Monday, December 20, 2010

Nifty Gifty

It's the Holidays and with that comes gift giving. You want to find that perfect gift for those "special" people on your list like co-workers, people you are photographed with, business stuff.

And how can you say something without saying a word to all those pesky questions that pop up and not violate contractual obligations?

Impossible you say! No!

Now there's a way to combine both in one easy gift.

Better than earmuffs, or a heart knit hat, it's like a Snuggie for your face.

It's Beard Head!

The Beard Head knit beard cap combines the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the amazing styling of having a massive beard and moustache growing on your face! Who could possibly pass up the incredible opportunity to sport his or her very own beard! We know we couldn't!

The Lumberjack Beard Head is perfect for those who wish to endure the frosty snow of the slopes much like the hearty lumberjacks have to endure the chilling temperatures of the Pacific Northwest! Feel the power coursing through your grizzly beard as you brave the outdoors, confident your face will remain as toasty warm as even the toughest lumberjacks!
Beard Head Features

* 30% Wool, 70% Acrylic
* One-size fits (almost) all
* Machine washable

The Beard Head knit cap is perfect for skiers, snowboarders, sports fans and people who enjoy all types outdoor activities!
[like half marathons, picture taking, and avoiding the press!]

The unique design of the Beard Head allows your entire face to remain warm, even in the harshest weather. Your chin, cheeks and upper lips will thank you as the Beard Head keeps them toasty warm!

All Beard Head caps come with a classic moustache attached with buttons, so you can remove your moustache if you want, but why would you want to?

In Blonde !

And Brunette!

We've to get them!

Look J they have the Fu Manchu add on.

We've gotta get them!

Can imagine them opening them up?

They're gonna get so mad.

Come on ... it's pretty f' ing funny.

We've gotta get them!
We've gotta get them!


Special K said...

Two clips of Jake & Anne on Hit List TV show in Australia.

Jake imitating Anne.
Interview 1

And this one is about the first time they said those three little words.
Interview 2
A Camp Walt Whitman Romance.

twitter said...

I -KNEW- I should have gone to NYC with my brothers today. D just ran into Jake Gyllenhaal at FAO Schwartz.
24 minutes ago via TweetDeck
Witnss Protction

prairiegirl said...

I don't doubt the guys were together for Jake's birthday but I'm not buying into the Antarctica hint.

Who knows how it was spent and it seems only fair that no one needs to know or will ever know. Jake and Austin fly under radar when they want or need to. Austin can be a bit more of a blabbermouth like myself, LOL, but he knows when to be quiet.

But when Jake said he was taking "the family" to the Antarctica, # 1, the Antarctica could have been just a general reference to a place or event he was doing special for his birthday.

And # 2, when he said "the family", I don't believe that was in reference to his mom, dad, sister, brother in law or niece.

I am sorry but when men say "the family", they are not referring to the family pet Roscoe, Aunt Edna who lives in the spare room, sister, mom or their brother.

Oh no.

When men (and men are the ones who do this, not women) refer to their spouse as "the wife" or "the little woman" or their family as "the family", they are referring to their own family, meaning their own s/o and offspring.

The word "the" is replacing "my". This is what men do. It's a possessive pronoun. Men stand around with their workout bud or their co-workers or their coaching staff and they refer to their family units in this fashion. I dunno, it's a weird form of endearment, I think. Or so they think. lol. Naw, I guess it is. Endearing.

And I will slap a $20 bill on any table that this is what Jake was saying when he said he was taking "the family".

How on earth this phrase of his has been in print across the internet now and not gotten any raised eyebrows is absolutely beyond me.

prairiegirl said...

At what age will Tom & Katie Cruise stop carrying Suri around, do you think?

Let's start an office pool.

nope not there said...

I don't doubt the guys were together for Jake's birthday but I'm not buying into the Antarctica hint.

As well you shouldn't. Because it was the Arctic Jake talked about going to. You do know the difference don't you PG?

Unless Austin was wearing his invisibility cloak this weekend, he wasn't with Jake. Who was and still is in NY. Many tweets and FB sightings of him, even a covert twitpic, but no mention of any tall Texan with him.

curious said...

And, how do you know so much about a "covert" (hidden, secret) twitpic? Are you that much of an insider or just on the payroll?

Spies Everywhere! said...

^^ Uh...the person that took the pic posted it? Does that fit into your conspiracy theory?

curious said...

Then, why did you you call the public post, covert? And, why haven't you reposted the pic yourself instead of referring to its hypothetical existence?

prairiegirl said...

Hear, hear. Let's see the pic.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I don't reply to people who use my nickname that I don't know.

Let me say this again.

I don't like today's song.

nope said...

Oh prairie girl you're too much. And you still don't get it. LOL

Right. Here be pic.

why so lazy? said...

Is that enough to prove it's "hypothetical existence", curious? Or are you really M&M?

LOL!! said...

They saw it, they just ignored it!

prairiegirl said...

Reason No. 697 why Jaylor looks juvenile. This Selena Gomez is a Disney gal, a la Miley Cyrus. She wants to double-date with Tay. This is a couple that is waving the spotlight around:

She may maintain they're just friends but Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber looked happy and full of life as they enjoyed a breezy day out in Miami before his show at the America Airlines Arena. "They were teasing and laughing and skipping around, and at one point Justin had his arm around Selena," a source tells PEOPLE of the two. And Bieber had a big celebrity fan in the audience at his show: Johnny Depp brought his kids to the concert.

Skipping around?

Johnny Depp brought his kids to the concert?

And the idea of Jake & Tay going on a double date with Selena Gomez and Justin Berber Carpet............

to do what? Have a skip a thon?

Maybe hopscotch?

LOL! I'm sorry, this is all just too much fun. I can't lay off.

nope said...

Oh but why would they ignore it??? They could build a whole elaborate fairytale about the child at the other table being dear sweet bubsytile and that mean and nasty Jake had to ignore the poor sweet towhead while out at brunch.

Waiting for the spin in 3...2...1

too long in the tooth to be buying into crap said...

Prairie why do you waste so much energy on foolish tabloids? How old are you again? I think you're the target demographic these teen mags are after.

prairiegirl said...


Okay, so Jake totally shaved for this occasion and miraculously grew his hair back to circa LAOD filming.

two bits said...

That's the funny thing about Jake Gyllenhaal - he has been known to shave on occasion.

you might be confused said...

Who's prairie?

prairiegirl said...

And known to grow hair by leaps & bounds at the turn of a 60 second hourglass.

Barber shop magic said...

People don't tend to shave when there about to go on vacation. And, how come he didn't clean up for the Thanksgiving photo op with Swifty? Give me a break, Jake's hair is too long in that photo to be current. Who is he Rapunzel? If so, he should have taken the role in Tangled instead of LAOD. He would have, at least, been in a box office hit.

chuckles said...

Ooooookay. You're all so funny here.

No Jake said...

Don't believe the Michelle Williams, Joe Jonas sighting either. Old Joe was with his beard on December 17th and they were seen with friends (meaning civilians). I think if Jake was with them, the publication would have mentioned it.

"On December 17, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene were spotted having dinner at Nobu, a Japanese restaurant in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood. According to DisneyDreaming, the two enjoyed dinner with a few friends before leaving for their hotel, walking hand in hand."

You got no clue said...

Where is Jake's new girlfriend in that picture? You would think on his birthday he would want to be with his main squeeze. None of us has a clue where Jake was or what he did on his birthday. Who is to say Austin isn't somewhere in that room. He was in Leadville.

Anonymous said...
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ny said...

Hey, clue that pic was taken on Saturday the 18th at the Prune, his birthday was on the 19th.

No Jake, the tweet was of Jake, Maggis, Michele and Jonas and it wasn't at Nubu and it wasn't clear if they were all together (Jonas)

I can't see the length of his hair in that pic

debbeekeller: Creepin on jake
2 days ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® · Reply · View Tweet

what?????? said...

Hey, clue that pic was taken on Saturday the 18th at the Prune

The Prune is not even mentioned in the original post by AmandaEBoyle. She indicates that she's not going to say where she was. So why would she not want to mention that she was at a restaurant? Doesn't sound scandalous to me?

prairiegirl said...

1. I'm not talking about the length of his hair. Clearly, the top of his hair is LAOD thick in this Frog pic. His hair was not near this thick in the M pic from the 15th.

2. The Frog pic doesn't even say where this picture was taken. It doesn't say what event it is.

3. I've taken an in depth look at the twitters of this Debbee Keller who posted the Frog pic. She is in Washington D.C. as a Congressional Communications Director. She has 265 tweets, only 174 followers and is following 127.

It looks like her first twitter was on Mar 10, 2009. Every single tweet of hers is politically angled. Every single one (i.e. legislation, Fox News interviews, movements, taxes, Obama, Tony Snow, ACORN (whatever that is), foreign politics, breast cancer, Hannity, health reform, constituents, new stimulus, O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, etc. etc. etc.

With the exception of a lament over a Brooks & Dunn concert cancellation tweet, a tweet that said R.I.P. Robert Novak in 2009, and then suddenly these 3 tweets on spotting Jake "Gyllehall".

Methodical Muser said...

Is that enough to prove it's "hypothetical existence", curious? Or are you really M&M?

I had to laugh as I scrolled through tonight's comments. Someone thought I was posting because the person used a word with more than one syllable in it. I'm truly flattered.

the plot thickens said...

So PrairieGirl what's your take on this girl then? She found an old picture of Jake, uploaded it to her cellphone, uploaded it yfrog, then tried to pass it off that she just took it?

prairiegirl said...

I. Am. Sorry.

Sit down and try again.

From the start of her twitter to the present, 265 total nothing but serious as heck, boring political tweets, then one tweet about Go Skins! and one about Chipotle opening up somewhere, and she suddenly rips off 3 straight tweets about Jake.

Oh, and did I mention that she's a fan of Taylor Swift and follows Taylor Swift?

prairiegirl said...

Time to hit the hay.

I took a 1/2 day vacay from work today because my ankle was hurting worse today than since I hurt it. Think I did too much on it this past weekend.

Anyway, I ended up sleeping away practically the entire afternoon.

Off to bed!

prairiegirl said...

So PrairieGirl what's your take on this girl then? She found an old picture of Jake, uploaded it to her cellphone, uploaded it yfrog, then tried to pass it off that she just took it?

I honestly don't know. I just know that it doesn't add up.

So like I've seen m say before, this is one those deals you just tuck away in a mental Rolodex file for future reference.

Have a nice evening!

the real m said...

Doesn't the troll already know we give tweets only 10% credibility, maybe even less. Too easy to fake.

I saw an interesting quote by James Franco earlier today. In response to his doing the Oscars - "When we finally met and discussed it in person, all my representatives were saying, ‘No! Of course not!'" Franco says. “So that always sparks something in me. So I said, ‘Yes, of course!’ Because that reaction that they have is based on conventional wisdom of what makes a good career. And that can be boring — really boring.” Must say the guy has balls.

the real m said...

Also saw an interview Jake did that mentioned the first show his mother took him to when he was 3 was the King and I with Yul Brynner. What an impression that must have made. That man was so sexy. I had a huge crush on him as a child. And when he danced with the governess it was like a dream. And those costumes! Jake also mentioned seeing Angels in America on Broadway when he was 13. He said he was mesmerized. I would love to have seen that on stage. The HBO special is a huge favorite of mine but I wont buy it until they come out with it on BluRay. The interview was posted on WDW.

destiny said...

Personally I am dying to see Jake on a double date with the Bieb.

Seriously. It would be so much fun to analyze and discuss.

Agree that the tweeter discussed above does not add up.

OwlGirl said...

really? Roger Ebert?
Thought he of all people would know his actors & movies.
Mis-spelled, too!

via @ebertchicago

So that means Jake Gyllenhall is 30. Who thought Donnie Darko could grow up to become Spider-Man? Not Donie, for damn sure.

Also, I think the dimbulb GOP congressional staffer Twitter acct is for real. There are a ton of Jake sightings in Manhattan & Brooklyn. I do wonder if Austin is with him, but I also question if they are together these days.

Taylor is obviously not with him, so if they spent both of their birthdays apart, maybe this was a short contract? I have thought it would be from the beginning. Hope I'm right. The whole thing is just nauseating.

prairiegirl said...

Alot of tweets normally do add up so I don't doubt at all Jake is in NYC. I don't doubt that now.

I especially could see him at FAO Schwartz because I believe he has his own family now to buy for.

Austin is not recognizable to most of the general public. We all even missed him in the Leadville pic. It took a huge zoom shot for all of us to spot him.

I also don't think you would see both Jake & Austin walking side by side down a NYC sidewalk. I really don't. They didn't even want us to know Austin was in Leadville. Once the accidental word leaked out by Blogger of the Year in my ballot box), Brandon Fuller, what did PR do? They had Jake take a few pictures with passer-by's to admit that yes, he was in Leadville CO.

Never did we have a picture or mention of Austin in Leadville. That was a big accident that happened. And Brandon Fuller unknowingly uncovered it.

The man is a major player now in Jake/Austin lore.

prairiegirl said...

It makes me want to skip down a sidewalk alongside Selena, Justin Berber Carpet and ol' Tay singing Leadville.

No matter how much PR tries to bury Austin out of Jake's life on the internet, there is Leadville, always will be Leadville and what Brandon Fuller uncovered. And they cannot do anything to change that.

They can't touch that because this guy was totally oblivious to what he was photographing.

prairiegirl said...

And I am in total agreement. The staffer twitter account is for real. I'm not questioning that at all.

But what I was saying is that her suddenly spouting off 3 Jake tweets does not add up after a year and a half of totally sharp, concise, minimal word tweets that are all about politics.

I don't have time right now but I'm sure you could google her and she says in one of her tweets that she is a conference chairperson for some political group or something.

I have no doubt she's valid.

TWEET!!!! said...

LesHorn: I'm about 96 percent sure I just passed Jake Gyllenhall on Baltic. about 10 hours ago via web

# Location Brooklyn, NY

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Everyone seems to be caught up with whether or not Jake Gyllenhaal will take Taylor Swift to the Golden Globes. My question is this: Why take her? He'll get bigger press if he doesn't take her and thanks her in his speech (If he wins). Do you agree?

Dear Hell Yes:
Actually, that would probably be the dumbest thing he could do. Thanking her would be such a blatant cry for media attention, and would completely overshadow the fact that Jake won for his acting chops, not tabloid skills. As much as we'd like to see them pose together, the clever move here would be to leave Swift at home (sorry T!), or at least just have her come for the after-parties.

Dear Ted:
Jake Gyllenhaal just turned 30. Do you have any birthday wishes for him?

Dear B-Day Boy:
The same as always. Live your life, sweetheart, not your agents'.

Bitch Back

the real m said...

"Live your life, sweetheart, not your agents." Do you hear that Jake? The best words Ted has ever written.

Methodical Muser said...

^ I totally agree. Ted, couldn't be any clearer than this. Short, yet eloquently incisive. I like the "sweetheart" touch, as well. Ted definitely likes his Jakey-poo.

page six said...

Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch with his mother at E.A.T. on Madison Avenue . . . NY Post

AUS10 said...

Grapefruit spoons -- brilliant?? Or a waste of everybody's time?
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

prairiegirl said...

Partially agree, Austin. I say grapefruit spoons are a waste of everybody's time.

Cut the thing in half or fourths. And then pick the darn thing up and eat it. Forget the utensils. Forget your manners. Forget protocol and Emily Post.

There is no neat, polite way to eat those things.

Just stick your face in there and dig in. Eat as the good Lord created us to eat of His creations.

There are 2 grapefruit spoons in the silverware caddy - have been for who knows how long. Those jagged little edges are annoying & they're sharp in there. So they can't go in the slot for the regular spoons. And so they sit in the spare slot with the can opener, oddball stuff. And you constantly have to watch out for them because they're so sharp. They're certainly not mine. They're my sister's and one of these days, I'm just going to sneakily throw them out in the trash. She'll never know - I don't even think she uses them.

USELESS, I say!!!!!!

Thank you, Austin.

prairiegirl said...

He does bring up some great points, you know? Man, I have always hated those grapefruit spoons in the silverware caddy. Pointless! And a nuisance!

Kind of like a melonballer. How many times are you going to use that thing? But at a Pampered Chef party, everyone thinks, "Oh, that's cool! Lookit those cute little melonballs. I need one of those."

And it sits in the utensil drawer, still in the Pampered Chef wrapper.

prairiegirl said...

Agree with Ted. I wish Jake would live his life the way he deserves to.

And stop living it the way the Handlers preach.

Well, stuck inside for lunch today. It's like having to stay indoors from recess.

tweet said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the house! Maybe a little last minute holiday shopping for Taylor?! 4 minutes ago via Postling paragonsports

:( said...

Aww. No Jake and Austin in the Arctic :(

prairiegirl said...

AW, sounds like Jake is doing a whirlwind of holiday activity!

Just like my brother - waiting til the last minute.

lol - just like me, this year.

cuteness said...

Just like my brother - waiting til the last minute.

lol - just like me, this year.

awww look at and your brother have something in common with Jake....and probably 3 million other holiday shoppers.

OwlGirl said...

The life of a troll is really quite fascinating, is it not?
I just tried to imagine what it would be like to constantly check niche-interest blogs and harass regular posters for little things that they say. What a splendid existence!