Friday, December 10, 2010

Waiting His Turn

A little bit more about Austin's night at Global Green. Green Blog Network said "the night began with an intimate cocktail reception where guests mingled, enjoyed organic spirits and perused displays ranging from green building supplies to exotic vacations."

Five awards were presented, including Ed Norton presenting and award to Austin and Sophia for the work for The Gulf in a ceremony that was followed by an organic dinner.

The event raise over $400,000 for Global Green's initiatives. Who else was there? Good Morning America's weatherman Sam Champion was the MC the evening. Arianna Huffington, Entourage's Adrien Grenier, Heatherette designer Richie Rich, and had to a fav for Austin, Angela Bower..oops.. Judith Light.

This picture of the awards (from Green Blog Network) was just calling for the top ten treatment.

Top Ten Things Austin's thinking about while waiting for his turn to speak.

10. No second banana jokes.

9. Damn, why didn't I bring my Who's the Boss DVDs?

8. I'm hungry ....are they starting to serve the salad now?!? Wait do I have a burrito in my pocket?

7. I could just slip behind the screen and it'll take 20 minutes before anyone knows I gone.

6. Island... hot rock... iguana....Night of the Iguana....oh I should get that on Netflix.

5. Have I heard this story before? Probably. This version? Maybe not.

4. Why did Ed get to wear a sweater and I had to wear a suit. Harrumph. I couldn't even wear my boots.

3. This is going to take a while, I'll just work on my quads while I wait.

2. "I come from a land down under ....Where women glow and men plunder?...Where beer does flow and men chunder?.... Where Jake is now I wonder?"

and the number one thing Austin's thinking

1. Nobody puts Austy in the corner.

Happy Austin Friday.


Too fuuny said...

As suspected, the missed exclusive pap appointment was with People magazine.

The next day, the pair were spotted out on afternoon drive around town. As Gyllenhaal, 29, navigated his Audi, he also made an effort to amuse his date, says a witness.

"Jake and Taylor seemed to be catching up and were chatting nonstop in the car," the onlooker says. "Jake was making Taylor laugh and she looked very happy."

Did People take out a Craigslist ad to find this "onlooker" ?

People eat this sh*T?,,20448774,00.html

rings said...

Personality Parade: Jake Gyllenhaal – Lord of the Ring?

Q Why does Jake Gyllenhaal wear a gold ring on his pinky finger?—N . Raquel, Sacramento, Calif.

A The actor, who turns 30 next week, wasn’t wearing the ring when we spoke to him about Love & Other Drugs, and he laughed when we asked about it. As for rings of another sort, Gyllenhaal (recently linked with Taylor Swift) has this to say about commitment: “If you swear you’re giving up on love, that’s when it hits you the hardest. I guess resistance creates intensity. I think love’s gonna smack you over the head—or wherever it smacks you—no matter what you do.”


prz said...
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Special K said...

No mention of Jake, Swiftness, the BH ride or the cops on TMZ's show.

LA said...

Jake out solo. X17

destiny said...

Yikes! Been tied up with family and friends and haven't been able to get on here until now.

I have nothing to add to what M, PG and others said about Jake's behavior.

I also have limited internet access and little time, so cannot catch up now on all the stories.

LOL Fake photos of a fake showmance said...

Someone on JJ pointed out that the same leaves exist in the different pics of Maggie/Taylor and Jake/Taylor.

Side by side comparison

Those photos must have been taken within minutes of each other! Normally leaves don't stay in the same place for long!!

the real m said...

The leaves would stay in that position if the subjects were photo-shopped in. I say one pic is real, the other is photo shopped. Hey if they are willing to wipe out the supporting beams of a pier and a body holding a pair of shoes, why not start from scratch. Not to mention creating a party around two men caught unawares on a deck.

Special K said...

Remember the recent London tale? The trip, the plane, the weekend while Jake was there, and they never left the hotel thing. Give it a few weeks and they've "found" out something "new" to the story.

Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow had them over for dinner? Well US Weekly "knows"
Us Weekly

Funny didn't Reeke go to that Thanksgiving Party in London with Gwynie back in 2008?

OwlGirl said...

Real M - what other photoshopped pics are you referring to? (I'm new).

Weird that they chose the exact same spot for both posed pics. Especially because the released play-by-play of the day had Jake / Taylor out in the morning and the sister walk was after dinner (but before dark, evidently. Yet... who eats before 3?)

Still just REALLY surprised Maggie let her baby be a part of this charade. I know lots of celebs use their kids for publicity all the time, but it still surprises me.

lol said...

snicker said...

Still just REALLY surprised Maggie let her baby be a part of this charade. I know lots of celebs use their kids for publicity all the time, but it still surprises me.

Being a fake famewhore must be genetic.

2008 said...

Funny didn't Reeke go to that Thanksgiving Party in London with Gwynie back in 2008?

GP was a guest along with Jake and Reese. At some noted architect's home in Chelsea.

the real m said...

Owl girl there are infamous pictures of Jake, Austin and Sophia walking on the beach. But Jake was shopped out of the photo, except they were sloppy and left his shoes in. We know he was there from another photo of him wearing the shoes and his "for Austin only" smile. They also erased part of the supporting beams of a pier in the background while erasing him. These photos have been analyzed to death a couple years ago. The party pic is Jake and Austin on a deck in Malibu. Except a whole crowd is around them but again sloppy work. Hands that belong to arms are 3 feet apart. Part of a ladies dress is 3 feet away in the middle of someone else's clothing. Again, these were studied under microscopes and talked to death at the time. You can probably find them in older posts if you are so inclined.

the real m said...

Owl girl, there are some infamous pictures of Jake, Austin and Sophia at the beach. They shopped Jake out but were sloppy and left his shoes in the photo.They also erased the supporting beams of a pier in the background in the process. We know Jake was there with Austin from another picture of him in a parking lot with Sophia, wearing the shoes and his "only for Austin smile". The party pic was Jake and Austin on a deck. A whole group is around them but arms that belong to hands are 3 feet apart. A woman's dress is on her and also 3 or 4 feet away among obvious errors. These were analysed and dissected in depth years ago. You can probably find them in the OMG archives if you are so inclined. They get re-posted and discussed every so often.

the real m said...

Special, sorry you will see a double comment from me. I did not notice the moderation was on. I just thought blogger ate my comment or I clicked wrong and so retyped it. Just delete the duplicate.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

'I don't have children, so I can still be selfish and say, "I'm going to go and be on my bike for three hours." I ride mostly Trek bicycles - a Madone. I ride in Manhattan. You usually get where you're going faster, but I've gone to many a big meeting sweating, with people thinking I'm a creepy person.'

'It's uncomfortable when you're naked on set, but I've done some pretty crazy things already,' says Jake Gyllenhaal said...

He also says that friendship is important. The untimely death of his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger in 2008 affected him deeply.

'I do miss him...' Gyllenhaal stops mid-flow, looking emotional.

'There was an intimacy that we all shared on that film - I'd never experienced anything like it. It was just us by this river in Calgary for a month, in the middle of nowhere. There were no hotels to stay in, so we lived in trailers out there in the wilds. We would make coffee together in the morning, eat together and sometimes we'd ride horses to work. We were out there alone and all we had was each other.

Special K said...

Jake's talked about directing, Austin's talked about cinematography and directing. Austin's long talked about writing, and now Jake.

Jake Gyllenhaal knows he has an uncertain future as an actor and would like to move into writing his own scripts.

Jake Gyllenhaal wants to write his own films.

The 'Love & Other Drugs' star is concerned his acting career won't always be successful but already has a back-up plan prepared for when he gets older.

He said: "You're always wondering how long this will last. It's a piece of being an actor. There's always someone more talented or younger than you.

"But I also like to write. In years to come, I think that will expand. I won't just be scrapping for the next job. Maybe I'll create something for myself."

Contact music

OwlGirl said...

'I don't have children...'
Ok. WTF?
You just don't deny a child.
He didn't have to say that. At all. It was intentional.
So, maybe there is no BT.
It's weird that he brought it up at all, though. Before I had a child, I didn't have a true concept of what it would be like to NOT have the freedom to take a 3-hour bike ride. Even though had a niece and friends with kids, I truly didn't have a good concept of that at all.
And of course, people with money , so they always have that freedom anyway, right? Nannies.