Saturday, December 11, 2010

Whatcha' Thinkin'?

Austin is giving back via Clothes off Our Back. But it's not the clothes off his back, but a hat off his head. (well sort of)

Austin joined others in decorating a New Era hat to celebrate New Era's 90th Anniversary and raise money to benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand and Feeding America.

Check out the other hats up for auction.

While some kept with a singular theme. Austin took the chance to put a little bit of everything on his. It's like Austin's Phrenology Cap of Stuff with sunglasses!

Let's start with the frontal lobe.
Tyler Durden is from Fight Club. Green Earth and Ham. (Is Austin saying he's not only green but Seussical too?) And check out the shades - notice what they say? And the X over the mouth.

The Parietal and Occipital lobes. Getting a little scientific with the shout out. A bike and ear muffs. (What's up with the ear muffs?) And a notice to those who can see it, they are being videotaped.
Now getting Temporal.
The right side goes Orwellian. Doesn't Orwellian +100 sounds like an 80's tribute band?
The left side. The Twitter for Two Wheel Tuesday . Call for not using oil. And of course a Blue Tooth. (And that's quite an impressive tooth- sure can't miss it)

So, what do you think he's trying to say?


pink is the new blog said...

In a perfect world, we’d get to see more photos of Jake and Anne together (and NONE of Jake and Taylor) but, alas, we live in an imperfect world :( Ugh … will you just look at how perfect Jake and Anne look with a little baby between them? ::SIGH:: If only Jathaway were a real romantic couple … If only. source

AUS10 said...

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the real m said...

You have to hand it to Austin for being creative.

I just chalked off the comment re no children from Jake. He certainly can't just come out and say he has children. What else can he say. I'm gay and we've been hiding our child for the past 3 years? No. He's just trying to distance himself from Toothy.

Glad to see that he is opening up more about Heath and how close they were.

From a article about Tom Hardy being the next best thing "When we look back at the year in movies, we're faced with a number of high-profile disappointments. Remember 'Prince of Persia,' 'Knight and Day' or 'Clash of the Titans'? Us neither." Ouch.

Special K said...

It's coincidental or maybe subliminal but doesn't that oil spot on Austin's hat remind you of a continent?

Big day in Boston. Sox tickets went on sale today. Woo hoo! Can't wait till Spring. Fenway here I come.

And what's the holidays without the annual Santa Speedo Run downtown.
Santa Speedo Run

destiny said...

Agree Owlgirl that the comment about not having kis is very odd, single men without kids do not talk that way.

Agree M that it is probably Jake hitting another checkmark on the pr dispute TT stories list.

D.D.S. said...

Uh, why is there a molar on Austin's hat? :)

the real m said...

The molar is a bluetooth.

Special K said...

But he really knows how to make a good tooth. ; )

guess said...

(What's up with the ear muffs?)

Donnie Darko?

OwlGirl said...

I don’t know. It bothers me immensely that Jake would say “I don’t have children” with intent in an interview, knowing it would be published, if he has a child.
His child will read that someday.
Jake, or any gay actor, could be publicly outed at any time. Jake perhaps more than others given some of his risky behavior. Bearding is one thing – after being outed a person can always fall back on an explanation of being bisexual, experimenting, just friends with affection, or even admit to a relationship amped for publicity. But one could not as easily recover their reputation from having deliberately lied about having a child.
And it was so unnecessary. No interviewer would ever ask, “do you have children?” The truth is, it’s probably not uncommon that some celebs do have children who aren’t exactly public, from prior relationships, one night stands (Jude Law’s most recent child would not be public had the baby’s mother not gone public herself.) It’s just not something that would be asked – too intrusive. If, three years from now, Baby Tile was publicly seen with Jake and all of a sudden Jake had a child, he would be able to explain it away if he wanted to still be closeted sexually – the baby’s Mom is not in her life, I adopted the baby and no further comment – whatever.
But not now. Jake went there. He deliberately said he didn’t have a child.
Again, I’m new. You all have been at this, this waiting, for a very long time. I took a three-year break from Toothy when I had my kid, I took a break from basically all pop culture. I pretty much missed all of Reeke! Then I came back, started reading Ted again, and saw Toothy was still around. I used to love Jake. My brother is gay and I hoped, post-Reese, that Jake might come out soon. I know the impact that would have. I thought I’d hang out here a bit and see what was happening, and I’ve enjoyed it. But I have questions.
I understand the casual bearding, and I understand PR relationships – they happen with straight celeb couples, too – look at Jen Aniston’s string of them. But I don’t think Toothy is enough of an issue on the general movie-going public’s radar these days to warrant a PR checklist of denials – from Adam Levine’s “Jake’s Not Gay” to “Brokeback was Just Acting” to “I Don’t Have Children.”
Jake’s lack of box office boom isn’t because of gay rumors – we all know this. I think it’s a combo of some bad luck with scripts and directors, some bad movie choices (PoP). And maybe, he just doesn’t have it – what it takes to be the next Brad Pitt. I’m not sure why he wants to be – it places him further away from an open lifestyle, and he has enough cash already to live with incredible comfort. His sister and brother-in-law make many great movie choices, in contrast – indies that are edgier roles.
If Jake were straight and not Toothy Tile, just for a moment entertain this idea. If Jake were not Toothy, he would have, in his humorous way, outed himself as NOT Toothy Tile, long ago. On Saturday Night Live or something. With Ted C. as a guest star. He would not have let this go on and on if he weren’t Toothy.
But of course, he is Toothy.
So now I have an opinion. Or two. Jake is either a total ash-hole who doesn’t deserve to be a parent to a child he denies and hides. Or, there truly is no Baby Tile. It was all talk, no action, and Ted got that one wrong.
If Ted got that one wrong, would he ever admit it?
People bash Ted for being washed-up or whatever, but I think he has more access – more real access (not just to PR flacks) than most. I tend to trust him over others.
Honestly, I don’t know what to think. But Jake’s comment makes me angry if he does, in fact, have a kid.

Methodical Muser said...

It's coincidental or maybe subliminal but doesn't that oil spot on Austin's hat remind you of a continent?

Looks like Australia to me. That Austin is a clever, clever boy. The red X through the mouth of the head form is more than telling about his inability to communicate what he really wants to say. We know it's not about the environment because he is more than vocal about that topic. Let's seeeeeee. What topic could be off limits? Hmmmm. Could the subject be related to that prominent blue tooth that is stuck on the headset. Now, who is known for the most beautiful "blue" in the world? Yes, I know it has a double meaning. Sorta of like the doublespeak in Orwell's 1984, which he alludes too also. The theme is a creative way of expressing perhaps what's in his heart or maybe his dreams since the occipital lobe is where they come from.

No BT said...

Well said OwlGirl. It's very telling that other regulars have not said a word about Jake's four words: “I don’t have children”.

No-one can spin another meaning to those words. You are right - he either has no children, or he is a more selfish, egotistical famewhore than I even imagined (by pubically denying BT's existence).

Bottom line: There is no BT.

No BT said...

**publically not pubically (lol)

OwlGirl said...'s Kate Casey: Fake Love: The Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Cover Story

OwlGirl said...'s Kate Casey: Fake Love: The Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Cover Story

lol said...

That is not what Australia looks like, sorry

LOL said...

LOL. IA. The tooth looks more like Australia!

actually said...

I hadn't noticed it, but if you think about it, not only does the oil spill resemble Australia, but look where he positions the drawing. Looks like it's "down under" to me. Maybe another double meaning like the "blue" toothy.

Special K said...


The article in The Daily Mail is an amalgam of different quotes that Jake has done over the past, and a new quote here or there. The first half of the article is new about the movie, and then it becomes a serious of quotes that that they trying to loop together. Like talking about living out in Calgary is from an interview he did when BBM came out. Knowing that and that they are pulling quotes from old interviews makes the comment about no children highly suspect that it was said presently.

By the very end there isn't even a transition sentence. How do you go from talking about spinning out on the track to Paul Newman, to "I am a little bit Budhist"

This isn't the first time a mag/paper has done this. All the quotes are true but put together it looks all present tense.

Special K said...

Good catch Actually.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Special.

I have to say that while I have learned a lot since coming to OMG a couple years ago (gee whiz, has it been that long, even? It seems like yesterday!), I am still learning.

And yes, I have learned to recognize tapioca pudding when I see it in People and US magazine.

But interviews that these guys do in magazines, I've been clueless. I've always figured the celeb sits down, they do the interview, and everything that was said & exchanged is what goes into the article that we see. All in real time.

And how else are we to know? I sure don't because I only started following Jake when I came to OMG. I had just barely seen Brokeback.

It takes the JakeHelpDesk personnel like Special, Destiny, Tom, M&M, & m to open the Archive Vaults and dig this stuff out.

But if Jake's people get first approval on at least the major printed media, then yeah, I can see where we're not going to necessarily get all of the truth. Or things are going to get "left out". Taken out of context. Sliced & diced, put back together with Gorilla Glue.

prairiegirl said...

And with that being said, I will say this until I rot.

I believe Jake & Austin have a kid, if not two.

I don't care what they print that Jake said, whether he said it 3 years ago or said it yesterday.

The pattern of Jake's medical visits around the same date each month, the Paris stroller pic, the blond tot in the PoP crew picture, yes, the footprint on Jake's shorts, the slip by the Brothers director that Jake was "up all night with the baby", the purchase of a glorified Station Wagon, the secrecy of where Jake stays, the huge place Jake stayed at while in Morocco, the need for a private entrance into his London digs, Jake's evolving involvement with charities/TV shows/events having to do with young children, I'm sure there are more but right now those are the ones that come immediately to my mind.

All of these things are pointing to backing up a claim that Ted has said and stuck by ever since he first mentioned the swirling of the juices.

Oh yeah, I definitely still believe.

prairiegirl said...

OwlGirl, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have been right there with you and I am sorry that when you first came to OMG, I think I said I was hesitant or reluctant to give of myself because I'd been burned before.

And that's not right and it's sad but unfortunately, that's the way I've had to approach things now.

But you've hung in there, consistently posted and yes, you doubt. I don't blame you one bit. It is crazy.

But however you end up thinking or believing, thanks for being so straightforward and I'm sorry I doubted you when you first came. I hope you can forgive that.

I have alot of bark & bite, but I can be nice, believe it or not.

Jersey Tom said...

I have been writing about Jake being desperate and I think he is. I have also said Jake is talking smack when he says he is willing to let it all go. I most definitely think he is not. My guess is that Jake's passion to be a star motivates him to do what he is doing. I also think maybe I shouldnt think too poorly of someone who is giving it all he has got to achieve his goals and passions. He mostly likely thinks he is doing what he has to do. I sure would love to see him be himself but like his hated Dad said in so many words Jake has taken the plunge and there is no turning back. Painful for those who believe Jake is Toothy but the reality we have to deal with and watch.

prairiegirl said...

Tom, good luck to your Eagles. Dest, good luck to your Jets. Special, to your Pats.

Chiefs? I didn't even know we were in 1st place. LOLLLLL!!!

The other morning in the office, we were all chatting and my super said something about "so and so" being at this special event for Bubba Starling. And I said, "Who's so and so?" And the whse superviser said, "Gosh, my name, he's only the quarterback of the Chiefs!!"


LOLLLLLL!!!! Man, there was a day 10 years ago when I would have known that but I just don't follow NFL anymore. I didn't even know who our QB was.

I'm too busy blogging and writing now.

Special K said...

OMG has great resource not just of information but people who are a part of the archives, and I would be amiss to not to include Stubborn, London TB, and others as part of that group you mentioned.