desperate. There's nothing sweet in the house and I've had this plastic egg of jelly beans in my bedside drawer for just such Emergency Purposes.

There are popsicles in the freezer but after running back & forth to the garage wheeling big Tupperwares of holiday decorations, popsicles don't sound right. LOL!

Instead of calling them Rubbermaid totes, which is what they really are, my little buddy has always called them Tupperware.

LOLLLLLL!!! Isn't that funny? Tupperware. Yeah, huge Tupperware.

lol. She kills me, I just love her.

pics said...

Jake in Australia - IHJ

Special K said...

Damn you can see how quickly Jake's beard comes in from the pictures from him getting on the plane in LA to arriving in Sydney.

:) said...

"Damn you can see how quickly Jake's beard comes in"

Is Squinty in Sydney?

pics said...

Jake in Sydney - IHJ

Jersey Tom said...

Man if Jake thought LAOD was going to be his Heterosexual BBM gosh was he wrong. Time to bring out a new beard. Hello Taylor. Jake that second kiss in the tent was the best acting you will EVER do. Of course I think it wasn't acting at all.

AUS10 said...

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prairiegirl said...

That picture of NYC from the plane reminds me of when I flew into NYC for the Filmfest - a sight I will never, ever forget. It was a gorgeous sight, all lit up. And it went on forever and a day. Saw the Statue of Liberty - it was a Clark Griswold Moment except I didn't have to excuse myself to go use the latrine.


Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation? lol

prairiegirl said...

Oh wait, that wasn't Christmas Vacay. That was the European Vacation one because the pilot then hits the torch on the Statue of Liberty!! Wrong movie!! lol.

Man, it is freeeeezing outside!!! 18 degrees when I went out to walk and a windchill even with a low wind of 6 mph. Takes longer to get ready to go out & walk but the reward is when your hands are toasty warm once you're good & going.

Special, you were saying in the post that Jake was rocking a cashmere hoodie and I did not realize this fashion statement. I had no idea that a hoodie came in cashmere. Whaaaaaaa - what in the heck?! LOLLLLLLL!!

But when I first looked at it, it hung & draped on him unlike a normal cotton Target/Sears hoodie for $11.99. I should have known. lol.

Man, a cashmere hoodie. Who makes those? Where does one buy a cashmere hoodie? Slick better watch it - I bet she never thought to wear a cashmere hoodie.

Too bad it wasn't in a soft baby blue. Now, would that have looked awesome or what?

Chica said...
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Grapevine said...