Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Stock-ings

Austin won't be the only one getting presents, Jakey has a list that he is checking twice, hoping that him being little naughty (with a big tall Texan) and nice, will let him get his stocking stuffed.

Jake's love for cooking, gives cook books a permanent on the gift list. Mark Bittman's The Food Matters Cookbook has more than 500 recipes toward great dishes filled with vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and beans.

And it's not just what you eat to be eco-conscious but what you cook with too. How about spoons and spatulas made from recycled plastic water bottles. The chartreuse utensils are light but sturdy and dishwasher safe, and can be used at temperatures up to 425 degrees F.

Gardening and growing his own food has been a passion and how can you not have passion with bon-bons. Garden Bon-Bons that is. They're made of clay, compost, and herb seeds. Just plant when the ground thaws and they'll grow into basil, parsley, chives, and thyme.

Instead of cooking up a Ipad how about turning it into an Etch-a-Sketch. Well to look like one with an Etch-a-Sketch Ipad case. And talk about a fake out for paps. The rags would have a field day with being seen shopping in a FAO Schwartz and now carrying around an Etch-A-Sketch.

Wandering through the forest calling "here biggy, biggy, biggy" is not the best way to find Bigfoot. (well then again... maybe it could be just not in the forest) But Archie McPhee's says it is a tin of root beer flavored Bigfoot Mints because Bigfoot loves root beer. And they claim that sprinkling around the campsite and will have you roasting marshmallows with the big guy by nightfall! And then what would you drink with a Sasquatch? Sasquatch Seltzer.

Hairy not scary. Now before beards go biblical they can be rough and irritating. How about some all natural beard oil to soften it up. And Jake can be the dude with Dude No. 1?

Jake has shown his love for The Sox, Pats, and yes Celtics, (ok.. and the Lakers). Now he might not wear underwear all the time but socks are a different story and he can still be a fan even in LA.

Take a grandpa sweater, a zippy hoodie, plaid shirt, and elbow patches and what do you get? This. The answer to all Jake's fashion dilemmas and works out driving the family truckster.

You can't love Broadway and musicals and not love Stephen Sondheim. Finishing the Hat—titled after perhaps his most autobiographical song, from Sunday in the Park with George—Sondheim has not only collected his lyrics for the first time, he is giving readers a rare personal look into his life as well as his remarkable productions. The book has the lyrics for all of his musicals from 1954 to 1981—including West Side Story, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music and Sweeney Todd, as well never-before-published songs from each show, songs that were cut or discarded before seeing the light of day. He writes about working with his mentor, Oscar Hammerstein II, and his collaborations with Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents, Ethel Merman, Richard Rodgers, Angela Lansbury, and Harold Prince.

Jake knows all about geese a'laying and how could he turn down some from his favorite Goose?

Another year another coffee maker, maybe this one will do the trick and keep Black Coffee in Bed instead. It makes a cappuccino, cafe’ mocha, latte, or a latte’ macchiato, all with the touch of just one button. And it's programmable and let you personalize your coffee size, strength, and temperature. Maple and sprinkles not include.

Now real deal sweets. Jake is a connoisseur of the Black & White cookie, but why not celebrate with something a little more grown up like a Black & White Torte from Zabars. And it works with bagels and lox, Christmas dinner or a little late night holiday Goose.


Music Lover said...

I always look forward to your creative holiday gift list every year. This year it's the Dude No. 1. :)

Special K said...

There is a new international trailer for Source Code. It has a few new things.

Source Code International Trailer

Jersey Tom said...

Trailer looks awesome. Definitely my kind of movie.

Music Lover said...

It does look awesome - I love the way it begins, that dreamy-distortion, and Jake looks good in it. The story sounds intriguing. :)

AUS10 said...

# Got a little crazy on the snowboard. May or may not have broken my wrist. Stay tuned. X-ray coming soon. half a minute ago via web

prairiegirl said...

Oh Austin.....Join the ranks, buddy!!!

prairiegirl said...

He could be playing Wii. No one says he's near actual snow.

I was at a Best Buy about a week ago and you should have seen these 2 girls duking it out with Wii boxing. They were kicking and punching like crazy. lol.

I tell you what. I'd be doing great if I didn't have to wear this stupid boot!


He told me to wear it at all times these first few weeks except when resting. I figure if I'm sitting in a chair, I'm resting so that dang thing is coming off. It's killing my foot. I hate it!!! HATE THE BOOT!! BOOT IS BAD!!!!

aaah. Feel better now.

Special K said...

This is about a blogger who had won a the grand prize of a hair cut with celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa and ended up meetubg Jake when she went to get her haircut. He and Anne were doing the shoot for the EW cover.

Selfish Mom: My hair and Jake Gyllenhaal

Eventually Jake Gyllenhaal wandered in, and hung out for a while as I was getting my hair cut. Yes, hung out. Thankfully, having to keep still for Sarah kept me from leaping on top of him. That would have been embarrassing. We talked about kids, and NY theater, and Brooklyn…I think. It was all a blur. I don’t get wowed by celebrity – it just doesn’t seem to take much to get famous these days – but I’m easily floored by talent, and he’s got it. I think I first fell in love with him in Moonlight Mile, and what can I say about Brokeback Mountain that hasn’t already been said? He’s amazing.

I’m not usually one to need pictures with every celebrity that I meet. Often I’d rather take the picture than be in it, or skip it altogether. In this case, though, I was the one sheepishly asking for a picture. I have to say that Jake’s expression in the pic is just about what it should be: another picture with a person I don’t know, yawn. I don’t blame him, I was basically bothering him in a place where there aren’t usually fans wandering around. He was super nice about it all.

prairiegirl said... they talked about kids, huh? Jake is so into kids these days, isn't he?

And I thought that kind of talk of his was supposed to stop when PoP was done?

Hmmm. Apparently not.

Jake is really looking blase in all of these fan pics, isn't he? Like he could care less. C'mon, Jake, take a cue from Austin and at least manage a smile.

Oh hey, guess what I got my niece for Christmas? Prince of Persia Legos 7571 - The Fight for the Dagger. Prince of Persia was on her Christmas list along with any City Legos. Well, guess what she got?

Gotta contribute to BT's college fund, after all. LOLLLL!!!

My niece has this food fixation, has ever since she's been a toddler. And this Legos has a little turkey leg, some green apples and cherry tomatoes or something. I think that's why she wants it. lol.

prairiegirl said...

That would not be fun to break your wrist. Not fun at all. Depending on which hand it is, it could be a real blow. Hopefully, it's just sprained.

Hey, forgot to mention I love the short socks for Jake. LOLLLL!!! Him and those short, no-show socks.

destiny said...

I have also enjoyed all the Christmas gift posts Special.

swill said...
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Huh said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Marry Christmas to everyone at OMG.

Seaweed said...

Well, just about everything is ready for this year's Christmas Celebration. Wanted to share just a bit more good cheer with friends here at OMG. Won't go down the list, but will say thanks again to Special for all your imaginative work.

As we get older there are so many more triggers to old emotions and memories that will take us from tears to laughter and back again. Hoping this Christmas brings you all those things you hold dear.

Hearfelt greetings...


Ted said...

Truth Lies and Ted Jake naughty or nice?

prairiegirl said...

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! You're right, Seaweed, with each passing year, the holidays bring back so many memories and you appreciate so many little, little things. All those things that you're embarrassed to admit are important to you, like that special Christmas glass, the faded Christmas nightshirt that the picture is peeling off more & more every year, Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes, traditional purchases for certain people because you always have to get them "some of those", and dinner around the table with those you love. Watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Heat Miser, Peanuts Christmas, all of those shows.

And I tell you what, being able to also share the holidays with you guys is more special even this year than last.

Thanks to Special for getting a post up every day. That feat in itself is just mindblowing. It's remarkable.

prairiegirl said...

LOL at Ted. And check out his little skinny calves in the crews. lol!! Ted.

Forgot to LOL at the elbow-padded sweater. LOLLL!! Definitely an 8 on the laugh-o-meter. I still can't believe he wore that on a date with ol' Tay. That was intentional; had to be, I am sorry.

And if Austin doesn't let us know about his wrist, I'm going to give him a virtual bop on his noggin.

ROMA said...

May you all have a lovely weekend. Safe travels to all that are on the road.

I just finally finished buying everything for my Christmas duck dinner tomorrow. Serving a few Christmas themed cocktails as well such as the Christmas Cosmo, The Snowflake Martini and the Partridge in a Pear Tree cocktail.

Music Lover said...

Yum, sounds delicious ROMA. Love the cocktails.

Isn't it great, Seaweed? Nice post.

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone also. :*

destiny said...

Happy Christmas Eve to everyone.

Special K said...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
It started snowing slightly this morning and we are enjoying watch the Christmas puppy's first time in the snow.

Those cocktails sound delicious Roma. Maybe if we're good you'll share the recipe.