Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coming (and Giving) Back

Jake is heading back after a worldwind trip to Australia.

Sydney Opera house, catching a play at the Sydney theater, out for a cruise around the harbor on a $50 million yacht, eating his way through town hitting up places like Bills in Darlinghurst, Sake in The Rocks and lunching with Bono and The Edge at Sean’s Panaroma in Bondi. Scoffing off rumors that he hit the surf at Bondi Beach.

Oprah and her audience who are currently Down Under will have a trip of a lifetime, but Jake's first trip to Oz wasn't too shabby.

"I went to some really wonderful restaurants and sat out in the sun and ran into people who I had no idea were in Sydney and had a wonderful time.

"The only other city I know in the world that's like that - but without the beautiful beaches - is New York City, where I run into people all the time."

Leaving Sydney airport for a long flight. Where he will land, LA? London? New York?

We know that he will be off and running again heading up north, North Pole north into the Arctic to celebrate his 30th birthday to swim with the walruses. Who knows maybe he'll see the Holly Jolly Man himself.

But in the coming year what will Jake be doing? Well it looks like he's going to be the ambassador of Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard program. The program's goal is to teach kids in schools across the country how to grow and cook their own food. This past fall Jake was with Alice helping to plant trees and a garden with kids in New York.

Jake's new job as ambassador is something really new for the program. In the past it has limited its celebrity affiliations only to its Advisory Board. And who's on that board? Try Mikhail Baryshnikov, Frances McDormand, Bette Midler, Jamie Oliver, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.

“We are excited that Jake Gyllenhaal will be helping us fundraise and spread our message,” said Foundation spokesperson David Prior. Adding that there is no word yet anyone else might join Jake as a fellow ambassador.

Jake talked about why he wanted to work with Alice and the organization. “I care deeply about helping children better their health, communities and environment… The Chez Panisse Foundation is not only offering an education that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, but they’re a leading force in the movement to change the future of this country’s youngest generations.”

Alice Waters, meanwhile, said: “We are so lucky to have someone so charismatic and thoughtful who cares deeply about the philosophy of Edible Education. As an acclaimed actor, Jake has the ability to help us reach people in communities all around the world.”

Jake has shown that he is committed to teaching kids about good nutrition and growing their own food before, in the past couple of year Jake was working on a similar program with Global Green.

Mystery Moment of the Day

The Berkleyside paper said that Jake "visited Berkeley recently", speculating that it was close the deal with Waters. And they pointed out that he didn't go to Chez Panisse, but Café Gratitude. Jake in Berkley recently? And an interview date Nov. 24th, the general manager said that Jake came in daily the whole week he was there. How recently? What was he doing for a week in Berkley? Hmmmm, how did that fly under the twitter universe?

It was thirty years ago today, the world lost a man who imagined a better world.

The Hard Rock International and WhyHunger are make a difference in the life of a hungry child remembering John Lennon.

100% of the proceeds from “Imagine There’s No Hunger” will help hungry children to not only get the food they need to eat today, in the U.S., Haiti, Kenya, Thailand, and India, but to grow nutritious food in a sustainable way so that they can eat for a lifetime.

Happy Hanukkah!


Music Lover said...

Awww, nice post. Sure do miss John. What an awful day that was.

Nice to hear about Jake being involved in the Edible Schoolyard Program. :)

Special K said...

Jake landed in LAX.

Interesting title for ONTD's post.
ONTD Daddy's Home

Teddy's Boy said...

Only "interesting" if you didn't know Brendan is in Ted's backpocket. :-)

zzzzzzzz said...

Berkeley=Zodiac filming.

2005, remember IMDB threafd of the filming in Berekeley

Special K said...

Ahh no it wasn't in 2005 that he was in Berkley. Two articles have mentioned him in the Berkley area recently. That would mean either in the last month or so from the time the article was published. Newspapers are not blogs, their editors wouldn't let stuff like that slide.

elia said...

Special K are you stalking Jake? And what does it matter if he was in Berkley recently or not?

Special K said...

Two weeks after Thanksgiving the video shows up of them walking in Brooklyn.


Thanks Stubborn on the heads up about it.

It is so short that Popsugar plays it 6 times to be long enough for their 48 second copy.

Most cameras have a video option and it looks like it was shot like that by a digital SLR.

Special K said...

What is interesting is that Jake does have a private life that is just that -- private.

LOL!!! said...

No shit sherlock!

out of touch said...

A source close to Jake Gyllenhaal has denied a report claiming that the actor has asked Taylor Swift to live with him..

In Touch recently suggested that the Love and Other Drugs star, who is reportedly dating Swift, asked the popstar to move in with him.

A source allegedly said: "Jake is planning for a future with Taylor, so he'd like to buy a house that suits her tastes as well as his… He's pretty sure that she's the one."

Another insider told Gossip Cop that the story is not true. Gossip Cop

LOL!! said...

LOL! You actually needed a blurb from "Gossip Cop?to know that it was bs????

Special K said...

My bad that I forgot that Prayers for Bobby came out on DVD. Thanks to Austin for the reminder via his Twitter.

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ihj said...

"new" old Jake & Taylor pics IHJ

destiny said...

Gee, just like the Reeke days, a hundred photos of Swyll. Actually, I saw the name Gaylor on ONTD, and I think that is a great name for them too.

the real m said...

Jake is getting skewered on ONTD again. They posted the Thanksgiving series. In 11 pages of comments I'd estimate its 50 to 1 negative to positive.

Great music choice for the day. I'm sure all of you can recall that horrible day. Like with Heath. I still cant believe its true and its coming up on 2 years.

Speaking of Heath, that poster for Blue Valentine reminds me a lot of a picture of Heath with Naomi Watts. She was wrapped all around him. I always found it interesting because it left no doubt that this was a couple that had a hot sexual relationship. And it was such a contrast to Reeke where there was absolutely no evidence of any heat.

Good that Jake found a project that suits his interests, being a foodie. Actually I do recall seeing something about him being in Berkeley earlier this year, but don't ask me where I saw it as I don't remember. It may have been mentioned in the SF Chronicle. They have a restaurant news blurb once a week and one of the daily columnists often mentions who has been seen around town. But you are right, he gets around unnoticed when he wants to.

the real m said...

That ONTD link with the video was revealing. The gossip person is trying to make a big deal about how polite Jake was because he opened the door for her. But he didn't. He opened the door and walked through it himself. Its takes balls to alter the facts even while the contradictory video evidence is being shown at the same time.

prairiegirl said...

It will have been 3 years in another month, m. Believe it or not.

My support is waning...

What am I supporting, anyway?

Like the tide, I'll drift in and out, but each time, the water comes in further and further away.

This blogger is down to a knee. She's not strong like some.

The idea of Sophin not being done until at least next March or later, who in the heck knows, and Jake? Who in the heck knows how long Gaylor is going.

The OTH girls are slobbering all over Sophin right now and I'm not sure if anyone's slobbering over Gaylor, maybe the Disney Channel female demographic.

With ridiculous quotes coming out of Jake and every Sophin lying portrayal, their dark, fantasy world is just not the kind I want to be in right now.

I don't know that they're together anymore. And even if they are, they don't want anyone to know.

If they are, then they're ashamed of it.

I'm trying to follow two people who don't even want to leave breadcrumbs anymore. This morning, that tells me to suspend my hunt.

Sabbaticals/Time-outs seem to be more fun lately. You guys know where to reach me.


Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Is Jake Gyllenhaal's Vice in the past or is it very much in the present?

Dear Sands of Time:
C'mon, doll. Do you really think Vice Superstars like Jakey-poo every really give up their naughty ways?

Bitch Back

Perez said...

Sources are reporting that Weinstein personally appeared and argued in front of the MPAA today to have Blue Valentine's NC-17 rating overturned.

Methodical Muser said...

As has been rumored since even before the Thanksgiving paparazzi "love" fest, EW is now confirming that Jake Gyllenhaal will be in the sequel to Valentine’s DayNew Year’s Eve. What a surprise. This goes along not only with Jake’s sudden attraction to the lightweight rom-com genre, including his recent assertions that he doesn’t want to take himself seriously anymore on film, but the whole Gaylor mess that has been pimped over the last six weeks. Never mind, why Jake’s PR never could get their act together on how Swifty and Jake actually “met." Let's see, was it through Maggie, Reesey, Gwyneth, or perhaps Jake himself might have asked someone to act the “matchmaker.”

Or maybe, just maybe, the whole “she-bang” was connected to a movie and a bearding package all in one. Just like the miraculous conception of Reeke back in 2006.

New Year’s Eve

Methodical Muser said...

^ And this tabloid "hook-up" would also explain all those photos Jake took with Hilary Swank on October 18th for the Elle’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood tribute. That's right. Hilary will be in New Year's Eve too. All things connect.

Methodical Muser said...

Michelle Williams was on The Daily Show last night and she made the announcement about BV now having an R rating.

Weinstein’s Full Frontal Assault

Sexy Superstar said...

Dear Sands of Time:

C'mon, doll. Do you really think Vice Superstars like Jakey-poo ever really give up their naughty ways?

Nice to know that Ted's not letting up on old Toothy...I mean Jakey.

the real m said...

Its now a proven fact that Jake cant carry a film on his own, so doing an ensemble piece is all that is open to him. This news also confirms the blind that was out a few weeks ago, on Gawker I think. Basically that Jake and Swifty are just rehearsing. No surprise, he is still gay.

PG thanks, I did know its coming up on 3 years for Heath but I typed 2 by mistake. I know you don't read much slash since you write, but have you tried Office Politics. It's at 7 chapters but they are short, and its a fast read. Good story so far.

sydney said...

Hollywood stars snapped with Payton Gilmour
Here is Wollongong bub Payton Gilmour where thousands of women would like to be - in the arms of Hollywood heart-throb Jake Gyllenhaal.
This week little Payton, six months old to the day, received a visit from Hollywood superstars Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway just hours before being brought home to Wollongong from the Sydney Children's Hospital...

Jake, Anne and baby

Special K said...

The picture of Jake Anne and the baby is very cute. Jake's big grin too.

Notice Jake is the one holding Payton, and holding her like an old pro.

Seaweed said...

^That didn't go un-noticed Special... :o)