Monday, December 13, 2010

Sesame Code

What's wrong with this picture?Everything's spelled correctly. Font looks good. The title is the same size as the date. Ohhhhh the date. Seems like April 15th is not the release date for Source Code in the US, too taxing perhaps? Source Code has been moved up to release in the US on April 1st. (The date for the UK opening day is up for debate depending on the source as either March the 11th or May the 13th.)

Is Colter trapped in an endless loop of 8 minutes just the set up for bigger April Fool's for the audience?

One thing that Duncan has as a surprise, is a surprise cameo.

Just talked to top secret surprise "cameo" in Source Code... what a lovely... man or woman... or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!

A guess came back

@ManMadeMoon Elmo, that's my final answer!

@Deerstalkerific neither man,nor woman, nor animal... that actually is a pretty good guess!

@ManMadeMoon I thought so! Am I right on the track? Can we expect Jake Gyllenhaal to quickly tickle Elmo?! The questions!

So maybe this is really the movie.

A soldier becomes part of an experimental government program that is investigating a train bombing. He is forced to relive the incident over and over again as a Muppet until he can find out who is responsible and how to prevent the next terrorist attack from occurring.

The Sesame Code enables you cross over to another Muppets' identity for the last 8 minutes of his life.

Miss Lady. I know you see Elmo but stop tickling me. I'm really Colter Stephens. I am a military pilot. I was sent here to save this train. Stop laughing.

The jump back is the killer.

Question of the day: Why did Jonah Hill get to talk about mustaches with Elmo, but Jake couldn't talk about..... bear mustaches?


From Lainey who gets it right so said...

I hope this isn't Jake in 20 years.
Carrie is right. Straight women don't care.

From Lainey who gets it right so said...

I hope this isn't Jake in 20 years.
Carrie is right. Straight women don't care.

Special K said...

A little more about Source Code courtesy of

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan race against the clock

In the new sci-fi thriller Source Code (out April 1), Gyllenhaal plays a military operative who is sent back in time — over and over again — to figure out how to foil a terrorist plot on a train. On board, he falls for one of the ill-fated passengers (Monaghan). The movie's multi-level plot has already earned blogosphere comparisons to brainteasers like Inception — which doesn't bother director Duncan Jones (Moon) one bit. ''I'm a big fan of Chris Nolan's and would love to be put in the same category as him someday,'' he says. (Fun fact: Jones is David Bowie's son.) But don't look for any Nolanesque nihilism here. ''The tone of the film is quite light,'' says Jones. ''We get to see Jake play a leading-man action role but still have that little sense of humor to him — almost like an Indiana Jones.'' So it's Indiana Jones meets Inception? All aboard!

ted said...

Who is Hollywood's Hottest New Couple? We asked you which new It couple made up of delish exes Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner would last: Jaylor (that's T.S. and Jake Gyllenhaal) or Tily (that's T.L. and Lily Collins).

You Said: More than half of you said that neither couple would last too long. While some of you commenters obviously bitched about the lack of Robsten in the poll (c'mon—they can't win everything), we were surprised to see that the celeb coupling that a lot of you readers want to see is Tay Squared back together!

We Said: Totally agree—well, with the poll results (no thanks to a Tay-Tay reunion). Jaylor may be totally coffee-date cutesy now, and Tily are playing their relaysh relatively low-key, but we don't expect either of these twosomes to go the distance. So why not have fun now!]

Jersey Tom said...

m I was the one who asked Ted point blamk for a yes or no on BT. He answered witrh a yes. Yesterday I tried to cut Jake some slcak for doing everything possible to achieve his passion. But I am not longer a beleiever in BT. I just can't believe that Jake and Austin are sick enough mf's to be parents and do what they are doing. If they are they have reached to point of unforgiveable in my eyes.

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, everyone. I thought I would just put my two cents in about that recent Daily Mail interview people have been discussing this past weekend. First off, as anyone even slightly acquainted with Jake's interviews knows, each one is a psychological and grammatical study in what it means to be a classic closet case, while still having to answer direct questions about a personal life, hidden from the public.

Sometimes, these interviews, or what I like to call -- torturous exercises in deceit and misdirection -- are sliced and diced to the point of incoherency. In these instances, a common technique is the insertion of out of control ellipses, which we know are used to intentionally omit words from someone's direct quote. The end result has been fondly called Gylliebabble, obtuse and quirky, but what we really know is Jake’s sad and pathetic clean-up detail brigade at work. The main goal, in these circumstances, is to extract words from Jake’s mouth that more than likely reveal too much. One of my favorite recent examples of this ongoing practice is Jake's recent GQ interview where he talked about that touchy topic of family: "Family ... my family, you know ... I love them ... whatever they do, whatever they are ... I love them ... you're actually going to make me cry..." Hmmm. Okay, Jake. Pretty emotional for such an easy question. Never mind the fact that I’m sure there were six times, in what should have been a straightforward response, where his thoughts became so contorted and confused that whole segments had to be omitted.

Another technique is not to supply the interviewer’s questions. The current Daily Mail post is a classic example of this "journalistic" free-for-all. As a result, we get a cut and paste job, a blank canvas wide open for a stream of consciousness stroll now memory lane, aka Jake’s Greatest Hits. There’s Lance Armstrong and that first supercaffeinated bike ride. Jake’s passion for cycling. Brokeback Mountain. Paul Newman, etc. Yet, somehow back in 2007, that same Daily Mail publication had a completely different approach (see link below). Why so different this time? Well, maybe, just maybe, Jake’s life has become so incredibly “complicated” these past 3 years that clarity has become the enemy that must be avoided at all costs.

Another oddity, in this quasi-interview, is the bizarre and inconsistent use of quotation marks. Sometimes we see what's suppose to be direct statements bracketed by two quotations. Other times, there is only a single quote mark. Unbelievably, certain comments don’t even have a punctuated ending. The UK use to prefer single quotation marks but current standard practice has been to adopt the American usage. Yet here we are given a confusing hybrid which not only makes the text difficult to follow, but makes it impossible to know if a quote is a direct one, a paraphrase, an interpretation, or something that was not said at all. Sometimes the interviewer is simply reformatting a comment that was extracted from a previous interview or context. The quotes about Brokeback, for example, have been definitely repurposed from earlier interviews, as has the Lance Armstrong one. And, that classic comment about being a "mini" Buddhist was directly reworked from Jake’s GQ interview from May:

“I do believe in some way that you choose your family. I’m a little Buddhist in my thinking, in that I believe there is choice made for a lesson to be learned.” GQ, May 2010

'I am a little bit Buddhist - in that I believe, in some way, that you choose your family. Daily Mail, December 2010

See how this all works? Kind of like a literary Photoshop hack job like those frozen-in-time leaves that were recently discovered in the now infamous Swyll and Maggie Thanksgiving photos.

2007 Daily Mail Interview

Methodical Muser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m c said...

Jake Gyllenhaal has admitted he threw up when cyclist Lance Armstrong took him on a gruelling bike ride.

The 29-year-old star said he got the chance to go cycling with the Tour de France legend but he pushed him hard.

He told Britain's Live magazine: 'Lance Armstrong saw me talking about bikes in a magazine, called me up and said: 'You want to go for a ride?' And that was that - we rode.

'I took lots of caffeine and those energy packets and just went for it. I think I may have been sick the first ride I went on with him. I kept up with him, but I don't think Lance was pushing very hard.'

destiny said...

Regarding Ted, maybe it would hurt Jake to come out now because of all the bearding. Don't think Reese or Taylor or the rest of HW would look kindly on how it would look.

Also, with his career not doing well, it might make things worse right now.

Disagree with Ted about the state of his career. True, nothing has been a bomb. But after the last few movies, there doesn't seem to be anyone lining up for his services.

prairiegirl said...

Sometimes, these interviews, or what I like to call -- torturous exercises in deceit and misdirection

lol. I like that. Torturous exercises. Yesssssss....they are.

lol. Thanks, m&m!

prairiegirl said...


Happy Birthday, lovely Wicked.

AUS10 said...

Just did a great interview with@robynrosstvg for tv guide. She is lovely. Look for it soon.
37 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

Cool. Austin in TV Guide. On His Own, too. Without the beard.

That's what I'm talking about.

Tonight, anyways. lol.

Ahhhhh, The Nutcracker is on PBS. I love The Nutcracker, everything about it. Love the set designs, the dancing, the music. I like how there are a few certain parts where everyone claps.

OwlGirl said...

very insightful and interesting analysis, methodical muser.

“I do believe in some way that you choose your family. I’m a little Buddhist in my thinking, in that I believe there is choice made for a lesson to be learned.” GQ, May 2010

'I am a little bit Buddhist - in that I believe, in some way, that you choose your family. Daily Mail, December 2010

Totally could have been a spliced quote, sure. Is the Daily Mail that crappy? I'm a journalist of sorts and would NEVER do that. It's also totally foreign to me to check a quote with a publicist first to let them have a say in parsing words. But then, I write about very different topics - not entertainment! And the people I quote don't even have publicists! And if you say something, it's on record. I'll take out stammers and "ums" but that's it.

You know, Jake repeats himself a lot though. He's always talking about cooking, his family, and cooking with his family. Then there are the times he repeats himself almost verbatim, like the bit about "it's a man's job to find the right woman" or something. Like he's reading from a script... that his publicist co-wrote.

OwlGirl said...

Hope this doesn't offend.
I have ADHD. I'm one of the super ambitious, busy, overthinker types.
I tend to recognize others with ADHD pretty quickly.
Anyone know if Jake is ADHD?
It would explain the frequent Dr visits. It's required that ADHD med refills be in writing, and the prescribing Dr must check in personally.
I could go into more detail but I see it in Jake, in so many ways.
Many gifted artists are ADHD - it's probably quite common in Hollywood.

the real m said...

M & M, terrific analysis of the print interview process. And these words "torturous exercises in deceit and misdirection" totally nailed it. I've actually stopped reading most of the print interviews as they've been rehashing the same old crap for a while. Bravo for such an insightful summary of what it is all about.

m c said...

Jake Gyllenhaal has said that he wants to be a daddy.

The Love And Other Drugs star, who is believed to be dating Taylor Swift, said that having a family is his ultimate goal.

The 29-year-old actor
revealed to Attitude magazine, 'Family is ultimately what I want.'

He added that he is keen to pass down the lessons taught to him by his parents to his own kids.

pics said...

12/13 Jake Out for A Drive in Los Angeles - IHJ

A said...

A few years ago owlgirl there was chatter on some Jake blogs that Jake suffered from ADHD , it was dismissed as BS inside info. I don't have inside info on the matter but I know people with ADHD and he has some classic symptoms.

I think it was the DC forum where it first came up.

You should now. said...

^^^Nah is was your usual "reliable" source of WTF.

A said...

When the subject came up on the DC forum, one of the posters dismissed it becasue they said that Jake was an actor and how could he remember his lines if he had ADD and he should know because he was studying to be a Doctor, LOL!!
Poor Adrian, he is long gone from DC, he set up a gossip site with his BF ast heard but he obviously is clueless , especially if he was actually studying to be a MD.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake was just nominated for a Golden Globe. So was Anne.

Jersey Tom said...

Phillies just got Cliff Lee back.
GO PHILLIES................

Congrats to Jake on his Golden Globe nom. Extend the contract.

prairiegirl said...

Congratulations, Jake!

It is an honor.

Thanks for passing along the news, M&M.

prairiegirl said...

I'm happy for him.

I look at the 3 or 4 pics of him driving on IHJ and that is not the Jake we all saw when we first came to this site.

Special K said...

Back from very early morning shopping. Grabbing rides when I can. Hey it's carpooling!

Congratulations to Jake and Anne on their Golden Globe nominations for Actor and Actress, Musical or Comedy.

Special K said...

Jake was making it loud and clear that he was in LA after all the birthday speculation. Ms. Swift was in Nashville.

The question is did he wait until there was public confirmation that she was in Nashville before he did it.

prairiegirl said...

Who on earth ever said that "My Favorite Things" was a Christmas song?

This is one of my holiday pet peeves.

This song came from The Sound of Music which is clearly not a holiday movie. The lyrics mention packages and somehow this seems to qualify it as a holiday song. I say it does not.

This being said, I just heard an awesome, sensual version of it from Barbra Streisand on my new fave holiday internet station.

Methodical Muser said...

I look at the 3 or 4 pics of him driving on IHJ and that is not the Jake we all saw when we first came to this site.

These last three years have definitely taken their toll on Jake's attitude. Living in a deep closet, while also trying to create a high profile public persona that you're straight, is a taxing thing. The accessible, friendly and playful Jake is now hidden beneath layers of resentment and frustration. Sometimes, I think Jake actually blames his fans for what has happened to his career, when he really should be looking in a mirror and accepting the consequences of his deceptive ways.

Jake was making it loud and clear that he was in LA after all the birthday speculation. Ms. Swift was in Nashville.

I agree. That 911 fiasco last week was painful to watch. On a lighter side note, that phone number prominently displayed on the passenger window of Jake's Q7 family mobile (12/13 photos posted on IHJ), is for a place near USC, as opposed to the more upscale Audi dealerships located in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills. Let's see. Who might happen to inhabit a special place in Jake's heart and who is known to be a USC alumnus? And, I don't mean, Soapy-I live to hug the environment-Bush.

prairiegirl said...

I really would like to start a movement to end this "My Favorite Things" as a holiday song. It's not.

Another holiday song question: I didn't know "March/Parade of the Wooden Soliders" had lyrics.

I just heard a version by Harry Connick Jr. and he was singing lyrics to it. lol. I didn't know it had them.

lol said...

Exclusive: "Cuddly" Taylor and Jake "Obsessed" With One Another at B-Day

A partygoer tells US Swift and Gyllenhaal were inseparable at her booze-free soiree

Jake Gyllenhaal was all the intoxication Taylor Swift needed at her 21st birthday party at her Nashville home on Monday night.
A source tells that Swift celebrated her big milestone with Gyllenhaal, close pals and no booze at a "small" and "super low key" bash at home.
Although she's now of legal age, Swift didn't drink alcohol at the Christmas-themed bash, the reveler says. In fact, the source says, "no one was drinking" during the fete.
But she and Gyllenhaal were "cuddly and so cute" and "obsessed" with one another, the reveler says.
The party-goer adds that no other celebs surfaced for the fete at the country star's recently purchased home, which was decorated with yuletide decorations throughout.
"I want a Christmas-themed birthday, because I love Christmas as much as my birthday," Swift recently told Us Weekly in Taylor Swift: Inside My World. "Combining the two just seems like the perfect festivity."
She hinted that she wasn't interested in imbibing alcohol too much: "My friends drink, but I've never felt the need to," Swift said.
The twosome were reunited in L.A. last week following Gyllenhaal's sojourn to Australia, where he was promoting Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway. Gyllenhaal and Hathaway were both nominated for Golden Globes on Tuesday morning for their performances in the film.


So the question is: was Jake really at the beard's birthday bash?

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Special K said...

Funny how he could be in LA and then this story about being cuddly in Nashville.

Well you know now why Jake was seen in LA on Monday. He killed that story with 4 little pictures.

Yup Jake looks like an old pro holding that baby. Usually it's the guys who are skiddish like the baby might break. But it's Anne who looks like if she touches her she will break.

prairiegirl said...

cuddly & obsessed. LOL.
That's awesome.

I saw this picture on OHJ of Jake & Anne at a children's hospital in Australia. They're holding a little baby.

And Jake looks so comfortable holding that baby (it's not even Anne holding him, it's Jake), you would think he's a pediatrician.

nashville howdown said...

All those pics say is that Jake was in L.A. on Monday during the day either morning or afternoon as you can see that it's daylight and the pics had to be taken early in the day since IHJ posted so quickly.

The Us story said the party was in the evening and it's about a 4 hour plane ride from L.A. to Nashville.

There are pics of Taylor going to a studio in Nashville on Monday morning so she wasn't celebrating during the day.

There were tweets and fb sightings of Jake in L.A. in the AM on Monday but none after, I would assume the pics were of him in L.A. in the morning.

So Jake was riding around L.A. in the Am as scheduled and he checked with his PR since there are no further sightings of him after and it will look like he ran off to see Taylor for her evening bash, LOL!

PS: That Audi he is riding in is a rental and it looks like the same Audi he was in during helicoptergate.

nashville howdown said...

Read the story again SK, it says Monday night, those pics of Jake were taken of him Monday in the day.

Four hours to Nashville from L.A.
I'm sure the interns that wrote that story was well aware of the pics posted on IHJ early Tuesday AM.

Story ain't dead unless pics show upnof him riding around L.A. in his rented Audi on Monday or delayed tweets or fb sightings pop up.

failbook said...

At least I got to see Jake Gyllenhal today- plaid shirt, avaitors, walking an adorable German Shepherd-PERFECTION
Monday at 7:33pm

Special K said...

Give it up.

If she was in LA Thursday and Friday, why didn't he go back with her then. He is supposed to "obsessed" isn't he. What did he have to do all weekend? Riding around on the bike?

And funny how it was pointed out that no other celebrities were there. It's called CYA journalism.

Jake going out and being seen like that - is classic passive aggressive move - and classic Jake.

Jersey Tom said...

The only comment I have seen so far about the Best Actor Musical or Comedy is that Giamantti is the fav but because the category is so weak Jake could pull it off. Most are shocked Jim Carrey wasn't nomintaed for "I Love You Phillip Morris". Anne has no shot Annette Benning is a shoo in.

nashville howdown said...

Yes, that was one if the FB sightings I saw as well. She posted the sighting Monday, 3:30pm not 7:33PM. Most likely she saw him and atti earlier in the day since she said I saw him today and not I just saw him.

FB isn't tweet. So when and where did she see him? He was seen at Lamill on Monday in the morning was it there? He was spotted there on Sunday with Atti.

fb said...

3:30AM not PM You can FB like you tweet from your phone.

failbook said...

3:30pm not 7:33PM

I'm in a different country to you, so the 7:33pm is "my time"

prairiegirl said...

uh, it's hoedown, not howdown.


You know, in the end result, it doesn't matter, hoe or how, L.A. or Nash.

They're as fake as Splenda or Nutrasweet.

kel said...

It'a actually ho-down (when referencing Tay Tay)

nashville hoedown said...

Tweets of Jake and Taylor at the Chateau Marmont on Saturday, she left L.A. after that since all the other sightings of Jake were of him solo: riding his bike in Venice, with atti at Lamill on Sunday and Monday morning, etc.

Passive aggressive my ass, if that was the case he would have driven around L.A. in his rented Audi late at night, those pics may surface but the PR story was that it was in the evening. I recall reading that she planned on having a quite celebration at home with friends and family, friends I assumed at the time are non-celeb friends.

And you are the one that needs to give it up SK. Why would you lie and say that person posted that at 7:33 and then link to it where it clearly is seen that she posted it 4 hours earlier and that she said that she saw him today not just saw him which would coincide with the other earlier sightings.

You seem to forget that Jake lives in L.A. and has rarely been around there lately, I would like to think that he is seeing friends, taking care of Atti, etc while there. Her home is in Nashville and has family and business there.

What I would like to know is where Jake was on 12/13 later on in the day, late afternoon/evening. Are there pics or any sightings that places him in L.A. in the evening?

nashville howdown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A said...

fbL she said that she left her charger at home and couldn't text so she didn't see him in "real time".

So it was probably earlier in the day

OwlGirl said...

Has Jake taken to private jets or something? No airport photos, but he's suddenly four hours away.

failbook said...

Trolly, I don't give a shit if it's like twitter or not. Beleve it or not, there are humans on other continents. I'm pointing out that FB displays local time.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LOL said...

Why should she be singled out becasue she has a vagina and breasts.

Read before you rant. JG gets called a famewhore on a daily basis here.

prairiegirl said...

Let me re-phrase that last statement.

Howdown, clean up your talk. There's no need to address people in terms of bodyparts.

We're all civilized, educated people here. I don't think we talk like that at work or to our friends, so why do it here.

Let's clean it up.

Special K said...

Nashville - you need to give it up

You gave yourself away again with your comments.

OwlGirl said...

Don't see the US Weekly article. It's gone. Can't find it. Only repeated versions on two other websites.

Taylor Swift doesn't drink, my arse. Oh, gosh darn it - I'm thinking of Priscilla Desert that's the lush. Keep getting them mixed up!

Her PR is killing two vices with one stone with this one. Or, trying to.

prairiegirl said...

Well, that would be hilarious if it was there but now taken down.

That would be darn hilarious.

failbook said...

Why would you lie and say that person posted that at 7:33 and then link to it where it clearly is seen that she posted it 4 hours earlier

You're a paranoid trolly. I posted the link not SK. As I tried to explain to you, the time shown is my local time. When you look at it, it is your local time.

I have taken a screenshot just to shut you up trolly. link

got it? said...

So is everyone happy now? Have the resident math and timezone geniuses figured out that FB posting was made at 12:33am LA time Sunday night/Monday morning? Therefore, FBer saw Jake earlier that day - Sunday.

Special K said...

Well it looks US Weekly pulled it. It points more to Jake going rogue and it didn't get back to the other camp from Tennessee.

Just around the drive neighborhood. Yeah that's it.

there is no team tenn, only L.A as in jake said...

Us pulled it IMO because it was drivel even for them, they need to juice it up, they will get it right next time!

It wouldn't be the ist time Us or people pulled one of there online stories, interns with idle hands!!

If your precious Jake wanted to go"rouge" he would have been seen in the evening, there are no (so far) pics or sightings of Jake in L.A. late afternoon/evening.

BTW, Got it is right. the actual FB sighting of Jake was Sunday, which is when Jake was seen with Atti and the description of Jake wearing a plaid shirt, fits to what he was wearing in those IHJ pics dated 12/13, it's red plaid. It may be a different shirt but too much of a coincidence.

It wouldn't be the ist time IHJ and other sites got the date wrong, I bet the pics are from Sunday.

And why would Jake be driving a rented car, taking it to the airport?

Don't get mad because you weren't invited SK!

Special K said...

Changing your name won't change who you are "Nashville", "There is no team", and what other name you pick today.

GossipCop said...

Taylor Swift Celebrates 21st Birthday Without Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift celebrated her 21st birthday over the weekend, but many outlets have gotten pretty much everything about it wrong.
According to reports, Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal partied “at Taylor’s Nashville home,” where they were “obsessed” with each other.
Perez Hilton claims there was “no booze” at the soiree, period, but says Swift and Gyllenhaal were “cuddly” all night, asking, “Who needs a martini when you can get intoxicated on GyllenHAWT!”
And who needs facts when you can make up stuff?
Gossip Cop spoke with a partygoer and learned that the combination birthday/Christmas celebration (which Swift holds every year for her team) did NOT occur at her home.
The party DID, however, have cocktails and wine on hand for anyone who wanted to imbibe (although Swift herself did not).
As for Gyllenhaal, who supposedly spent the night all over Swift, Gossip Cop has learned the actor wasn’t even there.