Monday, December 6, 2010

Down Under

Jake and Anne went Down Under and the toothy twosome charmed the Australian press at their photocall.

Interesting mention that Jake slightly the more press shy of the two but then mention he wow'd them with his self-deprecating but undeniable charm.

Jake and Anne do have the rapport of a classic Hollywood on screen pair. And Jake has mentioned he likes Hepburn/Tracy films. So the question of the day which Hepburn/Tracy movie would you cast these two in?

Woman of the Year
Keeper of the Flame
Without Love
The Sea of Grass
State of the Union (aka: "The World and His Wife")
Adam's Rib
Pat and Mike
Desk Set (1957)
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

It was Jake's first trip to Australia, and he decided to explore Down Under by food.

“I ate as much as I could. It’s such incredible food,” he said, adding, “I tried to eat my way around Sydney. I’m kind of a foodie."
Wonder if he tried Vegemite yet? Or Tim Tams?

Here are the last pics Jake and Anne at the premiere.

Happy Hanukkah!


Special K said...

What a day for Sophia to be on the Wendy Williams show.

She's Wendy's third spot. Christina Milian is the first guest who is on talking about a Christmas movie she made with Sophia's ex husband Chad Michael Murray. Wendy asked Christina if she had a romance on the set, meaning Chad. Then the Rockettes and then Sophia.

And who got the first mention on today's show Sophia's "boyfriend's" man. In Hot Topics Wendy talked about Jake and Taylor. Showed the pictures, said they were in Brookline because of the coffee cups and the street Maggie was on. She did ask the audience if she thought they were a real couple. Wendy said Jake's too old for her and he wants to settle down and Taylor needs to move on she's too young.

And who was backstage in the dressing room. Austin.

Of course Wendy asked about them. They showed the picture from Halloween of them dressed up. A mention about the Gulf and the album. A clip of the show for tomorrow. Sophia gave the story about them being together for a year and a half, but they had met and started dating 5 and half years ago, but she wasn't into boys then and they weren't living near each other.

Yeah I know. Huh?????

Guess all the staff was checking in the dressing room a lot, but not for her, for Austin.

prairiegirl said...


MAY 26, 2010

"She says, "We've been dating off and on for the past four years. I was pretty terrified. We had so many years of history prior to him coming to work on the show, and I think someone taking a job and moving their life across the country to show you how much they care is pretty much the most romantic gesture that a person could make."

When did four years permanently grow to 5 1/2? Did you find an old receipt that jogged the memory?

The tale just keeps growing and growing

slaps forehead!

Oh yeah!!! I forgot. Senior moment!

Oh, wait - but I'm only 28! I'm too young to have senior moments!!!

prairiegirl said...

I have picked Charlie Brown as my temporary avatar because I feel like CB in the Christmas Story.

"Isn't there anyone who knows????"

The truth.

Is that so hard?

jj said...

Jake Gyllenhaal has been named an ambassador for the Chez Panisse Foundation’s Edible Schoolyard program, a movement to teach students about growing and cooking their own food by harvesting fruits and vegetables!

“I am so excited to accept the position of Ambassador for Edible Schoolyards,” Jake, 29, said.

“I have long admired [founder Alice Waters]‘ work and care deeply about helping children better their health, communities and environment….the students get to apply what they learn about cooking and gardening to other subjects, science for example, where they can learn about photosynthesis while planting in the garden and having the invaluable experience of spending time outside.”

“The Chez Panisse Foundation is not only offering an education that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, but they’re a leading force in the movement to change the future of this country’s youngest generations,” Jake concluded.

Just Jared

prairiegirl said...

Maybe I'm not entitled to know. It's none of my business, right?

But I'll tell you something.

That line gets erased when "stuff" gets peddled to me. Pictures in magazines. Quotes from the Source. Movies with promo interviews groomed with answers to steer my thinking towards a falsehood. Actions and words that are "vague" or "playful" but are solely intended to send a false, misleading message.

And I include the gossip writers in all of this - Ted. Perez Hilton. Just Jared.

There's nobody to believe anymore.

When someone who I thought had stood up with some kind of standards like Jake's sister, Maggie, throws everything aside to pose for tabloid crap, is there thing left anywhere with these 2 guys that's just plain good, no hidden motive or agenda. That's true? That's secure? That's honest. How do I know.

It's like floating out in the middle of Table Rock Lake with a half-inflated raft.

I feel like I'm just surrounded by nothing but untruths. Facades. Smoke and Fog. False Smiles. Lies said with straight faces and eye contact.

And so I feel like Charlie Brown today. Isn't there anyone out there who knows?

prairiegirl said...

Heartbreaking news on that Elizabeth Edwards' cancer has spread.

And "Dandy" Don Meredith has passed away.

I have some old memories of Dandy Don, Frank and Howard in the Monday Night booth.

Remember ol' Dandy Don would start singing towards the end of the game, something about turn out the lights, the party's over? Or something like that. lol.

And Elizabeth Edwards sounds like she is a very courageous woman.

On Monday, Edwards, 61, posted a Facebook message to her friends.

"I have been sustained throughout my life by three saving graces – my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope," she writes. "These graces have carried me through difficult times and they have brought more joy to the good times than I ever could have imagined. The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that."

God bless her and be with her.

prairiegirl said...

^^ from 12.6.10

prairiegirl said...

It does seem like a great project that Jake has undertaken with the Edible Schoolyard program. That is something he can be very proud of and to be named an ambassador for is a great honor.

Ted said...

Have the Stars Aligned for Jake and Taylor?
"Fire + Fire = Explosion," the star guide says of when the duo meet. And we can only hope so...

Truth, Lies & Ted: Who's Causing Wisteria Hysteria?
Jake & Taylor heating up like two marshmallows over the campfire. TRUE Heating up from coffee. The PDA? FALSE Ted isn't down with Jaylor. Makes him wants to lose his marshmallows.

greenspt on huffington said...

Hey SK! How come no mention of Austin and Sophia on a local ny show on WPIX/CW? There are just stills, the video should be posted on youtue soon. Fans on some OTH forums say he confirmed he and Sophia have been dating for a while:

dlisted said...

Jakey Gyllenhaal "blows you away in person." Tommy Girl just dropped his pants and got on the next private jet to Australia -Lainey Gossip

Lainey's propaganda said...

MY POINT IS, the whole thing was about an hour behind schedule and the management people were trying their best to hurry him down the carpet but Jakey would not go. In fact, he did not leave until he had signed something for every single person who had something they wanted him to sign (be it on a giant movie poster or a bus ticket) and in fact started to go back DOWN the red carpet when somebody unravelled a huge Donnie Darko poster the he felt compelled to sign. I know everyone always says he's so charming and amiable and sexy but it really blows you away in person. I'm still buzzing.

According to this "account," Jake seems to be a lot more approachable to Australians than he is to his American fans. Maybe he should go live there, since he appears much too concerned about his privacy Stateside. He and Swifty could raise Koala Bears and Jake could grow organic Eucalyptus Trees as they live happily ever after. --rolls eyes--

Special K said...

Sorry to burst your greenspt
I know about the interview and since Austin was interviewed as well, I was planning on making part of tomorrow's post along with the Global Green event tonight.

And just one more thing

GO PATS!!!!!

Special K said...

Have to disagree about Jake and the fans thing. Jake was approachable and signing stuff and responding to the crowds for both PoP and LaOD red carpets as well as well as for the fans who were standing outside waiting for him, as late as his last interview on Letterman. There are pictures of him engaging an signing things for fans. Jake doesn't seem to be distant to his fans, he seems to save the cautious distant for the press.

Oy said...

I don't thing "Lainey's propaganda"' thinks Jake is unapproachable at all. No, it looks rather like they wanted to work in their pithy unoriginal Aussie-related puns.

austin's twitter said...

# Don't forget to go on iTunes and buy #GasolineRainbows. All the proceeds go to the Gulf. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

# Tonight are the Global Green Sustainable Design Awards. We are so honored to receive this award. about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Methodical Muser said...

Jake is truly getting desperate here. Now, he's talking about "natural" occurrences such as his sexual attraction to Anne, which made his role so much easier to play. Oh, brother. Although, I think the writer saw right through Jake's nonsense, hence the country bumpkin reference about Swifty.

Maybe at Jake's next press conference, he could liven things up with a Point Point demo and display colored slides of his favorite positions while discussing, at length, why Anne made him so hot. "Finishing up" with a few persuasive anedotes about how he had to take cold showers every thirty minutes to cool himself off.

Earlier in the day, the on-screen lovers attended a press conference where Jake and Anne said sex scenes in their new movie were easier to shoot because they are mutually attracted to each other.

“I think it is easier to work with somebody that you find attractive,” said lady’s man Jake, who is famously dating country bumpkin Taylor Swift. “It’s always easier to work with things that are naturally occurring.”


“Well, my character in this movie has a lot of sex, so I had to practice a lot,” Gyllenhaal joked. “I am fully devoted to research … there are sacrifices that I have to make and that happened to be one of them.”

Heaps and heaps of BS

just an opinion said...

Jake was approachable and signing stuff and responding to the crowds for both PoP and LaOD red carpets as well as well as for the fans who were standing outside waiting for him, as late as his last interview on Letterman.

Guess we will just have to disagree on this one. I can't remember the last time Jake spent an hour with his fans on the red carpet. And, gasp, if anyone dared to cross the line by asking him something too "gay", like, "Did you wear purple on October 20th," I'm sure he would be wisked away by his bodyguards.

prairiegirl said...

If anyone reads my story and depends on Slash to get notifications, you won't get one today. I'm not posting on there anymore until or if I ever learn how to do a cut on there.

I used to be able to do one but something's changed, AS USUAL, and now I don't seem to know how to do it.

So no posting on Slash.

**sigh**. Oh well. Just another Perfect Day.

Oh, what a beautiful yet disturbing song. Soooo intriguing. I was reading up on it and when I looked up the video for it, I found Lou Reed had written it so I listened to his version as well.

There are several theories on what he was writing about. Interesting.

Best that I just talk about all other subjects except the boys. Because today, they have done nothing but make me all kinds of hacked.

video said...

Jake loving Anne and turning 30

destiny said...

Desk Set is one of my all-time favorite movies. Not sure I could bear seeing a remake though, I can't imagine anyone doing it justice.

Special K said...

You know I think Jake and Anne could do a good Pat & Mike, and Adam's Rib could work.

Desk Set is my favorite Hepburn/Tracy movie too. Too many good quotes. BTW did you know that Nora Ephron's parents wrote the screenplay?

I either saw in a interview or read that Maggie and Peter were interested in getting the rights to Desk Set for the two of them to do together in a remake.

destiny said...


LOL Wendy Williams show and PG's reason for the Peanuts avatar.

destiny said...

Maybe at Jake's next press conference, he could liven things up with a Point Point demo and display colored slides of his favorite positions while discussing, at length, why Anne made him so hot. "Finishing up" with a few persuasive anedotes about how he had to take cold showers every thirty minutes to cool himself off.

LOL M and M. And so true, but hey, stop giving them pointers. ;)

I taped Sophin on 11, but haven't watched yet. Will have to wait until after the game.

Global Green said...

# austin nichols thanked bp for bringing us all together and while cursing its very existence, thanks twitter for helping to get the word out! about 1 hour ago via web

# Edward Norton congratulated Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols on their use of crowdrise and social media to raise awareness of bp spill about 1 hour ago via web

# Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols along with honoree Wade Greene have just arrived for Global Green's 11th Annual Sustainable Design Awards!! about 5 hours ago via web

# 5:12 PM Dec 3rd via NetworkedBlogs

the real m said...

It's been too long since I saw any of those movies to have an opinion. They worked well together, Tracy and Hepburn, no question about it. I think their romance was not as pleasant.

I'm not surprised to hear Jake is trying a bit harder with the Aussie fans. It's a long trip to get there, it's his first visit and right now his popularity has taken a huge hit. He may be more appreciative of his fans at the moment than he has been since when Reeke started. That's when he first turned his back on them. I do wonder what the temperature is there. They both look really hot - not sexy hot, I mean roasting and uncomfortable hot.

Interesting article about Ryan Gosling posted on PINB. From a NY magazine and he does look sexy on the cover. His looks don't do much for me but he's a good actor and he is being hailed as the new model leading man along with Franco, Tom Hardy, and Joe Gordon Levitt among others. This quote in particular struck me. "Some of us are tired of all the sissies in this town,” says Gosling. “The ones who go along, flow with the flow, line up where they’re told to line up at." Post BBM that was the kind of attitude we were expecting from Jake, but instead he lined up as told.

newspaper said...

Montreal Gazette
A convincing straight man

Gyllenhaal's relationship with Swift feels real
This Taylor Swift-Jake Gyllenhaal thing may be more than a fling. Us mag had a pic of Taylor out for a stroll with Jake's actress sister Maggie, and the singer is -get this -holding hands with Mag's 4-year-old daughter, Ramona. Hmmm ... Aunt Taylor, anyone?

There is, among the mean-spirited, a school of thought that suggests this is all a hoax intended to protect the secret of Jake's real sexual preference. Such things do happen, because even in these enlightened times some leading men don't want to be seen as gay.

But if something like that were going on here, why would a megastar like Swift get involved? I think this is the real thing.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I was wondering about the whole Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift showmance. It just seems way too adorable and sweet, lovey-dovey. Are they really into each other, or is this strictly business?

Dear Horoscope Says:
Let's put it this way: Jaw to the floor that these two are still cavorting around together. It looks like if it's up to any higher power, aside from us, Jake and Taylor may just make it through the long haul. We'll admit the two are a cute match, but the cheesy photo op dates aren't helping their case against any nonbelievers. It's time to switch up the scene, you two, before this fairy tale turns into even more of a media nightmare!

Bitch Back

Music Lover said...

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. CB has always been my favorite Christmas special, because of the jazz piano. :)

What Your Favorite Christmas Special Says About You

destiny said...

I guess it's not a special, but my favorite is Christmas Story. But since that wasn't there, I'd have to go with CB too.

Music Lover said...

Wow, I can't believe they didn't include Christmas Story. What kind of a quiz can it be! I love that one too. :)