Monday, December 27, 2010

Freak Out

When LaOD came out many reviews talked about it trying to have some Apatow humor into the story. But how many connections does Jake have to one Apatow show?

The show, Freaks and Geeks, was only on for one season, but made Time magazine's 2007 "100 Greatest Shows of All Time" list, and Entertainment Weekly ranked it the 13th-best series of the past 25 years.

And how is Jake connected to it? Let's count the ways.

Ladies first.
Linda Cardellini was Lindsay Weir. Freaks and Geeks is about Lindsay, and her brother, Sam, who attend William McKinley High School during the 1980–1981 school year in the town of Chippewa, Michigan, a fictional suburb of Detroit and the friends they have. The Freaks (Linda's) and the Geeks (Sam)
Many may know Linda from her role as Cassie, Ennis' girlfriend in BBM.
Then there's Kim Kelly, who was played by Busy Phillips. Jake and Busy have been seen out and about in LA at the Farmer's Market, lunch and on The Vineyard this past summer. Jake has had lunch with Busy and her daughter Birdie and also was at Birdie's birthday party this past August. Austin is friends with Busy, and has also been seen at the Farmer's market with her.

Kim Kelly had an injured brother, who was often talked about and was played by one of the writer/producers on the show Mike White. Jake is good friends with Mike since working on Good Girl, which Mike wrote and also co-starred in as Corny the security guard at the Retail Rodeo. Mike was also a writer and producer on the TV series Pasadena which Austin played Dr. Darwell's son Charlie.Seth Rogan played the wise cracking sarcastic, Ken Miller. And Jake's connection? Seth was in Donnie Darko.

And the last connection? That's Jason Segel, who played drum and Rush obsessed Nick Andopolis, who ends up dating Lindsay. How is Segel connected to Jake? That one is a real Freaks and Geeks story, Segel went to Harvard Westlake with Jake.

And the only Freak left? Just some guy name James Franco.


aim said...

Segal graduated the year before Jake.

Special K said...

Thanks for the note. Will change that.

Godfather said...

Busy and Jake are the Godparents of Michelle and Heath's daughter Matilda.

Not a bad year for Nat said...

Not only is Natalie Portman engaged and pregnant she very well may win an Oscar this year.

Music Lover said...

Cute post. :) One of my very favorite songs evah!

Congrats to Nat and Benjamin.

13-14 inches of snow today! :)

Methodical Muser said...

It's interesting that Jason Segel, Mike White and Seth Rogan are all writers, known for comedy and they also direct and produce. Could be one of the many reasons Jake is talking about branching out too. Including his recent talk about not taking himself so seriously from an acting standpoint.

And, of course, Mike White was also a writer and producer of Dawson's Creek. I've said it before. Hollywood is a small, incestuous community. Unfortunately, that also means it's easier to get people to conform to existing rules. Spoken and unspoken.

Methodical Muser said...

It's nice to know that Jake is not the only one who is full of BS on the LaOD promotional tour. Remember when Jake admitted on The Early Show that he had to practically beg Ed to consider him for the part of Jamie? That Ed didn't even want to take Jake's calls? That he had to convince Zwick that "This role was written for me?" Well, now, Zwick is saying that he was so "nervous" that he might not be able to get the actors he wanted. I guess these professional storytellers are easily confused when it comes to the latest version of events.

Zwick was delighted to get Gyllenhaal and Hathaway on board for the movie and admits he was nervous the two actors wouldn’t be able to commit because of their hectic schedules....the filmmaker said: “Scheduling is always an issue because you want the people you want, and because people come into demand it is a real challenge, but I guess it tends to turn out that, if people want to do it enough they find a way to do it.”

prairiegirl said...

I hate to rain on people's parade about Natalie Portman's expectant state but I'm going to.

You know, whatever happened to this long ago, far away notion of getting married first and then having a family?

Hollywood has become a hotbed for single pregnancies. Of all people, these actors should have the money & the common sense to be able to afford the pill. I cannot believe the number of unplanned pregnancies and don't tell me most of them are planned because they're not. Otherwise, the marriage and/or engagements would not follow the baby announcements or the baby bump.

It's hard to be excited about an engagement or marriage in Hollywood when 95% of them end up in divorce. Big deal! Because that's what's going to happen. The Paul Newman/Joanne Woodward's and the Hume Cronyn/Jessica Tandy's of that community are as rare as a lunar eclipse.

I'm just not getting it, I'm sorry. I watch Celine Dion struggle to conceive and also that gal Giuliana who married Bill Rancic; both women who have and are struggling to do it the "old-fashioned" way and I'm ecstatic for them. Natalie Portman? I'm just not.

prairiegirl said...

Huh. So which is it, M&M?

Who wanted the role so bad? Who courted who? Whose decision was it to cast who as who?

Just can't believe any of the garbo that comes out of these people's mouths, can we?

Boy, nothing like some Hollywood news/tidbits to get the crit pouring out of my fingers, LOL.

Hey, tomorrow night, I am going to see my boy, Mr. Curley!!!! And guess what this elf is bringing him from Santa?

That's right - a McD's gift card!!! So he can have more fries. LOLLL!! He's going to love it.

prairiegirl said...

I don't think Matilda Ledger has anything to do with the Freaks & Geeks post today.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I'm off to write and respond to comments. I'm sure that will sit well with any who take offense to my remarks tonight, lol.

Music Lover said...

True, a lot of marriages, both in HW and outside of HW, may not be known for their longevity nowadays. But, it's still a happy, hopeful event, so I try not to think about what might happen ten minutes from the time they tie the knot, or ten years from then, and wish two people in love a long an happy future together. A baby is a blessing IMO, whether it comes before or after marriage. Not arguing with anyone, just putting in my two cents, for what it's worth. :) Have a good evening!

prairiegirl said...

LOL - I went to close my browser window and I happened to....

Uh, Special, I think the pic of Jake & Mike White needed to go on the Commando post. LOL.

prairiegirl said...

I agree; don't get me wrong. It is always a blessed event.

It's just disheartening to see the cart coming before the horse all the time lately. I think of our young people and what they see.

Statistics lover said...

Teen pregnancy is at its lowest rate in like 30 years. That's good news.

Just read that 40% of women who have children in the US are "unmarried." Some of these are surely unplanned and to single moms, but others are be lesbian couples, surrogates, or long-term hetero partnerships that just don't have a need to be legally married.

Don't know how that number has changed over time, but I think the low teen pregnancy rate is something to be happy about. And, it doesn't seem like the Angelina Jolies or Natalie Portmans are having an impact on that number (or the Toothy Tiles, for that matter).

Best Actress said...

Well, if it makes you feel better based on stats of the Oscar-winning Best Actress the last few years--if Natalie DOES win the Oscar, chances are highly likely (based on recent history) that her relationship with her babydaddy will be over before 2011 is up.

prairiegirl said...

BT does not fall under this category. Nor do lesbian or gay couples - many cannot legally marry as yet. That's not their fault. I'm not talking about these circumstances. I'm talking about good ol' hetero girls.

long-term hetero partnerships that just don't have a need to be legally married.

Oh yeah, that really makes me feel good now. All warm and fuzzy.

You better not be somebody I know talking to me under another name trying to appease my comment because it's not working.

In fact, that just makes me dig in my heels even further. Not budging away from my opinion.

Okay, off to bed! Trying to get the boys out of the garage and into the kitchen. We've hit a little snag.

Best Actress said...
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the real m said...

At least Natalie's latest seems like a good match. I don't follow her much, but I've seen some of her prior boyfriends over the years while skimming for Jake articles. This one seems to be her equal intellectually, physically, creatively etc. I hope it works out for them.

the real m said...

PG, I think your hunch just proved itself to be right.

prairiegirl said...

m, yup, think you're right that I was right. lol. And I am glad you are on the mend!

This is sad. Teena Marie passed away on Sunday.

What a couple of great songs from her. Square Biz and Lover Girl.

I'm talkin' square biz to ya, baby
Square, square biz...
I'm talkin' love

Man, did that song have funk or what. I loved that song.

Very excited about seeing my boy, Curley, tonight! I hope he remembers me. Awwww, he will. Dogs don't forget.

Well, off to work!! Oh boy !!! lol

jj said...

Elton John and husband David Furnish are the parents of a baby boy!

The couple welcomed Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John on Christmas via a surrogate, Us Weekly reports.

“We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment,” Elton, 62, and David, 48, said in a joint statement. “Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.”

The baby was born in California and weighed 7 pounds, 15 oz.

wft2 said...

Jake also spends time with Michele and Matilda in Brooklyn too:

People tend to box her into a vulnerable corner, but what's lurking underneath is severe strength and a sense of humor," says her pal Jake Gyllenhaal. "There's a tendency in our business to emphasize the business or get caught up in hype. Michelle has never, ever done that. She genuinely prefers her life over her work, and as a result her work is better than almost any other actor out there."

AUS10 said...

Today is #twowheeltuesday. Ride a bike if you're somewhere warm. Or hell, ride thru the snow if you're adventurous. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®