Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday

There is a change in our regular scheduled program to bring you this special report...

Happy 30th Birthday Jake

This last decade has taken you places you never thought you could go, and given you things you never thought you could have, personally not professionally. While you have carved out a career in Hollywood, debuted on the London stage, created two iconic characters in modern cinema, starred in blockbusters and small upstart films, done drama and comedy, shed clothes and put on dresses, danced on sets and sung your heart out on TV, not to mention mud wrestled in a bubble, and lauded with accolades, nominations and awards that many will work their whole career in quest for, you found there are much greater gifts. You go into your 30's with many more titles than you began the decade with and Academy award nominate actor is further down the list in order of your favorite things to be called.

For you multi-talented mister here's one of your favorite multi-talented inspirations, sharing what's his line :

As we've told to someone else who made the thirty milestone. Here's to a new decade. One that continues to grow and change, one to discover and rediscover, to create, to love, to share, to be.

Welcome to your thirties Mr. Gyllenhaal.

Now swimming with the walruses might be swimming with the walruses or just showing off your skills as with an Otter Pop for a certain Tall Texan. Here's to both!


OwlGirl said...

Hope he has a good one.
Your thirties aren't so bad ;) I rather like mine.
There's a cute slideshow of Jake at PopSugar with some early shots I'd never seen before.

Jersey Tom said...

Happy 30th Jake. May you grow more wise and find pride in who you are.

Special K said...

Happy 30th Birthday Jake.

Here's to spending it with your family with those big bright smiles tall and small.

destiny said...

Happy Birthday Jake. May your 30s bering you rthe wisdom and courage to realize what really matters in life, and to see that bearding by someone in your position is a deeply homohobic, self-loathing act.

Music Lover said...

Happy Thirtieth, Jake! :*

People said...

Happy 30th Jake

birthday videos said...

E.T // Happy Birthday

Happy 30th Anniversary Jake

dlisted said...

Jake's Michael K's Birthday Slut - dlisted

prairiegirl said...

A very Happy Birthday to the birthday boy, Jake! I hope you have an awesome, memorable day today!!

Your 30's are some of the best, buddy.

the real m said...

Happy Birthday, Jake. 30 to 40 are some of the best years. Enjoy them.

prairiegirl said...

Otter Pops.

LOLLLLL!!! Hey, I don't remember those cute little otter pictures being on those things.

This is kind of funny.

My sister & I bought a case of these things once, thought they'd be just the ideal thing. Just like popsicles and you got a ton in this small case of them. So we were excited about them.

Well, they're pretty sweet. I dunno, I just wasn't wild about them at all and she wasn't either. So several of them sat in the freezer forever. I mean, just forever. And we had that case forever. I hated to throw it out because you know, it was a whole entire case of them! And it was like admitting defeat that it was a poor and unwise purchase to buy an entire box of something that we didn't know for sure we would like.

But who can mess up popsicles, for gosh sakes, you know? A popsicle is a popsicle.

Well, LOLLLLL, I don't know when this case ever got thrown out nor the few that were in the freezer like forever, so long that I'm sure they were just unrecognizable and totally encrusted in freezer burn, but the case nor the single Otter Pops are no longer with us, so we must have at some point, admitted defeat and pitched them.

Her and I cannot look at an Otter Pop now without laughing. Perhaps had our Otter Pops had these cute little otter pictures instead of just plain clear casings, our attitude toward the Otter Pop might have been more favorable.

LOLLLLL!!! uh, thanks, Special.

prairiegirl said...

snicker. Otter Pops.

Hey, Special, is this the first Sunday ever that you've not had an Out Spotlight? That just kind of dawned on me.

Holiday music recommendation: On my .977 Holiday music internet radio station, I heard a great rendition of I Saw Three Ships by some guy named Bruce Cockburn. His holiday tunes are kind of bluegrassy kind of sounding. Really different but I downloaded several others of his. Some sound like some old southern-type gospel or something.

George Thorogood & the Destroyers do a great holiday song, very sexy. It's called Merry Christmas Baby. It's awesome.

ud said...

A gay man who is very hairy all over his body, but is smaller in frame and weighs considerably less than a bear.

Methodical Muser said...

Congratulations, on your 30th year milestone, Jake. You made it through some painful self discovery these past 10 years. Learned how to survive some significant Hobson choices regarding career and family and, most of all, decided what was worth the sacrifice even though some deals with the devil needed to be made along the way. Ortega y Gasset wrote that thirty is a crucial age for a man because that is the time to look back and make a "vital balance" in one’s life. Here’s to a successful transition from the hard fought battles of privately wanting to the public responsibilities of having. You’ve proven you have the daring and imagination to jump and go after what you want. Now, let’s see you show the courage to stand tall and embrace the choices you have made. Either way, I wish you amplitude and acumen and, always, a soft landing.

Take all the time you need

I was going to change my avatar for the occasion, but what better visual than Jake in his birthday suit :-)

Methodical Muser said...

I made the mistake of sipping on a glass a wine when I read this comment at dlisted. Wouldn't this be a hoot of a debate question? LOL!

Submitted by Mrs Patrick Campbell on Sun, 12/19/2010 - 10:19am.
We always thought that Jake - who is an obvious homosexual - was several years older than 30.


destiny said...

Awwww, there are photos on JJ and ONTD of Bomer with all three kids out Christmas shopping. They are not identified, but the fact it was on JJ has to mean he is inching further out of that glass closet.

The photos are adorable.

Jersey Tom said...

E A G L E S !!!!!!!!!!

What a comeback down 31 to 10 with 7 minutes to go. Eagles 38 Giants 31...................

destiny said...

I cannot believe how the Eagles played Tom. As awful a person as Vick was, there is no denying his talent.

Go Jets!

Special K said...

October Sky is on. Jake's so young. His performance is effortless for his first leading role. Talk about being a natural.

Wow Tom. You could be on to something, it might just be the Eagles and Pats.

Special K said...

Yes this is the first Sunday in over 3 years that we haven't had an Out Spotlight on a Sunday. Our first one was November 18, 2007.

The Force was too strong not to do an Otter Pop mention. HA!

Jersey Tom said...

I would love that rematch SK.

Destiny I have had such a hard time dealing with Michael Vick being the QB of my favorite team. I am a dog lover. My Maggie is such a huge and fun part of my lfe. But Vick's talents are incredible and he has spoken very humbly since he took over as the starting QB. His teammates seem to really love and respect him. So putting my feelings aside I am very excited about how the Eagles are playing. Very very exciting football.

I am also very much looking forward to seeing the President sign the Bill this week that will begin the end of DADT. I feel so good about that. What a step forward. I am glad I have lived long enough to see such positive changes and many many more people becoming excited about living in a diverse society. Like Austin said we are all one.

Again happy 30th to Jake. I hope he gets the courage to take the steps that will set him free. It was awesome seeing Bomer with his partners kids. I would love to Jake and Austin together much more as they realize what is really important in life. I think the are both very immature individuals for 30 and the I hope the time comes soon when we see them grow. HW has held many young men back just like the military. I wish DADT could be overturned at Disney:-)

Methodical Muser said...

The Force was too strong not to do an Otter Pop mention. HA!

LOL! Yes our Jakey is an "Otter" and a Pop. Perfection!

I noticed that the 30th Birthday montages on People and other media/celebrity sites, made sure to steer clear of any Austin association. Jake could be seen with guys from 2006 (J. Franco and even L. Armstrong), but, no tall Texan. Gotta scrub that image clean because we sure wouldn't want folks to think that Jake and Austin are even friends now, would we?

prairiegirl said...

LOLLL!!! Well, someone has just pointed out that the otter thing went right by me.

It did, I totally missed it. Pffffffft! Right on by.

Oh well, I had fun writing the otter pop story.

Seaweed said...

Could not let this day pass by without joinging in on wishing Jake a Very Happy 30th Birthday...

Wishing you love, joy, health, and happiness as you make your decisions. It's not always easy being a spectator, but for the most part you've provided some amazing moments that can be shared in the heart.

With love and interest always...

the real m said...

Destiny, I saw those Bomer photos too. Are those kids adorable or what.

I did not bother to read the People blurb. They are such PR tools I look only as a last resort.

Watching the Patriots at the moment so just doing a quick drop by.

tmz said...

Christmas Ornament - Studs

AUS10 said...

Did you ever slide down a snowy mountain on long poles? Then ride a really expensive chair back up? Rinse& Repeat. Interesting ritual humans
21 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Seaweed said...

Coincidence is a wonderful thing, whether or not it is strictly out of the blue, or just something that comes roundabout such as today on Jake's Birthday.

An old friend who doesn't follow Jake posted something a few hours ago that brought me back to why I follow his career so closely.

My discovery of Jake, as I've said before, was seeing him in the film "Highway" which led to my discovery of the soon to be released Brokeback Mountain in the fall of 2005. Jake's characterization of Jack Twist was so very moving for me, as was Heath Ledger's Ennis. But the one thing that has continued to weave me into a more lifelong experience is Gustavo Santaolalla's Score and it's tugs at the heart strings through his wonderful interpretations.

If you care to watch this youtube video of a recording session which I have just seen for the first time; I think you will have some understanding of my visceral and raw connection to the movie. The music, the characters, and the talents that gifted us with Brokeback Mountain at the end of 2005 have brought many of us together.

Gustavo Santaolalla

Sincerely... Seaweed

Methodical Muser said...

As haunting and breathtaking as the very first time I heard those opening chords in a darken theatre. I remember in one of his early interviews Santoalalla said that the music was created first and used as an inspiration for the film's shooting, including the actor's inspiration for their roles so there is no wonder why this score is interwoven into every open swept landscape and tug of the heart.

Thank you, Seaweed. Every note still transports me back to that special time and place that Jake rightly remembers as magical.

destiny said...

The kids are adorable M, especially the older one tugging on the string to Matt's sweatshirt.

Seaweed, I love the music for BBM. When I first got the soundtrack I listened to it day and night.

Jersey Tom said...

Very beautiful music. Haunting. Pulls at my heart strings. Thanks for posting it Seaweed.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I know you just said Selena Gomez might only like her guys out of the limelight, but after seeing her with Cory Monteith at the Style Awards, they have crazy chemistry! I know he's majorly older than she is, but he seems pretty innocent, just like her, so it could work!

Dear Costar Coupling:
I would totally approve of this, F. Both Selena and Cory are super sweet (and well-behaved), and I could see this working. The age difference might be a little much right now though. Didn't you know Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift are the only ones who can do it?

Bitch Back

anne on jake said...

“Jake is adorable, smart, charming and funny. We were only together for two weeks on Brokeback Mountain, but on this film is was months. He had a major effect on me, because I’m usually very focused about work – I take it all too seriously,” she explained. “Jake’s different – he knew his lines but he still had a laugh. That threw me at the beginning but, the more I loosened up, the better our chemistry became. I realised you can have a good time on set.”

prairiegirl said...

LOL at Ted's reply. I was at Toys R Us yesterday and this is what's so outrageous about Jaylor, alright?

I'm standing at the checkout and there were several video game magazines plus several teen rags on display. And my niece is a tween now and I've seen her be interested in these teen rags before so I thumb through one thinking I might get her an issue for Christmas.

This one was called "Pop Stars" and on the cover is all these teen stars, Justin Berber Carpet and Selena Gomez, etc. Inside was a 2 page spread on Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner. Something about "what went wrong" but that hopefully they can remain friends and Taylor Swift can find a new boy to fall in love with. It was nothing but pictures reminiscing about their little relationship, with pictures of them walking together and one of them bowling with friends. These kids all looked like they were 17-18 years old!!! I guess Taylor Lautner himself is 18 years old. 18 for-cryin'-out-loud years old. I was trying to picture 30 year old Jake on the pages of this Pop Stars magazine as Tay's new bf. **shakes head**.

This is precisely why Jaylor looks totally outrageously unbelievable and is being met with ridicule and disbelief. Precisely. When you see something like this little teen rag showing bowling pictures of teens having a night out of fun, you realize how stupid the whole concept of Jaylor is.

prairiegirl said...

And I don't mean to put down the teen rags. Heck, I used to buy Tiger Beats like crazy; that's where I got all my Osmond and Tony DeFranco pictures. LOL. But it just shows that Jake, as a man, is way out of Taylor Swift's circle. I'm sure ol' Tay wants to speed up the maturity process but she leaped a few too many hurdles in one swat.

LOLLLL! And I say this as I have a 30th birthday tiara as my avatar.


Swill said...


Methodical Muser said...

Did you ever slide down a snowy mountain on long poles? Then ride a really expensive chair back up? Rinse & Repeat.

Ha! I know that whenever I'm physically engaged in a demanding activity like snow skiing, I always rush off and grab my Blackberry so I can type my philosophical observations about winter sport rituals. Besides the obvious desire to place himself somewhere cold and fluffy white on the precise day when Jake is supposed to be surrounded by Arctic terrain on his 30th Birthday, Austin's selective use of the term "rinse and repeat," which is usually reserved for preening and grooming rather than true physical exertion, reminded me of Jake’s tongue and cheek conflation of his workout plan/fitness regime with the rigor involved in getting his hair in shape during the promos for PoP. Remember, his standard line about shampoo and then conditioner? Rinse and repeat.

lol said...

It's a very common idiom used frequently by lots of people, M&M. But if it makes you feel better to think Austin is uttering a phrase associated with Jake in a roundabout way, go for it.

If Jake was heading to the Arctic or wherever, would he still be in Manhattan as late as Satruday night?

the hair's the thing said...

I thought it was odd that Austin used the term, "Rinse and Repeat," when he was talking about skiing. Didn't fit what he was describing at all. But if you associate the play on words with Jake's preoccupaton with the rigor of growing his hair during his PoP appearances, the term makes perfect sense. The English major having a little fun and maybe dropping another bread crumb.

Now that I think about it, someone over on Towleroad called Jake's description about his "physical" fitness routine for Prince of Persia, "the gayest workout ever!"

actually said...

I was wondering how long it would take "lol" to provide their standard snarky comment. Predictable.

Oh, yes, I'm sure there will be a picture of Jake in NY to go with the tweets that appeared immediately on December 19th. It still doesn't explain why he announced to everyone that he was going to be in the Arctic on his birthday back in November. Oh, right. He just wanted to lie to everyone for some giggles.

Special K said...

The Paltrow set up story is interesting in who has the exclusive and the timing than the story.

After US Weekly got screwed over with the birthday story, this story Paltrow set up story became an exclusive for US Weekly. Hmmmm. Sounds like the Swift camp was making it up to US Weekly for making them retract the story.

There is another thing about the timing, that story and the guitar gift story dominated any thing over Jake's own birthday.

And Gwyneth what does she get? Well she gets PR leading into her movie about being a country music star that opens Jan 7th.

the real m said...

Rinse and repeat a common idiom? On which planet. Try to come up with a better rebuttal next time.

Methodical Muser said...

Yes, I think you're right, Special. Everyone's jumping on the PR train to pimp their projects. Good thing there are a lot of closeted gays in Hollywood so everyone can take advantage of their situation.

Special K said...

Another thing about Austin's tweet was using the world poles.

But poles are associated with the arctic.

Unless he is saying he's doing the rinse and repeat with Santa.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe it's Jake's turn to don the beard and red suit this year? *grin*

Down south said...

But poles are associated with the arctic.

Also pole smoker

Methodical Muser said...

^ LOL! That too. Can't dismiss the double entendre, either.

crapola said...

Sounds like mr and mrs soapy is at some ski resort, dennver? Utah? She tweeted about snow bedore he tweeted about sking.

If Jake was serious about going to the artic, he wouldn't still have been in NY on Saurday night, it takes awhile to go to the artic.

Again he lied. I guess the Gyllenhaal camp had to recycle the Paltrow story, she has a film coling out, what better way ro get cheap PR than to attach your name to a film that your pal is starring in

crapola said...

mrs soapy:

Off to the snow!! Makes me excited for sleighs and gingerbread houses and hot cocoa. BAM! I love the holidays!! 6:01 AM Dec 18th via Echofon

me soapy:
Did you ever slide down a snowy mountain on long poles? Then ride a really expensive chair back up? Rinse& Repeat. Interesting ritual humans about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

mr and mrs soapy=cheap attention whores