Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kudos for two

Congratulations all around today.

Must have been on the Nice list this year because the wish was for Austin to get a chance to go behind the camera and show us what he can create came true.

Congratulations to Austin who will be directing an episode of OTH. A teaser of an interview with TV Guide, reveals that Austin will be directing episode 18 for this spring.

"When I get back from the new year I'll start prepping and then I'll shoot that in January,"
Can't wait to see Austin's vision of the Crazy Tree.

OTH has been working on Ep 14 at the moment. Austin has tweeted that Quinton Aaron, who was in The Blind Side, is there now in NC. He is in the 14th ep, where he will play Tommy, a student in Nathan’s business class who is singled out by Professor Kellerman for being an athlete. As such, Tommy goes on to form a bond with former hoops star Nathan. Right now he is only set to be in the one episode. It will be on during February sweeps. Austin and James must be loving not being the tallest ones on the set.

Did you know Austin and Quinton know someone in common:

Spoiler alert - its Hangover OTH style. But is it Julian who gets the pre-matrimonial male mayhem? Who are we kidding? Come on it's all about BrookeDavis(TM).

“The girls have a big bachelorette party and they all wake up and don’t remember anything.” “The whole episode is them the next day piecing it together, all the different locations and figuring out what they did.”

“There was no bachelor party for Julian. I got to say it hurts my feeling a little bit,” (TV Guide)

What would be funny would be to see what Julian would do Home Alone without BrookeDavis(TM) supervision in contrast to the ladies. Would it involve bungling bad guys and slapstick crime fighting? Or a whole lot of Wham and ABBA?

Austin's effort for Gulf Relief, Gasoline Rainbows, continues to grow, going worldwide soon.

And it's not just Austin getting the congratulations today.

Big Congratulations to Jake on his Golden Globe nomination .
Jake was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy for his slick talking Viagra salesman in LaOD. Must admit, who doesn't love a chance to see Jake in a tux?

Your Two Wheel Tuesday moment.

Not exactly two wheels but fun.


bs said...

Gosip cop got it wrong whrn he blamed Perez for the party story when it was Us. It's not the first time GC blamed the wrong source, especially when it's a source like Us or People.

I don't believe GC version either, not the Jake part but the whole story. I doubt that even if there was a party that people attending would contact GC.

People said...

On her first night as a 21-year-old, Taylor Swift partied – with her parents.

The country star passed up bar-hopping for a Christmas-themed birthday bash with "Team Taylor" at her family's home in Hendersonville, Tenn. – but without beau Jake Gyllenhaal, who was in L.A.

"Turning 21 has never been a big deal for her so it was basically the same type of party she always has: family and friends and her band and crew," a friend tells PEOPLE.


watching E News tonight said...

Got questions for Golden Globe nominee Jake Gyllenhaal? About to interview him for @ENews 31 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter iamBenLyons

gossip crap said...

But Gossip cop said that it didn't take place at her home???

Rags like Us write crap like that sometimes w/o the ok or input from an actors PR because of a relationship they have with them already.

Jake's PR wanted him in L.A. for interviews in case he was nominated.

If People and GC are to believed, this was no big i'm turning 21 party.

I thought that PR would do a joint B'day party story since they are only 6 days apart, that was the original story IMO and someone at Us had no idea that he had a good chance of being nominated and that Taylor left L.A. on Saturday and Jake stayed.

Special K said...

Well all signs are pointing to Jake not being in TN. Look at this about Jake's getting the news about his nomination via NY Daily News

Golden Globe nominations 2011: Nominee reactions include surprise by sleepy West Coast stars

Jake Gyllenhaal was also prematurely woken up by news of his best actor nomination for "Love and Other Drugs."

"My phone kept ringing at home and it was 6:30 in the morning and I had had like 25 emails, which is either awesome, or disconcerting at certain times in your life," he told THR. "There are times when it’s so awesome to be tired, and this is one of those times."

And of course Ben Lyons saying he is going to interview Jake for ENews. Ben is in LA.

You know it really made no sense for Jake to be out of LA with the nominations coming out this morning. The only other place he would have been was in NY.

Bet one of those people calling emailing and txting this morning was his long tall Texas, who no doubt is proud of his hubs. Austin gotta finish up filming this week before his break starts for the holidays.

The Hollywood Reporter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal on Globes Nom: People Got 'Carried Away' Over His Film's Nudity

After all the controversy surrounding the nudity in his film Love and Other Drugs, Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t be happier with his and co-star Anne Hathaway’s nominations.
“I feel like so much has been made about the nudity in this film. I think the wonderful irony about this is that I think people got carried away with that and the thing that makes the film so special and so important to me was the intimacy between the two characters and what Annie [Hathaway] and I share on screen and what we shared with [director] Ed Zwick while we were making it,” he says.

In fact, the actor, who is in L.A., wasn’t expecting the early-morning announcement at all. “My phone kept ringing at home and it was 6:30 in the morning and I had like 25 emails, which is either awesome, or disconcerting at certain times in your life.”
But, he’s not upset about the lack of sleep. “There are times when it’s so awesome to be tired, and this is one of those times.”

So what was Gyllenhaal, whose next film Source Code is out April 1, 2011, going to do to celebrate?
“Some form of caffeine is definitely in order,” he joked. “I’m planning on heading to meet my family soon for the holidays, which really, ultimately, I’m looking forward to the most. So, I’m just gonna be packing and smiling.”


smiling said...

“I’m planning on heading to meet my family soon for the holidays, which really, ultimately, I’m looking forward to the most. So, I’m just gonna be packing and smiling.”


gossip crap said...

People already said that he wasn't there, it was just her family and her team like it is every year.

Jake's team wanted him in L.A. bright and early Tuesday morning in case he was nominated and he could be available for interviews.

Looks like Us was trying to get some brownie points and thought they were doing their client a favor, too bad the intern that wrote that crap didn't bother checking first or whoever ok'd the online fiction, LOL!

Us obviously printed that fiction w/o his PR's knowledge which they do on occasions. This was not PR sanctioned, they have a relationship with Us already and they would have told them to hold off on any b'day story since their client plans on being on the west coast for the GG's.

That's why it was pulled, not because Jake was seen driving around L.A. yesterday because he was supposed to be in L.A. period.

This nomination is a big deal for Jake and his people, he hasn't been nominated for a major award since BBM and they knew that he had a pretty good chance on being nominated going in to the wekend, no way that would sign of ion that fanfic, they would have waited for this weekend and spun a double b'day story since obviously Taylor didn't have a big 21 b'day party according to "sources".

Weren't there a few online stories pulled during Reeke?

OwlGirl said...

Was the GG nom a long shot? Maybe this story was sanctioned by PR, but wasn't supposed to run if Jake got a GG nom, because then he'd have to be in L.A., for real, for interviews. Or maybe the GG nom was a complete surprise and Taylor's PR had to quickly do damage control and pull the story.

Though it was pulled too late. A bunch of other blogs already picked it up. Just adds more evidence that the relationship is totally fake, especially so soon on the heels of the posed US Weekly spread.

Special K said...

Jake already has plans for his arctic swim for his birthday. And of course his packing and smiling thinking about the holidays with his family.

There being only 4 pictures of Jake driving and closely cropped makes it look more like someone very close to him and probably not his "official" PR team let one photographer know where he was or going to be.

anne said...

Hollywood's leading ladies also expressed excitement about their nominations. "When the phone rang this morning, it was my mom telling me I was nominated — I was thrilled! Well, loopy and thrilled," said "Love and Other Drugs" star Anne Hathaway, who's up for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. "I've been traveling and jet lag had me wide awake watching 'Mad Men' all night. So I might celebrate by going back to sleep. Or by watching another episode (it's so good! Damn you, Draper ... ) And I'm so happy and proud to share this honor with Jake! Thanks, Hollywood Foreign Press!

start making sense said...

There being only 4 pictures of Jake driving and closely cropped makes it look more like someone very close to him

What are you talking about? Someone close to him? As in physically next to him?

gossip crap said...

His nomination was not a long shot OG, a number of sites predicting the GG noms had him listed as best actor in a comedy and he and his team had to know that both he and Anne most likely would be nominated.

Both teams had to know or we wouldn't have gotten the tweets of jake and Taylor at the Chateau Mourmont on Saturday. That's a "special" place for celebs and I bet the story was going to be they celebrated early because Jake had to be in L.A. early Tuesday for the GG's and she had to go back home to oversee her annual birthday/christmas party for family, friends and staff because it doesn't sound like she had a special 21st birthday.

Us and other rags often run non-PR approved crap like that.

How much you wanna bet Jake isn't going to the Artic for his birthday,he will be in Brooklyn.

Plenty of pics on IHJ of Jake closely cropped most likely a zoom lense, the usual pap sleaze.

Why would someone close to him take 4 pics of him in a rented car and passed them on to IHJ and so quickly? They should have taken them at night when the alleged party was suppose to have been according to Us.

Special K said...

Please stop. You know what I meant.

He has people who are close to him that aren't his official PR people, like friends, his personal assistants, etc, that are not going to go through the offices of his management. Those people can help him get a photographer to be somewhere and "catch him on camera".

That is the same Audi he has been driving since the summer. It is not a rental it's a lease.

start making sense said...

But Special, what does that have to do with anything? You mentioned earlier about him "going rogue" and I still don't have a clue what you meant.

gossip crap said...

Why is he leasing an Audi? I thought that he was driving his secret BT around in it because you know that no single man would drive that, it's a family car!

No reason for him to lease a car if he has a family unless his Audi is in need of repair, since the summer.

Catch him on camera? Like last week during helicoptergate? Those were close cropped like these, so are you sayong that his friends, PA's, etc got that X17 photgrapher to be somewhere and "catch him on camera". Funny, I thought that story smelled because not only was there no pics of the helicopters hovering but of Jake and Taylor driving away or any mention where they were, just driving down a street, right.

So I guess this set-up was to show that he is still being stalked hence his pissed off look on his face yet again.

another beard bites it said...

Scarlett Johansen and Ryan Reynolds released an official joint statement to UsWeekly: "After long and careful consideration on both our parts, we've decided to end our marriage. We entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it. While privacy isn't expected, it's certainly appreciated."

ew said...

New Entertainment Weekly interview

Jake Gyllenhaal exclusive: Anne Hathaway's congratulatory text to her Golden Globe nominated costar

OwlGirl said...

Don't think ScarJo was bearding. But the fact that there are no good pap pics of them together after 4 years of dating + marriage does demonstrate how very possible it is to be discreet, even when you are a celebrity, if you try. Also again shows how very very posed the Jaylor US Weekly spread was.

E News said...

@ENews Instead of boring champagne like the other shows give Globe nominees, we gave Jake G #Platino & #LTTP ! http://mypict.me/fhWVI
about 3 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

Platino - Tequila
LTTP - Zelda Link to the Past ?

destiny said...

Great news about Jake, Anne and Austin.

But can I just sayv Jim Carrey was robbed. He gave the best performance of his career in Phillip Morris.

Anne, classy as ever, mentioning Jake.

I LOVE the whole mess with US and the birthday party.

AUS10 said...

My TV show was nominated for 27 Golden Globes this morning, but we decided to decline.

about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

from ew.com link said...

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve had an Oscar nomination, a SAG Award nomination, and you’ve won a BAFTA. What took you so long with the Golden Globes?

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: [Laughs] It’s such a random thing! The irony of this one is that it isn’t the typical awards-season fare. Most movies that are acknowledged during awards season tend to be darker, and what’s special about this nomination is that it’s something about romance and hope.

So who’s your biggest competition for the win: Johnny Depp or Johnny Depp?

Right? Tell me about it. It’s a celebrity deathmatch with twin Johnny Depps. It’s pretty awesome that he was nominated twice. He’s such a badass.

I know you and Anne love to text each other all the time. So have you texted with her today?

She texted me this morning and I haven’t texted her back yet! Her text was…hold on a second, I’m going to grab my phone and I’ll tell you. This is an exclusive, hold on. [Rustles around for his phone.] She said, “Dude! Exclamation point. Congrats! Millions of exclamation points. You did it! Exclamation points. First Golden Globe nom, right? Millions of question marks. X.”

Wow, she knows her stuff.
She knows her awards history. It’s nice because the last movie we did [Brokeback Mountain] was acknowledged with awards. There’s something about us working together that seems to feel good and feel right.

Ted said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Busy Working - Not Romancing!

Did Jake Gyllenhaal really get Taylor Swift cuddles for her birthday?

According to investigative glam rag known as US Weekly, Jake flew to Nashville yesterday to be by his country cutie's side as she rang in the big 2-1, and the duo were way cozy and way "obsessed" with each other at the booze-free bash.

This certainly sounds feasible, no? But this isn't exactly how the shenanigans went down:

Considering Jake wasn't even there.

We're told by most knowledgeable Jake sources that Gyllenhaal was not in Nashville and not at Swift's birthday party.

Jaylor was hanging together in L.A. at the end of last week, and even though Taylor departed, Jake stayed put.

He was spotted getting fro-yo on Melrose Sunday and is still in town reeling in the excitement from his much deserved Golden Globe nomination.

"He's doing the work, not the stuff that sells the work," sasses a pal close to Jake.

Remember, Jake's buds approve of his whatevering with Taylor (and visa-versa) so this isn't a dig.

Still, we couldn't be more thrilled about this news! No, not that Swift was left without her hunky man, but because J.G. isn't so blinded by puppy love that he's neglecting his career.

Jake was fab in Love and Other Drugs, and he can win this thing. While Colin Firth and Jesse Eisenberg duke it out in the drama category, we think Gyllenhaal totally has what it takes to beat Johnny Depp twice over in comedy.

But he'd by no means a shoo-in.

It's time to schmooze and work the Hollywood crowd, boyfriend. We're happy your GF is legal to pal around with you, but keep your eyes on that Golden prize!

prairiegirl said...

LOL - US Stinkly looks so bad in this birthday thing. I just have to laugh.

To have a story all printed out full of nonsense and then pulled. How embarrassing and revealing is that? How many other stories make it out that are contrived, palm-rubbing fiction?

Well, while I didn't care for most of LAOD, I'm really glad & excited for the Jakester that he got a GG nomination.

Special K said...

Watched Jake with Ben Lyons on E News and yes he got a bottle of Tequila. Ben said he knew Jake a long time, when he gave it to him.

Hmmm who else is a big fan of tequila? Oh yeah the man who is named after a bourbon and BV'd after a vodka.

hahahafool said...

Yes, that's right. There are only two people in alllllll the land who like tequila - Jake and Austin.

The lengths you go...

Special K said...

Ok I do not get this. E! is reporting the US Weekly story Jake at Taylor's birthday party in TN in a story AFTER having Jake interviewed in LA for his Golden Globe nomination.

And after their own website via the Awful Truth also says that he was in LA all this weekend.

prairiegirl said...

It's better than watching Hee Haw, Special.

No one can get their stories straight, LOL. No one does their research.

It's such a joke today.

I love how People.com says little TayTay was wearing a tiara on her birthday.

Awwwwwwww...so sweet.

You know, I'm reading some quotes from her on this big 21 b-day and she sounds like she's 16 years old.

Jake on Extra said...

Extra interview

(no direct link but select from the playlist on the right)

AH said...

Access Hollywood Interview

don't trust em said...

Ok I do not get this. E! is reporting the US Weekly story Jake at Taylor's birthday party in TN in a story AFTER having Jake interviewed in LA for his Golden Globe nomination.

Makes you wonder what sort of operation they're running over there at E! doesn't it?

Ted-full of shit said...

Ah, Ted, your story would have ben more interesting if it came before Us pulled the story, Gossip cop called BS and People, THR, etc reported that he was in L.A. If none of that happened and he wasn't nominated you know Ted would have embellished the Us story more, LOL!!

The Sunday frozen yogart sighting was a fb sighting, good to know his interns are on the ball!

Knowledgeable sources-tweets, LOL!!

Special K said...

Noticed a few things in Jake's interviews.

Jake went to an office conference room to do the interviews not anywhere near his home. Most likely one of the groups who are on his team.

Jake talks about the importance of his family and spending time with them of the holiday each interview. One interview he says back East.

He does getting a little cagey about who congratulated him and who he talked to in the morning after the obvious people the interviewers ask about.

He kids and avoids who he is taking to the Golden Globes.

And it seems like there was a strict no Taylor question policy in place.

But you can tell in each interview that he is sincerely flattered by the nomination and it's all about family for him.

no thanks said...

Jake went to an office conference room to do the interviews not anywhere near his home. Most likely one of the groups who are on his team.

He did a bunch of interviews today. Would you really want a bunch of strangers from different media outlets traipsing around your house? I'm not a celebrity but the thought of having all those people in my house wigs me out.

Special K said...

Jake has never done any sit down interviews at his home. They are always at other locations, restaurants, poolside, terraces, suites at a hotel, conference room, production offices and even once at an IKEA. He established long ago that home is off limits.

destiny said...

The US story may have been prepared for publication in case Jake did not get a GG nod, and someone got confused or jumped the gun.

Glad to see Perez made a fool for
"stealing" the US story.

This whole thing really is like Hee Haw PG.

gossip crap said...

Actors usually don't do interviews like that at or near their homes. His people were pretty sure he was going to be nominated and made sure he was ready today first thing.

He isn't some D-list actor. His family does East His Mom, Maggie, Peter, Ramona and bunch of relatives living in ther NY/PA area, the only family he has left in L.A. is his Father.

prairiegirl said...

Special, I don't know that hardly one person who reacted to something you said agreed with any kind of positive or contemplative feedback. Just about every reaction or reply was either negative, contradictory or a put down.

Kind of ridiculous and very obvious. Kind of makes me think that if you were to state your favorite flavor of ice cream that a temporary name would find some reason to snark at it.

I know, Destiny, I agree. I love seeing Perez put up something that is totally off track.

gossip crap said...

Has let's say Ryan Gosling ever invited the press into his home? Some actors do, usually to show off their place or their wives/husband and kids. Single actors usually don't.

IMO Jake no longer has a place in the HH, he is away too much, I bet he rents some place when he is there or stays with his father.

prairiegirl said...

And I'm talking about today.

Just about every single thing Special has said today has been met with some kind of snarky comment. Nothing pushing the limit. Nothing foul or vulgar.

Just plain argumentative, annoying and very obvious. I would've been hitting the delete button just out of sheer impatience with it all.

But then that's why I'm me. LOL.

destiny said...

I have read a number of interviews with celebs that took place at their home,
usually for bigger publications. In fact I remember one with Peter Skaarsgard that took place in their brownstone while he cooked for Ramona.

prairiegirl said...

I keep thinking of that picture of Jake holding that little tot. lol.

I bet 4 years ago, you never would've seen a picture like that. Or else you never would've seen him holding a baby in that position with such ease.

Well, off to get a little writing done. Very hard to get in as much writing right now as I want to. Lunch hours just aren't long enough.

I will be lucky if the guys make it to Christmas Day by the actual holiday. I've been on Christmas Eve for about the last 9 chapters. LOLLLLLL!! Gotta love it.

One entire chapter spent at the Christmas tree lot. One entire chapter spent in the butler's pantry. One entire chap spent at Target. Now one chapter being spent at the Lake George Price Chopper.

There's Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas Eve service. Bedtime nooky. Morning wake up nooky.

Yup, we'll be lucky to make it to Dec. 24.

LOL. I just love it.

destiny said...

Another one I can recall off the top of my head, Kid Rock, and he is single. And it hasn't just been D-listers.

AUS10 said...

Johnny Depp has a twitter!!! Follow him now!! His twitter name is @aus10nichols.
42 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

OwlGirl said...

I remember the gorgeous spread in the Feb 2007 GQ for Zodiac promotion - weren't those shots taken in his midcentury HH home? Don't know that any parts of the interview were in his home though. That would have been pre BT.

the real m said...

The troll undermines their own credibility by defending and challenging every thing, even when proven wrong moments later. Almost as fun to watch as this PR collapse with 5 versions of Swifts birthday floating around. I just love the US one that says a party-goer saw them cuddling. One thing that is clear is that PR did not strike a good deal with the rag this time through. They did not get upfront sign off before stories are released and look like fools.

I'm happy that Jake got a nomination, but I wish it was for something other than a Globe. Their reputation is not that good with questions about their integrity. And the other films mentioned with LOAD are all BO flops and poorly regarded by critics. I am seeing lots of what the hell? comments around the movie sites.

the real m said...

I think Ted posted that erroneous story because US gave him the perfect excuse to demonstrate the fauxmance by repeating such an obviously made up story. He did not even have to work at it, it fell right into his lap.

destiny said...

Good points in both posts M. For awhile there the GG awards were seen as being a bit more serious, but this year's nominations are a throwback to the old days.

Owlgirl, I don't think those photos from the Zodiac interview are from his house.now that was the kind of interview you might expect to be done at his house. Too bad it wasn't, that interviewer was dropping hints as it was to Austin and to Jake being in the closet.

tweet said...

Eating a babycakes vanilla cupcake at M cafe. Jake Gyllenhaal is 5 feet away eating. Completely normal. 23 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone MatthewLush

OwlGirl said...

Mmmm I've eaten at the M cafe on Melrose. Fabulous healthy food.

Special K said...

Impersonation of another person or account is IDENTITY THEFT.

Blogger is notified each time you do this.

lol said...
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no name said...
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prairiegirl said...

Boy, somebody sure thinks they're funny, don't they. About as funny as a pair of old grey athletic socks, yup.

Troll is over here because WFT2 was deleting their comments like nobody's business. They couldn't get one word in, lol.

Troll is starving for attention.

Special K said...

I have been deleting a lot over here too. And you're right someone is not happy.

prairiegirl said...

Yes, indeed you have.

Hey Special, visions of your Christmas last year.

I slipped on a tiny icy patch this morning while beginning my walk this morning. ow.

I have a lump on the outside of my ankle the size of a super bouncy ball. Man, does it hurt.

And I still tried to give it the college try and walk. LOL! Not.

I am Festus now.

proof said...
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Anonymous said...
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Zari said...

Aw, that's alright prairiegirl. I've never said I've led the life of Auntie Mame.
I know that life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death...

LOL!! said...
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the real m said...

"A partygoer tells US Swift and Gyllenhaal were inseparable at her booze-free soiree" That sentence deserves to be etched in stone and permanently saved for all time. I am still laughing this AM at the thought of it.

New pics of Jake on IHJ for the GG nom. He looks very haggard. Either they got him on a bad day or the stress of bearding is again working its toll. He looks 40, not 30.

always looking for the dark cloud, that's our M said...

Wouldn't have anything to do with it being very early in the morning when those pics were taken, would it?